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2x10 ...And The Final Curtain Episode Guide

As Prospero unleashes his final plan, Eve and Flynn travel back in time. It's up to Jenkins, Cassandra, Ezekiel and Jacob to stop Prospero and try to bring Flynn and Eve home

" Once Master Shakespeare is back in 1611, the primary paradox is closed. Timeline requires that he live out life in the past, but it will not allow you to return." -- Jenkins to Flynn and Eve


Brief Summary

While Eve, Jenkins and The Librarians were under Prospero's spell, the wizard created an eternal forest around the planet and technology failed. In order to defeat Prospero and reverse his spell the Librarians need his original Staff of Power, but this was destroyed centuries ago. Flynn and Eve travel back in time to 1611 to retrieve the staff, but become trapped there when their time machine is accidentally destroyed.

In 1611, with the help of Moriarty, the realize that Prospero is in fact possessing Shakespeare. With the help of the Lady of the Lake Excalibur is returned to Flynn who uses it to break the staff and destroy Prospero.

In 2016, Jenkins and the LiTs use clues left for them by Eve and Flynn to exorcise Prospero and release Shakespeare. A portal to 1611 opens and Shakespeare. returns home, but Eve and Flynn remain trapped. To get home, they magically seal themselves in a statue, which Shakespeare ships to the Library and has stored in the locked room in the sub-basement. Now enough time has passed, a message appears above the door to room instructing Jenkins how to open it. Once he and the LiTs are inside the statue crumbles, Flynn and Eve (and Excalibur) are released and returned to 2016.

Full Recap


Continues straight after episode 2x09 And The Happily Ever Afters.
In the Annex, the team try to discover what Prospero has been doing while they were under his spell. Military communication channels aren't working. The internet has gone. There is no mains electricity. Cassandra has managed to access news satellites that are above the ionosphere and therefore not affected by the ley lines. They show that just before technology began to fail, giant forests and wild plants were growing out of control around the world.

I wrote that note to myself in the past? I know when the staff pieces are. -- Flynn

While compiling a list of the artifacts the Library holds which may have the power to reverse Prospero's spell, Flynn accidentally puts his right hand in some sticky liquid in Jenkins' lab, forcing him to write with his left hand. As he writes, Eve recognizes the writing as the being the same as on the note they found in the ruins of John Dee's house. Flynn realizes he knows when the staff can be found.

Act One

Prospero meanwhile is watching as trees grow quickly all around him. He tells Moriarty that is the eternal forest, a place of joy and happiness - his gift to humanity. Moriarty though is not convinced. He points out that this is not Prospero's story, there is nothing in The Tempest that says this is what Prospero wants. Moriarty thinks this plan is someone else's dream.

In the Library, Flynn's plan is to travel to 1611, take Prospero's original staff and return with it to 2016. Using the staff they will then be able to defeat Prospero. Flynn collects a crystal sphere from the Time Machine Room and calibrates it to take him and Eve to 1611. He explains that from the others perspective, he and Eve should be gone no more than five seconds. They place their hands on the sphere, it emits a bright blue light and Eve and Flynn vanish. Jenkins and the LiTs watch in horror as the sphere shatters. Jenkins explains that each time machine carves its own path and time travelers can only return using the time machine they left with. With the sphere destroyed, there is no way for Eve and Flynn to return home.

The sphere... it's destroyed. They're never, ever coming back -- Jenkins

Act Two

(now the episode is divided between 2016 and 1611)


In the gardens of WIlton House in Wiltshire, England, Moriarty is alarmed to see what appear to be ghosts all around them. Prospero explains that they are not ghosts but past blending with the present. This place is where he first came to life, someone has connected that time with this, someone is walking through time.

In the Annex, Cassandra realizes that they have a clue - the letter Flynn wrote in the past. Jacob checks the parchment and finds a watermark, checking in the books he finds it is the crest of the Count and Countess of Pembroke. Jenkins remembers that would be Mary Sidney, Jacob notes that she lived at Wilton House.


Eve and Flynn arrive in England in 1611 and immediately attract the suspicion to two locals for their strange clothing, Eve's hair (they think she's a man because she's so tall) and Flynn attempts at a local accent. Eve and Flynn subdue the two men (without causing too much damage though, just in case they are ancestors) and take their clothes. As they are changing Moriarty appears and saves them from a soldier who was about to shoot them.

Moriarty tells Flynn and Eve that today is the first performance of the Tempest, it's the moment Prospero is magically released from the page. They enter Wilton House, where people are being asked to audition for Shakespeare's latest play. Flynn want to audition, find the staff and take it back to 2016. Moriarty has other plans. He steals a crossbow from a soldier and fires it at Shakespeare - Flynn throws an apple and knocks the arrow off course, saving Shakespeare who gratefully offers Flynn an audition in his play.

I tricked Prospero into sending me here as his agent. I want you to help me destroy him. -- Moriarty


In present day gardens of Wilton House, Jenkins and the LiTs see Prospero, he is alone and they are concerned he may have sent Moriarty back in time to stop Eve and Flynn. They hurry off to the house itself, where they find the Fleveh Shakespearean Collection - Cassandra works out that it's Fleve - FlynnEve. They know that they are in the right place, but are worried that if Flynn and Eve left them obscure clues then it means they knew they couldn't get home.


Flynn auditions (badly) for a part in the play. Shakespeare compliments him on his sword work and his knowledge of the text but not his acting. He does say if Eve (who he assumes, given the clothing she stole earlier, is a boy) wasn't so tall she's be good in a female role, it's apparently difficult to find good boys to play women - he's amused when Eve suggests hiring female actors. Flynn notices Shakespeare's strange quill. Shakespeare tells him it was a gift from John Dee, from Ancient Arabia carved from the tree of knowledge. As Shakespeare writes with the quill, the end glows blue. Flynn asks if he and Eve can be extras in the play that evening, but Shakespeare refuses. This evenings performance is before the king, it's important to the future of the troop. When Eve says that she's sure the king will like The Tempest, Shakespeare is confused, the play is called 'The Triumph Of Prospero'.

The Tempest? That's not the name. 'Tis The Triumph of Prospero -- Shakespeare


Jenkins is thinking about Arthur and musing how the legend states that he who wields Excalibur will return one day to save all England in her hour of need. Inside the Fleveh Collection, Ezekiel and Jacob are searching the room. A secret door opens in a dresser, revealing an old trunk containing a hand written manuscript of The Tempest; A quill made from wood from the Tree of Knowledge; a donkey head; a bunch of carnations; a cloak. They realize that the items are all connected to Shakespeare. Cassandra realizes that the carnations (two types of flower grafted together) symbolizes that Prospero and Shakespeare are grafted together. Jenkins realizes that the items in the truck are what they need to perform an exorcism.


Flynn and Eve are listening to Shakespeare rehearse what should be The Tempest but isn't. In this play, Prospero conquers the world. Eve and Flynn realize that with the power of his words, his rage at thinking he is being forgotten and the focus of the magical quill he can bring the words he writes to life. As Shakespeare say the name 'Prospero' he suddenly transforms into the wizard. Prospero starts of attack the onlookers with magic but only by taking aspects of Shakespeare's plays (he gives a man a donkey's head - Midsummer Night's Dream; three witches - Macbeth; a man it turned into a statue - The Winter's Tale). Flynn and Eve realize that Shakespeare didn't transform in Prospero, he's being possessed by him.

That's just not Prospero. He's Shakespeare. What we have here are the ritual elements of an exorcism. I think we have a fighting chance -- Jenkins

With the help of Moriarty they plan is to defeat Prospero in the way he was originally defeated - by drowning his book and breaking his staff. Flynn suspects that they will need something of immense power to break the staff, something like Excalibur, though he is long gone. Moriarty approaches Prospero, who does not remember him. Moriarty lures Prospero away with promise of being able to tell him his future. Prospero leaves his book and staff behind, Eve takes the book but Prospero returns before Flynn has time to take the staff.


Jenkins lays out the items from the trunk and summons Prospero. When the wizard appears, he taunts Jenkins who tells him they intent to perform an exorcism.


Flynn is injured on the ground. Eve is drowning Prospero's book when Prospero uses his staff to throw her into the lake. While under the water she is met by the Lady Of The Lake. Moriarty tries to stop Prospero, but Prospero stabs him with the staff. As Moriarty lies dying on the ground, he tells Flynn that Prospero's staff is actually his pen. Break is and he can re-write the story. Moriarty vanishes in a cloud of black ink. As Prospero attacks Flynn, Eve rises from the lake holding Excalibur. Flynn calls the sword and is flies over to him.


the LiTs take it in turns to read lines from Shakespeare to Prospero as the wizard is trapped in a magical triangle. As they read the triangle shrinks.


Flynn and Prospero fight. Flynn uses Excalibur to break Prospero's staff and Prospero vanishes


as the exorcism ends, Shakespeare appears in Prospero's place. The new forests and the ley lines disappear.

Both Timelines

In 1611 a portal appears connecting them to 2016, on the other side are Jenkins, Shakespeare and the LiTs. The portal has appeared because time is trying to repair itself. It will allow Shakespeare to return to 1611. but it won't allow Flynn and Eve to cross back to 2016. Shakespeare crosses through and then Jenkins and the LiTs each say an emotional farewell to Flynn and Eve. The portal closes, leaving Flynn and Eve trapped in 1611.

Steal something shiny. Leave it somewhere interesting for me to find -- Ezekiel

Act Three

Back in the Annex, Jenkins and Jacob are cataloging how the Library has changed since its return. Jacob mentions that there is a sign above the door saying that Jenkins has the key.
Outside the room, sure enough they find a sign saying "Jenkins the key is in your guardian's name" Jenkins holds the door handle and says "Eve Baird" - the door opens revealing a statue of Eve and Flynn. When Cassandra starts to speak, the statue crumbles, revealing Eve and Flynn alive inside.

Flynn and Eve explain how they got home. They created the plaque for above the locked door, filled the trunk with the items Jenkins and the LiTs would need to exorcise Prospero. Flynn wrote the note to himself they found at John Dee's house and then they got Shakespeare to use his magic pen to write the story of the LIbrarian and his Guardian who were turned to stone and awoken by Cassandra's voice. Shakespeare then arranged for the statue to be shipped to the Library, labeled as a dangerous artifact along with a letter explaining how to seal them in the room.

Eve, anybody could time travel, just in one direction -- -- Flynn

Back in the Annex, Eve hands out assignments to the LiTs. Meanwhile Flynn is trying to coax a shy Excalibur to follow him. When Eve joins him she points out that he doesn't need to run any longer, he could stay in the Library. He agrees, and muses whether the center table in the Annex should be round.

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Plot and Character Development

Character Developments

  • Flynn is right handed
  • Flynn - there's a suggestion by both Jenkins and Prospero that Flynn has a connection to King Arthur (though this could have been explained by a time travel paradox)
  • Jenkins suffered a mid-life crisis during the Elizabethan era
  • Ezekiel knows his Shakespeare - through movies, but he still knows it.

Season Arc Developments

  • The locked room in the basement mystery is solved

Artifact / Myth / Bad Guy

  • Artifact - Prospero's original staff and book
  • Magical Myth / Legend - Arthurian Legend (Excalibur, Lady of the Lake, Arthur)
  • Big Bad - Prospero

Plot Developments

  • Flynn wrote the note that he and Eve found in 2x02 And The Broken Staff
  • The Library has a Time Machine Room that houses, among others Docs Delorien from Back To The Future and the TARDIS (which Dean Devlin said the Doctor had just parked there (and the BBC agreed to them using)).
  • The Library has a Theoretical Animals wing, where Schroedinger's Cat lives or perhaps doesn't (see what I did there)
  • The LIbrary now has rooms that are upside down and one room that is inside out.
  • The first time traveler was Dr. Pinkerton Chantasaur, it didn't go well for him - a photo of him shows he became a man with a dinosaur's head.
  • The suggestion that Flynn has a connection to King Arthur could be explained by a time paradox. He could use Excalibur in the 21st century because he wielded it in the 17th century and he could wield it in the 17th century because he wielded it in the 21st.
  • Jenkins and the LiTs work well as team
  • Moriarty appears to have been killed by Prospero in 1611
  • The LiTs now have their own assignments to investigate. Ezekiel - magical crime. Cassandra - mathemagics. Jacob - legend and history come to life.
  • Rules of Time Travel state that you much return home using the machine that sent you back or forward in time.

Series Arc - Arthurian Legend

  • Excalibur
  • The Lady of the Lake
  • Mentions of King Arthur


  • Flynn: it's a magic Carrington Event. You see, instead of electromagnetic energy, Prospero has infused the atmosphere with electromagic energy rewriting the laws of physics. Right now nothing electronic is working. If this continues, it may never work again.
  • Moriarty: This is not your story. There is nothing in the play "The Tempest" that says this is what you want, what Prospero wants. No, this? This is someone else's dream.
  • Flynn: It's just lucky that he's only using the Staff of Zarathustra to aid him in his spells, 'cause if it had been the original Staff of Power, it would be a lot worse.
    Cassandra: Wait, could we use the Staff of Power to reverse this?
    Flynn: Uh, yes, that probably would be the only artifact with enough power, but as you know it's broken back in 1611
  • Flynn: The very first time traveler learned that if you change any event in the past, any event of significance in the past, your timeline collapses, your entire history wiped out.
  • Cassandra: So if we borrow the staff, bring it back to the present, use it to defeat Prospero, and then break it without anybody knowing, we didn't violate any rules. It's Schroedinger's Cat.
    Flynn: No, he's upstairs in the Theoretical Animals wing.
  • Eve: Hey, you're gonna be there at the Library in 1611, right, Jenkins?
    Jenkins: Uh, no. No, I had a midlife crisis during the Elizabethan era. I was a mess.
  • Cassandra: Aah! How will they get back?
    Jenkins: They're not.
    Cassandra: I mean, there has to be another way, right?
    Jenkins: Each time machine carves its own path through time. You must use the same machine to return. The sphere... it's... destroyed. They're never, ever coming back.
  • Moriarty: The first performance of Shakespeare's "Tempest" is here today. The moment Prospero magically emerges from the page.
    Eve: Why are you being so chummy?
    Moriarty: I tricked Prospero into sending me here as his agent. I want you to help me destroy him.
  • Moriarty: I have a far simpler plan and a much more convincing British accent.
  • Eve: Why didn't you tell me your plan was to kill Shakespeare?
    Moriarty: I thought it was obvious. Look, Carsen's a fool. You need to strike Shakespeare down the first chance that you get.
  • Flynn: Where did you get that quill?
    Shakespeare: Oh, a gift from my friend, John Dee.
    Eve: The wizard, John Dee?
    Shakespeare: Wizard? Oh, the tales he tells. This very quill he swears is from ancient Arabia, carved from a branch of the Tree of Knowledge.
    Hogwash. 'Tis my good luck charm, though. I've writ every play with it.
  • Eve: Oh, I'm sure he'll love "The Tempest."
    Shakespeare:"The Tempest"? That's not the name. 'Tis "The Triumph of Prospero."
  • Jenkins: You know, the legend states that when England is in its hour of greatest need, Arthur will return. "He who wielded Excalibur before shall wield it again, and save all England." The idea of seeing my friend again, after all this time.. But Arthur is long dead. And as Colonel Baird said, we are on our own.
  • Jenkins: The donkey head.
    Ezekiel: Bottom, "Midsummer Night's Dream." Bloke got turned into a man with a donkey head by magic. It was a movie.
    Jacob: It'd have to be, wouldn't it?
    Cassandra: That explains it.
    Jenkins: Seems like that would be the reason.
  • Eve: Prospero's story ends with his staff broken and book drowned, right?
    Flynn: Right.
    Eve: Well, then that's what we're gonna do.
  • Flynn: I don't think that even if we get this book, we're gonna be able to break this staff. It's gonna take an object of much greater power.
    Eve: How much power?
    Flynn: Off the top of my head, I'd say Excalibur, but he's long gone. You know, there's a story about England in its greatest time of need...
  • Jenkins: With pen and book once dear to you, I summon here great Prospero.
    Prospero: Treachery! Foolish knight. You think I would not sense your weak magics? Ha! You seek to bind me now that you've given me my true staff?
    Jenkins: Not bind you. Expel you.
    Prospero: What is this?
    Jenkins: What we have here are the ritual elements of an exorcism. All the world's a stage, the men and women merely players.
  • Prospero: What have you?! Steel? Fists?!
    Flynn: Excalibur.
    Prospero: You are not Arthur. Only he can wield that sword, Excalibur.
  • Ezekiel: Steal something shiny. Leave it somewhere interesting for me to find.
    Eve: Don't ever change, Jones.
    Ezekiel: Why would I?
  • Jacob: Do you have the, um, do you have the key to the locked room?
    Jenkins: Hmm. There is no key. It's always been locked. Mr. Carsen and I have tried to gained entry many times.
    Jacob: But there's a sign on the door that says you have the key.
  • Jenkins: Message from the past, hidden. Not visible until this very moment. Sound familiar?
    Cassandra: "Jenkins, the key is in your Guardian's name." You don't have a Guardian.
    Jenkins: Of course I do. Eve Baird.
  • Eve: We can travel through time?
    Flynn: Eve, anybody could time travel, just in one direction
  • Eve: Jones, magical crime. Stone, legends, history come to life, things that go bump in the night. Cassandra, how science and math interact with magic.
  • Eve: A 400-year-long kiss wasn't enough time?
    Flynn: I was wondering what you remembered about that. Well, I was thinking that if they'd never found us, kissing you was exactly how I'd want to spend eternity.

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  • Writer - John Rogers & Paul Guyot
  • Director - Marc Roskin
  • Original Air Dates: US - 27 December 2015; UK - 4 January 2016

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