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2x09 ...And The Happily Ever Afters

Eve and the LITs are living ideal versions of their lives, with no memory of their real life's or the Library. It's up to Flynn and Jenkins to bring them back.



Sir, you don't have a Guardian.And you're the only Librarian in the world. -- Jenkins

Flynn has located the last of the Library's missing artifacts, the Oni Bell. The bell summons a group of angry Ninjas who chase him through woodland to a temple. He calls Jenkins, who creates a doorway between two pillars of the temple, allowing Flynn to escape back to the Annex.

While Jenkins puts the Oni Bell in a safe place, Flynn looks around the empty Annex and wonders where everyone else is. Jenkins insists that Flynn is the only Librarian and there is no Guardian.

Act One

Flynn examines Jenkins, using jumper cables and a stethoscope, for traces of neuro-magical trauma or amnesia, but finds nothing wrong. He picks up a drill and prepares to take a brain sample from Jenkins, but they are interrupted by a crash from the card catalog room.

Finding the clipping book jumping around the desk, they anchor it with a chain. The book warns them that a Salish totem pole has been stolen from Cicely Island in Puget Sound, Washington. Flynn is sure that Eve and the other LIbrarians must have gone to Cicely and decides to follow them. Jenkins is doubtful, still insisting they don't exist.

Act Three

In Cicely, Flynn is examining the place where the totem pole had stood, when he's challenged by Sheriff Eve Baird. When he tells her he's the Librarian she assumes he's from the state's tourism office. Eve tell Flynn she left the military because has apparently always wanted to live in a small town where everyone knows her name.

Let me get this straight. You're all here working together, recovering artifacts from a building full of books, and yet you have absolutely no idea who I am -- Flynn

Eve takes Flynn to the local bar (The Final Draft) and introduces him to her team.

  • Professor Jacob Stone who lectures in 11 subjects at the prestigious University Of Cicely, and in his spare time saves World Heritage Sites from tomb raiders.
  • Commander Cassandra Cillian, an astronaut who has made 18 flights with NASA and been to the moon at least 3 times, she is also a physicist and television personality, presenting the children's show "Cassandra Cillian: Science Explorer" and she keeps ponies.
  • Special Agent Ezekiel Jones, head of the FBI's Cicely field office, he is a rule-breaking maverick who gets results.
  • Mayor James Moriarty, who Flynn is shocked to see is dating Eve.

Flynn tries to point out the absurdity of their stories (No one would have time to teach classes in 11 subjects. No one has been to the moon since 1972. Ezekiel is Australian. And Eve is kissing Moriarty). The others can't see a problem with their lives though. It makes sense to them that they all meet up in the spare time from their impossible lives and help Special Agent Jones solve art crime. A confused Flynn returns to the Annex.

Act Four

Although he still has no memory of Eve and the other Librarians, Jenkins suggests that they (and he) may be under a self-reinforcing delusion spell. He advises Flynn that the best way to break the spell is to play along with it, because the more Flynn tries to fight it, the stronger it will become.

You're saying a Guardian I've never heard of, three impossible Librarians, and Moriarty are all suffering under a massive spell to erase their memories of you? -- Jenkins

Returning to Cicely, Flynn agrees to help find the totem pole. The group split up into three teams:
Eve and Moriarty go to the docks to see if anyone has transported any large objects off the island recently. When Moriarty questions Eve over who Flynn is, her sheriff's badge glows blue before she answers that he's just a librarian. At the docks, they learn from the captain that the ferry has been broken for 3 days, and no one has come or gone from the island in that time.
Flynn meanwhile is helping Agent Jones find his contacts. They chase one man through the back streets of the town and into a diner, where Ezekiel (in true 70s cop show style) slides along the counter before catching the man. As they arrest him, they are shot at by masked men in the doorway of the diner. Ezekiel gives chase and Flynn loses the original suspect.

Ezekiel and Flynn join Cassandra and Jacob, who think the totem pole may have been positioned to line up with the sun's solstice. Flynn suggests that this could have something to do with magic. He is just starting to persuade the other three that magic could be real, when Eve arrives. She begins to question Flynn about who he is. He again tries to convince them that they are under a spell, but the spell reasserts itself and they don't believe him.

Flynn is taken into the bar. As Ezekiel is about to arrest him, Cassandra remembers that he isn't the only stranger on the island, there is also a mystery woman. The woman has been listening to them. She stands and introduces herself as Ariel the Fairy. Ezekiel and Eve try to arrest both Flynn and Ariel when Ariel panics at the thought of being touched by the metal handcuffs (Fae and steel do not mix). She and Flynn make a hasty escape through the backdoor.

Act Three

In the Annex Ariel panics that Flynn and Jenkins are trying to bind her in the same way Prospero did. She tries to escape the room, but Jenkins closes all the doors while Flynn draws a supernatural trap called a Blumhardt Loop in chalk on the ground to contain Ariel until she calms down. Once calm, Ariel agrees to help them.

You have to let me go. Do you know what I am? I could destroy you with a blink. -- Ariel

Ariel tells Jenkins and Flynn that Prospero is using a story spell (narrative magic) to control the others, in the same way he trapped her. When she realizes they want to free their friends, she warns them that the others are safer where they are, that something is coming, Prospero has given them their own happy ending. And the more they want it, the stronger the spell will become. Jenkins warns that they probably have 24 hours before the magic becomes permanent.

Back in Cicely, Flynn and Ariel watch from across the street as Moriarty tells a crowd of locals that the strangers who stole the totem pole are still on the island. Eve org anises search teams.

Ariel has idea and asks Flynn if the backdoor can be moved. They set about capturing the others and sending them to Jenkins in the Annex:

  • Ezekiel sees Flynn and chases him into an alleyway, he's pulled into a doorway and vanishes.
  • Jacob sees Ariel entering the barbershop. He follows her through the door, it glows, he vanishes.
  • Cassandra is inside the bar watching Ariel out on the street. While she is distracted by Ariel, Flynn snatches her.
  • Eve goes to find Cassandra, she enters the bar, the doors glow and she finds herself with the others, trapped in Blumhardt Loops in the Annex

Act Four

Flynn explains to Eve and the other Librarians about the spell and tells them who they really are. As he talks to each of them, an object they are wearing glows (Ezekiel - FBI badge; Cassandra - moon rock necklace; Jacob - silver bangle; Eve - sheriff's badge) as the spell tries to reassert itself, but they do believe Flynn. Ariel warns that this will not last for long. The only way for them to break out of the spell is to destroy their talismans.

Their stories have been changed. If you want to get 'em back for good, they have to reject these new stories and destroy these talismans. -- Ariel

They return to the bar in Cicely and Flynn instructs that they must place the talismans at the foot of the totem pole, once Ariel has returned it. Moriarty has other ideas though. He tries to stop them leaving the bar, but Ariel uses magic to render him unconscious. Seeing a mob of locals outside the bar, they split up and head individually for the site of the totem pole. From a rooftop, Prospero is watching them and has one more trick to try to tempt them to stay on the island.

  • Jacob enters an alleyway, a woman he recognizes as Professor Lacroix of the Louvre appears in front of him. She offers him a position there.
  • Ezekiel returns to the bar and is met by Director Walter of Interpol who offers him a job with them.
  • Cassandra encounters Commander McLarty of NASA who offers her a place on the first manned mission to Mars.
  • Eve enters the town's theatre where Moriarty tells her that he begged Prospero to create this illusion to protect her from what Prospero is planning. He wants her to stay with him, it's their happily ever after.

They all refuse the offers and head to the site of the totem pole.

Ariel had been hiding the totem pole, she now returns it and they place their talismans on the ground under the totem and tell it who they really are. As they finish, Ariel senses something is wrong, blames Moriarty and vanishes. As Moriarty approaches the totem with the mob of locals, Flynn phones Jenkins for a backdoor, which they escape through.

Act Five

The backdoor sends them back to Portland, but outside the Annex. The building is locked and there is no sign of Jenkins. As they look around they discover that the Cicely totem pole has made the journey with them

While Ezekiel, Jacob and Cassandra try to find a way into the Annex, Eve and Flynn examine the totem pole. Flynn decides he must have done something wrong when he single-handedly rescued everyone. Eve wonders where Jenkins is, but Flynn doesn't remember him. Eve realizes that Flynn is under the spell. His happily ever after is to single-handedly solve more and more complicated puzzles. To break the spell he removes his talisman (his compass) and tells the totem that he is Flynn Carsen, a Librarian. The totem vanishes.

With the spell now broken, Jenkins appears from the Annex. He informs them that they have been under the spell for 3 weeks. As Flynn wonders what Prospero could have been doing in those 3 weeks, they notice that that ley line are above them in the sky and glowing bright blue. Flynn explains that they have been supercharged. It could mean the end of the world.

The paths of magic... they're supercharged -- Flynn

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Character and Plot Development

Character Developments

Assuming here that the character developments that happen outside of Cicely are canon, seeing as the Library and Annex weren't in the happily ever after world and neither were Flynn and Jenkins (even though the latter lost his memories of Eve and the LiTs for a while).

  • Jenkins: had an fling with Gretchen Claus while Santa was away at Oktoberfest one year. Santa seems to have caught them when he came home early. Not so virtuous knight. (real or fantasy - Jenkins doesn't seem to be caught in the Happily Ever After part of spell so presumably real).

The LITs and Eve's happily ever afters, which appear to be based on childhood fantasies and dreams:

  • Eve: Sheriff Baird - Left the military to settle down and become a small town sheriff, because she had always wanted to live in a little town where everyone knows your name
    Is dating the town mayor (James Moriarty)
  • Cassandra: Commander Cillian - astronaut who has undertaken 13 flights for NASA and been to the moon at least 3 times. A physicists and local TV personality (Cassandra Cillian: Science Explorer) who also owns ponies.
  • Jacob: Professor Stone - teaches in 11 departments (including art, history, art-history, mythology, architecture, comparative religion, archeology, literature and Egyptology) at the world famous Cicely University.
    In his spare time travels the worlds saving world heritage sites from tomb raiders.
  • Ezekiel: Special Agent Jones, FBI agent (despite that fact that he's Australian), head of the Cicely FBI Field Office. He's a maverick who gets results.
  • Together, Ezekiel, Jacob, Eve and Cassandra own a bar (which has a inordinate amount of books) called 'The Final Draft' which doubles as their headquarters from where the four of them fight crime.
  • Jenkins has lost temporarily lost his memories of the LiTs and Eve, but is still himself and isn't trapped in the Happily ever After world (Dean Devlin once said that Jenkins is immune to most magics).
  • Flynn remembers everything and is still himself. But is still affected by the spell in that he has a need to be the one who solves the most complicated puzzles on his own and saves the day.
  • Moriarty wants to be real. He wants to live a normal quiet life in a small town with Eve.

Season Arc Developments

  • Ariel is an unwilling captive of Prospero, she is a Fae who was bound by him. As powerful as she is, she is terrified of Prospero.
  • Ariel warns that Prospero is planning something big and bad. She thinks Eve and the LiTs would be better off staying in Cicely.
  • Flynn has found the last of the Library's missing artifacts, the Oni Bell.

Artifact / Myth / Bad Guy

  • Artifact - Oni Bell
  • Magical Myth / Legend - Ariel the Fae. Narrative Magic. Fairytales (true love's kiss, happily ever afters)
  • Big Bad - Prospero

Plot Developments

  • The backdoor to the Annex can now be created between two objects such as pillars.
  • The backdoor is a lot more accurate than it was in the beginning of season 1


  • Jenkins: Sir, you don't have a Guardian. And you're the only Librarian in the world.
  • Flynn: Maybe that's where the others went, to investigate this missing item in the Puget Sound.
    Jenkins: Yes, sir, I doubt that, considering they probably don't really exist.
  • Eve: I always wanted to settle down in a little town where everybody knows your name.
  • Flynn: Stone, it is impossible for you to prep, grade, teach courses in 11 different departments and still have time to sleep, let alone protect World Heritage.
    Cassandra... You couldn't have gone to the moon. Nobody been to the moon since 1972.
    Special Agent? He's, like, 15 years old! And Australian! How could he be in the FBI? <snip> There are 2,000 people on this island! How could there be... an FBI Field Office?
  • Flynn: ... you're all here together in a bar... which has an unusual amount of books.
  • Flynn: Let me get this straight. You're all here working together, recovering artifacts from a building full of books, and yet you have absolutely no idea who I am.
  • Ariel: Wow. You're all looking at me. Is this the part where I say something? It is? Well... Hello. I'm Ariel. I'm a fairy.
    Flynn: You're Ariel?
    Ariel: I am me, and you're you. You're Flynn Carsen, you're part of that place... the Library!
  • Jenkins: I have never seen anything move that quickly. Except that night that Gretchen and I heard Santa come home early from Oktoberfest.
  • Ariel: No more focused than a Fictional. If there's one thing they know how to do, is tell a good story. How do you think that Prospero g... the... the wizard. How do you think the wizard caught me in the first place? Oh, I'm not Fictional. No, no, he wove me into his story.
  • Ariel:... he's given them each their own new story with their very own happy ending.
    Flynn: But it's not real.
    Ariel: It will be. Its strength comes from their secret desires. The longer it works, the more they want it. The more they want it, the stronger it gets.
    Jenkins: If we don't break the spell in the next 24 hours, it will be forever.
  • Flynn: This is not a story, Ariel. These are not characters. These are real people with real lives, and we've gotta get her... I mean, them... her and them, the other Librarians... out of here.
    Ariel: Then you must find a way to make them choose their real lives over the story.
  • Flynn: You... are Colonel Eve Baird, anti-terrorism expert and Guardian of the Library. Also occasional pain in... I will come back to you. Jones, you're no lawman. You are the stainless steel rat. You're the fly in the ointment. You're the answer to the riddle. You're the one who crosses all the lines and opens all the doors. The Library invited you in. Cassandra, you spent the first part of your life invisible to everybody around you. Nobody knew that you had the entire universe inside your head. That mind... That beautiful mind... it is not for fairy tale endings. It is for finding the edges and drawing the maps so that others could follow. Mr. Stone, you are five of the world's most foremost art historians. You are 10,000 years of human beings singing and dancing and painting and writing their hearts and souls into the world. This Library was built for you. This is your home.
  • Moriarty: Listen to me. Something is going to happen... something terrible. It may be happening now. I didn't give a toss about the others, but you... there is something between us, and I couldn't let him take it. He's already taken my life, my freedom. I found I couldn't stand the thought of him taking you as well. I begged him to make this town for you and your friends so that you could find love, happiness. Don't we all deserve a happily-ever-after?
  • Eve: My name is... Eve Baird, and I'm a soldier. I'm the Guardian.
    Ezekiel: I'm a thief. Hell. I'm the thief. I'm Ezekiel Jones. And then I received this... golden letter from the Library.
    Cassandra: And I... found out that magic is really... really real. It changed my life.
    Jacob: I'm a Librarian. It's the best choice I ever made.
  • Jacob: Jenkins! Come on, man!
    Cassandra: Oh, I hope nothing happened to him.
    Ezekiel: That's all right. No worries. We'll use the side door.
    Cassandra: We have a side door?
    Ezekiel: I have a side door. I always have a side door. Come on.
  • Eve: Where is Jenkins, anyway?
    Flynn: Who's Jenkins?
    Eve: What'd you say?
    Flynn: I said this is weird, and it is weird, because I broke the spell. This should not be here.
    Eve: Jenkins. Flynn, Jenkins. Tall guy, bow tie, walks like this. Semi-mortal. Likes to tidy up.
  • Flynn: I'm Flynn Carsen. I'm the... I'm Flynn Carsen, and I'm a Librarian. Number 167, I think. I was alone for a very long time, and then I got a golden letter that showed me that there was an entirely different world... magic. And I thought that's all I needed. But, um... Now... I know that I need more.
  • Flynn: The paths of magic... they're supercharged.
    Eve: Is that good or bad?
    Flynn: Depends on how you feel about the end of the world.

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  • Writer - Geoffrey Thorne & Jeremy Bernstein
  • Director - Rod Hardy
  • Original Air Date (US) - 20 December 2015

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