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2x08 ...And The Point Of Salvation

The Librarians find themselves stuck in a time loop at the government research lab thanks to a piece of Atlantis

" The world is just crashing all around us, and... and you guys won't take me seriously because you guys think I'm... me. " -- Ezekiel



In a DARPA research facility, one of the researchers (Hoskins) is playing a video game instead of working. He's forced to pause the game when his supervisor, Dr Mills, brings a General to view the facility. The team begin a demonstration of the immense power of their new quantum computer, the power suddenly surges as the quantum field overloads when the computing core coolants begins to boil leak. Dr Mills orders an evacuation of the base.

Act One

In the Annex, Jenkins is in his lab summoning a Fey he names Puck. He wants information from Puck about Prospero. Puck recognizes him as Galaes and offers him a favor for free but Jenkins refuses. Puck then offers to tell what ends Jenkins immortality, Jenkins again refuses the offer. All he wants is the answer to three questions and then Puck can leave. Jenkins wants to know whether Prospero can use the Staff of Zarathustra, Puck replies that the new staff is powerful but Prospero struggles with it. Next Jenkins asks what Prospero plans to do with the staff, to discover this though Puck must leave for a while

In the card catalogue room, the clipping book alerts them to a problem at DARPA involving quantum computing. The computer is being powered by a newly discovered natural form of graphene, which Cassandra says is impossible. She says that 'In order to overcome quantum decoherence, it would have to be a super-conducting graphene that had the properties of both a solid and a Bose-Einstein condensate.' This alarms Jenkins, as Cassandra has just described Atlantean Thaumatite, the substance that destroyed Atlantis. Eve takes the Librarians to the DARPA lab to recover the crystal.

Act Two

When the Librarians and Eve arrive at the DARPA base, they find it being evacuated. On hearing that the base is in 'Faded Giant' protocol, Eve orders the LIbrarians back to the Annex (Faded Giant being military speak for 'this place is going to blow'). When they enter the doorway though, they find themselves back in the base instead of the Annex. Their cell phones are not working so they have no way to contact Jenkins for help. They're stuck there on their own, the only way out is to shut down the quantum computer.
While looking around, they come across the General, his eyes glow red, he growls and attacks them. Eve shoots him to no effect, Jacob knocks him out with a crowbar.
The Librarians reach the computer room but while trying to hack the entry system, Ezekiel sets the alarms off which attracts the attention of the possessed DARPA researchers (who Ezekiel names Ragers). The Librarians flee, chased by the Ragers who attack them.

Next Time Loop

The LIbrarians and Eve arrive in the control room. Ezekiel watches the others as they repeat the same words and actions as when they first arrived at the base. He realizes they're stuck in a time loop, though he appears to be the only who has noticed. The others gradually believe him, and decide the only way out of the loop is to shut down the quantum computer. As they head to the computer core, they encounter the General again, this time Jacob doesn't have his crowbar and the General kills Eve. The loop resets again and the Librarians enter the control room through the back door.

Next Time Loop

On this loop, Jacob brings the crowbar and defeats the General. Ezekiel tries to convince the others that they're in a time loop, but they're skeptical. Still they follow him to the computer core, but they still can't access the room as the security panel is far more complicated than Ezekiel first thought. He realizes that as the time loop will remain active until they shut down the computer, he can take as many attempts to break the security as he needs because nothing they do will have any lasting effect.
After four more more time loops, Ezekiel has cut all four wires but still can't get through the security.

Next Time Loop

Cassandra notices something is wrong with the colors of the lights on the security access panel. See analyses the frequencies of the colors and rewires the panel accordingly. The door to the computer core opens. Once inside, Ezekiel removes the Atlantean Thaumatite but instead of ending the time loop and the danger, alarms sound and they are attacked by the Ragers. The loop resets.

Next Time Loop

The Librarians and Eve enter the control room. Ezekiel tells the others they're stuck in a time loop but that removing the Atlantean crystal didn't end it. They decide that to end the loop they need to be outside of the quantum field. They return to the computer room, Cassandra removes the crystal while Jacob and Ezekiel repair the coolant leak that's blocking their escape route (Ezekiel burns his hand in the process). Once outside they make a run for the gates, which close before they reach then and the team are caught by the Ragers. The loop resets.

Next Time Loop

The Librarians and Eve enter the control room. Ezekiel's hand is no longer burned. In the computer room he helps Jacob seal the leaking coolant pipe and burns his hand again in the process. Out in the yard he tells Eve that it's been around 60 time loops now and he burned his hand in every one. They run to the gate, but it closes before they can escape the Ragers. The loop resets

Next Time Loop

The Librarians and Eve enter the control room. Ezekiel tells the others they are stuck in a time loop and then he lies down, exhausted. The other leave him, he begs them not to go, saying he can't stand to watch them die any more, but they leave anyway. He picks up the crowbar and starts smashing things in anger. As he hits two large cases, one turns into a first aid kit and the other into a hand grenade. Ezekiel realizes they aren't in a time loop after all, they're in a video game.

Act Three

Next Time Loop

Back in the control room, Ezekiel explains that they are stuck in a video game. He hits the box and turns it into a first aid kit. The others don't believe him so he shoots Jacob in the leg and then throws him the first aid kit, instantly curing him. Jacob is now convinced (excited even) that they are in a computer game. Cassandra guesses that one of the programmers downloaded the game onto the server, using the quantum computer. When the core overloaded, it changed virtual reality into actual reality - the game became reality. Eve realizes that as they were going through the back door at the exact moment the core overloaded, they weren't affected and didn't become characters in the game. Ezekiel understands now. He was first through the door and so he became the game's player. The DARPA staff became the bad guys (the Ragers) and as this is an escort game, Eve Jacob and Cassandra are the characters the player is leading through the game.

Next Few Loops

Packs a backpack full of supplies.
Learns from Jacob how to safely seal the coolant leak without burning himself.
Learns from Cassandra how to use color frequencies to hack the access panels and unlock doors.
Enters a large room filled with Ragers (the Arena), he needs to get across the room to the door at the other side, but the Ragers attack him and the game resets.

Next Loop

Ezekiel and Eve enter the Arena room. Grenades don't work in the room so they'll need to fight. Each time they try they're killed and the game resets. Ezekiel tells Eve he's lost count of the number of times they've tried to cross this room. She tells him a story of heroic soldiers in WW2, he's heard the story countless times, but he likes the way she watches him as she tells it. As they set off to cross the room, the game resets.

Next Loop

Ezekiel decides in order to get through the level he needs to get out of the level. He does the usual entering the computer room, stopping the leak, goes outside, but this time instead of running for the gate, he climbs onto the roof of the building. From up there, he can see the limits of the game and down into the room below. He carries on walking on the roof until he finds the room he was trying to access earlier with Eve and climbs down into it. Ragers are banging on the door, the game resets.

Act Four

Next Loop

They begin again in the control room. The game is now beginning to crash. Ezekiel once again explains what is happening, but that this time he knows the way out. The others don't believe him. This time when he tries to demonstrate by hitting the box and producing a first aid kit, the kit isn't there. The Rager General isn't where he normally is either. Seeing that no one believes him, Ezekiel makes an impassioned speech not to let him have to watch them die again, for just once to let him be the big brother. They follow him.
First they recover the Atlantean Thaumatite and seal the coolant leak.
Next they climb onto the building roof and then down into the roof on the far side of the arena room.
Finally they find themselves in a room with grid walls and a narrow floor linking two white doors. The center of the floor vanishes and the game resets.

Final Loop

Back in the grid room, once again the center of the floor disappears and the gap is too big to jump. Ezekiel has a plan though. As each of them jump, he'll use a grenade to boost the jump and ensure they reach the other side. First Eve, then Cassandra and then Jacob make it to the other side of the room, thanks to Ezekiel. Once they are all safely across, Ezekiel admits that he only had three grenades, there isn't anything left to boost his jump. The game is about to crash and won't reset if he dies, but he says that is fine - he saved the others and that is what matters. He attempts the jump anyway, but falls into the abyss below and is absorbed into the game.

End Of Game

The game ends and Eve, Jacob and Cassandra find themselves back in the computer room. Their joy at having exited the game is short lived when they realize that Ezekiel isn't there with them. Jacob and Cassandra work out that if they restart the system Ezekiel should reappear. Eve places the crystal back in its place, Jacob fixes the leaking coolant and Cassandra resets the system. The base staff appear, unconscious, on the floor of the room. Ezekiel appears besides them. Ezekiel is a little confused that the others are so happy to see him alive. He doesn't remember anything that happened in the game.

Act Five

Back in the Annex, Jenkins locks the Atlantean Thaumatite safely away. Jacob, Eve and Cassandra try to convince Ezekiel that he saved them, that he was a hero but he thinks they are teasing him and doesn't believe them

In his lab, Jenkins meets again with Puck the Fey. Puck informs Jenkins that Prospero's plan is a joyous thing, he doesn't mean to harm mortals. He fears the Library though and so will act to remove them before he enacts his plan. He plans on doing that now. Jenkins releases Puck and hurries back to the card catalogue room. He finds the back door is active. He checks the destination and is distressed to discover where Eve and the Librarians have gone. Before he do anything to help, a blue light flashes across the room and he appears to forget about the others. He picks up a book and leaves the room.


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Plot and Character Development

Character Developments

  • Ezekiel will give his life to save his friends.
  • Jenkins immortality can be ended.
  • Jenkins hates fairies.
  • Jacob plays computer games

Season Arc Developments

  • Prospero is struggling to use his new staff and to control its power.
  • Before Prospero enacts his final plan, he must first remove the Librarians from this world.

Artifact / Myth / Bad Guy

  • Artifact - Atlantean Thaumatite
  • Magical Myth / Legend - Atlantis
  • Big Bad - none

Plot Developments

  • Atlantis was destroyed by the misuse of Atlantean Thaumatite, a super-conducting graphene that had the properties of both a solid and a Bose-Einstein condensate


  • Puck: You lure me with sweets and then bind me? Do you not know my power? I will kill thy calves and blight thy field. Your daughter's eyes will cross. Your son's legs will...
    Jenkins: Yes, yes, yes, yes, and you know what? That would be... whew! so menacing if we were in medieval Ireland, and I was a simple-minded sod farmer. But we're not, and I'm not, so it's not.
    Puck: Galeas? Grail knight of virtue? I'll give thee one favor for free for such a worthy one.
  • Puck: I know many things. I know what ends your immortality. You cannot be killed, but you can die, Galeas.
  • Ezekiel: You know, sometimes I don't think you guys take me seriously.
    Jacob: Really? There's times you think we do?
  • Cassandra: No one's blaming you, Ezekiel.
    Jacob: Well, I kinda am!
  • Ezekiel: Crazy? So, on the scale of "Running from Minotaurs" to "Santa Claus is now a best mate of ours," where would time loop fall?
  • Ezekiel: I can't watch you die anymore! This way, you sit there, nice and safe, while I go learn what's past the gate, while I figure out how to beat it. That way, only I die. You guys won't even remember.
  • Eve: There's a story soldiers tell... World War II, Market Garden, Allied assault behind enemy lines. What happens is, these allied troops have to cross a river. First wave of soldiers get in their little pontoon boats, get halfway across the river, and the Germans just open up their machine guns and just cut them all down. None of them make it. These two colonels are watching the bodies floating in the river, and one of them says, "those are the bravest men I've ever seen." The second colonel points to the second wave of soldiers getting in their little pontoon boats, getting ready to cross the same river, only they saw what happened to the first guys. They know what's coming. And that colonel says, "No. Those are the bravest men I've ever seen."
  • Ezekiel: The world is just crashing all around us, and... and you guys won't take me seriously because you guys think I'm... Me. You think I'm me.
  • Ezekiel: I know that you all think of me as your irresponsible little brother. But right now we are in danger. And I don't know how to make you believe me, so I need you to trust me. No, I'm not your friend, but you're all my friends. You've been my friends... it's impossible to explain... for so long. You once told me about Old Man Murphy, the old pipe monkey that taught you how to first use a wrench when you worked the pipelines. Cassandra, I know how much you love getting lost in the math of something so deep that you forget about how unfair your tumor, about how unfair the universe is, and just for one moment, everything makes sense. Makes sense. Eve... I know what Private Lee's widow told you when you handed her that flag. I have seen you all die so many times when it didn't matter. I can't... I can't let it happen now, when it actually does. So, please... Please, just this once, let me be the big brother.
  • Jacob: All right, well, if you die, then it just resets.
    Ezekiel: No. Look around. It'll crash before it resets. But you guys won't. You guys have been saved. I saved you.
  • Eve: He gave his life for us. Ezekiel Jones gave his life for us.
  • Cassandra: You were a hero.
    Ezekiel: No. That doesn't sound like me.
    Eve: Meaning?
    Ezekiel: You guys are putting me on. A little fun at my expense. I get it.
    Jacob: So, you finally turn into a halfway decent person, you're not gonna own up to it?
    Ezekiel: A halfway decent person? Sounds like a step down from all awesome, don't you think?
    Eve: Well, you may not know what you're capable of, but we do.
  • Puck: Prospero's goal is far from foul. 'Tis joy for every mortal soul he seeks.
    Jenkins: Oh, yes, and drowning 7 million people in Manhattan... such a heartwarming opening move.
    Puck: He knows the Library stands against him. He fears your Librarians. Prospero must remove your heroes before he rules o'er this world.

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  • Writer - Jeremy Bernstein
  • Director - Jonathan Frakes[
  • Original Air Date (US) - 13 December 2015

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