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2x07 ...And The Image Of Image

When people begin suffering the effects of acts they haven't been involved in, the Librarians discover that Dorian Gray has gone digital.

"Every year, more pictures are taken than in every previous year in history? Combined. Every year. And do you know what the majority of those pictures are? Us. Not even other people. Ourselves." -- Dorian Gray


Act One

Late evening in London, Cassandra and Jacob meet up near a busy nightclub. He has been researching Prospero at the Royal Shakespeare Company, she has been to the Royal Institute. As the approach the club, a young man walks out into the street and is almost hit by a car. At the same time, a woman who had been taking selfies with friends outside the club suddenly flies through the air and lands on Jacob. He and Cassandra both think the incident looks like magic and are surprised the Clipping Book didn't warn them.

Meanwhile in the Annex, Ezekiel arrives back from skateboarding on the Great Sphinx Of Giza (and posting selfies of himself doing so, to Jenkins' disapproval). Cassandra and Jacob are filling Eve in on events on London, she is also concerned about the lack of warning from the Clipping Book, especially when Cassandra discovers another strange incident in the same location. A student named Curt Cooper suffered all the effects of an overdose, even though he didn't use drugs.

Act Two

Eve and Jacob visit the restaurant in London where Curt Cooper worked and speak with his mother. She tells them that the doctors confirmed Curt had no drugs in his system, even though he appeared to have overdosed. He only left the restaurant for 5 minutes on the evening he became ill, to make a delivery to Club Effigy a few streets away. Jacob recognises the logo for Club Effigy, it was stamped on the arm of the woman hit by the nonexistent car. It seems both victims visited that club.

Back in the Annex, Cassandra has discovered seven more incident of strange accidents occurring at or near Club Effigy. Jenkins is sure he knows the neighbourhood the club is in, but he can't place why. The Librarians and a reluctant Eve decide to go to London and see the club for themselves.

Act Three

Club Effigy has a very strict admissions policy, only 'the chosen' are allowed inside and all guests must surrender their phones at the door - the only photos allowed are the ones taken by the club. Cassandra and Eve are chosen, but Jacob and Ezekiel are refused entry. Ezekiel manages to sneak in while Jacob distracts the doorman, but Jacob still can't find a way in.

When did everybody become obsessed with selfies? -- Eve

The club has a series of large screens displaying pictures of the clubbers, including the victims of the strange accidents. When Cassandra uses her skills to deduce who the next victim will be, Ezekiel leaves to find Jacob and then the potential victim. They track her to the restaurant Curt Cooper works in, and arrive in time to save the woman's life (using a home made defibrillator).

Cassandra meanwhile is becoming more and more drunk, despite not having anything alcoholic to drink. She stumbles and is assisted by a young man, the same man who was almost hit by the car the previous evening. As he appears to be a regular at the club, Eve asks him what he knows about the photowall, he tells her that people enjoy seeing pictures of themselves on the wall more than they enjoy the reality of the moment.

My God, she really is an almost complete innocent. Not a lot of those wandering into Effigy. -- Dorian Gray

As all the victims appear on the wall, Eve wonders if there's something magic or evil about the camera being used to take the photos. The photographer tries to evade her, but Jenkins (who claims to have entered the club 'with the band') stops him. The photographer tells them that the photos are uploaded wirelessly to a server somewhere, he has no idea where it's located.

The reason we didn't know about Dorian... he had been at his game a very long time, and the Clipping Book can only warn us of new threats -- Jenkins

A Few Images

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Plot and Character Development

Character Developments

  • Cassandra
    • Has never been clubbing before
    • Has only knowingly had her photograph taken 14 times
    • Can't walk in heels
    • Has a lot of strange items in her bag - Zuni fetish, EM spectrometer, Little Book of Exorcisms, Key of Al-Azeroth... a button
    • Was a member of a mathlete honour society
  • Eve
    • Dislikes nightclubs
    • Doesn't like having her photo taken because she believes your outer image is not important
    • Was the youngest ever head of NATO Counter Terrorism
    • Has been called blondie, cutie and sweet cheeks by every CO she's had, and had her butt pinched by five prime ministers and a president
  • Ezekiel
    • Skateboards and is apparently very good. He also likes to take selfies while skateboading and post them online
    • Can make a defibrillator out of a table lamp and a couple of metal serving spoons
    • Hacked the company that makes retinal scanners and placed his scans on their files. He now has access to around 600 galleries around the world.
    • Believes the Librarians were chosen because they are all expendable.
  • Jacob
    • Can make a defibrillator out of a table lamp and a couple of metal serving spoons
    • Can name a lot of American authors and poets.
  • Jenkins
    • Has been clubbing before
    • Is no one's daddy
    • Has a platinum credit card
    • Appears to have been friends with Oscar Wilde and, by association, knew both Dorian Gray and Basil Hallward (Dorian certainly knew Jenkins)
    • Believes there's a difference between image and identity

Season Arc Developments

  • none

Artifact / Myth / Bad Guy

  • Artifact - Dorian Gray's computing equipment
  • Magical Myth / Legend - Dorian Gray and his portrait
  • Big Bad - Dorian Gray

Plot Developments

  • The Clipping Book will only warn of new threats. It will not tell them of old ones like Dorian Gray.
  • Dorian Gray is not a Fictional, he was a real person, a friend of Oscar Wilde's who dabbled heavily in magic. Wilde meant his book as a warning about power and magic.
  • In the 19th century the Library lost 3 LIbrarians in the space of 8 months.


  • Jenkins: Thousands of years, the only way that people could look at themselves was in a pool of water. Now we have photos of ourselves taking photos of ourselves.
  • Dorian: Did you know that every year, more pictures are taken than in every previous year in history? Combined. Every year. And do you know what the majority of those pictures are? Us. Not even other people. Ourselves. A million narcissi, gazing lovingly into our own eyes on web sites and phone screens.
  • Jenkins: I am no one's daddy, sugar or otherwise.
  • Cassandra: Jenkins! [giggles] My marshmallow is growing and my bowling ball is shrinking.
    Jenkins: Ah. Well, I see Cassandra has embraced clubbing.
  • Jacob: These people are paying for sins they didn't do.
    Ezekiel: Right, the diner guy didn't do any drugs, but he OD'd. The girl wasn't hit by a car, but she was.
    Eve: Binge drinking, overdoses, walking into traffic... it's like they're suffering other people's bad behavior.
  • Jenkins: I've been here. Uh, the... the 1940s. No, 1800. Mm, 1800s. Post-Regency, definitely.
    Eve: While you nail down a century...
  • Dorian: Fabulous, isn't it? All that youth and beauty in one place.
    Cassandra: I know you. You're the sexy, charming guy who tried to tempt me with a drink earlier. Ooh. Ooh.
    Dorian: The only way to get of temptation is to yield to it.
    Cassandra: You're bad, aren't you?
    Dorian: Bad? No, I'm just Dorian. Dorian Gray.
  • Cassandra: Where's Jenkins? I wanna touch his hair. It's magnificent.
  • Jacob: This can't be right. It says the owner is Basil Hallward.
    Jenkins: Yes, of course. That's how I know.
    Ezekiel: Who's Basil Hallward?
    Jacob: He's the artist that painted Dorian Gray in Oscar Wilde's novel.
    Ezekiel: So another Fictional then?
    Jenkins: No. Dorian Gray was real.
    Jacob: Dorian Gray was real?
    Jenkins: Yes, he was Oscar Wilde's best friend... a-actually, more than friends.
    Jacob: More than friends.
    Jenkins: You know, during the 1800s, lots of folks were mucking about with magic. We lost three Librarians in a span of 8 months. Dorian was very heavily into magic and a narcissist.
  • Jenkins: Dorian's soul is bound to the painting. In theory, destroy the painting, destroy Dorian. In theory.
  • Ezekiel: Most blokes waste their time trying to fool the retinal scanners. Me? I hacked the company that makes the scanners and installed my own scans onto the software as a backdoor. I have a free pass to maybe 600 galleries around the world.
  • Dorian: You know, when the original painting was destroyed, it struck me as such a Librarian move, but I brush it off as nostalgia. Power, focus, effect. Have they taught you that? I bought immortality with the power of my own vanity. I wondered, what could I buy with the vanity of hundreds more? So I made a place for the most vain, self-involved people and voilà, a picture that can never be destroyed because there are always more little models to take the place of those who are lost.
  • Dorian: But believe me when I say, you move one more inch, and I will go backwards, and you will die. Alone, like all Guardians. Because you are the faceless ones, the nameless ones. Just "Guardian."
  • Eve: You can't feel. You don't pay the price, but you can't feel it either.
    Dorian: That is why I hate you people so much. You can feel, and instead you just watch. You take mortality for granted and so you don't deserve it. I would burn through a million of you for five seconds of feeling.
  • Cassandra: Why does the hangover last so much longer than the party?
    Jenkins: It's nature's way of making sure you understand there's always a price.
  • ezekiel: Maybe that's why we were chosen.
    Eve: What do you mean?
    Ezekiel: Well, Cassandra...
    Cassandra: Brain grape, which I might actually prefer at this moment to the headache.
    Ezekiel: Stone's absence of family or any real mates at all.
    Jacob: Hey.
    Ezekiel: And my anonymity. I have no ties to anyone or anything in the real world. We're all completely expendable.
    Eve: Good pep talk.
    Ezekiel: I know.
  • Jenkins: Well, it seems like these Librarians are well on their way to solving that particular mystery as to why they were chosen. I think it very important you do the same... for the battle to come. Because, you know, at the end of the day, there's a big difference between image and identity... Eve.

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  • Dorian Gray - Luke Cook
  • Photographer - Austin Hillebrecht
  • Doorman - Raz Adoti
  • Naomi Vantz Cooper - Lucy Paschali


  • Writer - Paul Guyot
  • Director - Emile Levisetti
  • Original Air Date (US) - 6 December 2015

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