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2x06 ...And The Infernal Contract

One family has run a small town in New Hampshire for 200 years, the Librarians discover that the family has made a deal with a devil

"Almost every demon works via a Contract. Something you desire in exchange for your soul." -- Jenkins


Act One

In Hawthorne, New Hampshire a young woman (Brandy Vargus - an intern assisting in the town's upcoming mayoral election) crashes her car, she runs from the scene to a motel room. Once in the room she tries to make a phone call, but before she can a fissure opens in the ceiling above her and drags her inside. When the fissure closes, it leaves a symbol burned into the ceiling.

In the Annex, Cassandra and Ezekiel are surprised to learn that Eve has taken a day off to visit a friend. Jacob meanwhile is excited that a chupacabra they recently captured is cooking jerky for them. They are interrupted by the clipping book alerting them to the missing intern in Hawthorne.

Eve is already in Hawthorne, the friend she is visiting is Sam Denning, one of the candidates in the mayoral election. Denning and Eve served together in Afghanistan. Brandy Vargus was on his campaign staff. The media, drummed up by his opponent Jefferson Keating, are implying Denning may have had something to do with Brandy's disappearance, Denning needs Eve's help to find the missing intern. He insists that he hardly knew Brandy, she was just a volunteer who had little interaction with. However when the LIbrarians arrive in Hawthorne, Ezekiel reveals to Eve that he has hacked Denning's phone - Brandy had been texting Denning, her last text was asking him to meet her at the usual place. Denning is forced to admit to Eve that Brandy was investigating Keating for him, but he still insists there was nothing else between them

It's a glyph... 17th century. It's a Puritan symbol (for) the Devil -- Jacob

The Librarians break into the motel room Brandy was seen running to on the day she crashed her car. They discover the symbol burned into the ceiling, which Jacob recognizes as a Puritan symbol for the Devil. They're joined by Eve and Denning, just as the fissure reopens and Brandy's body is dropped out of it. Outside the motel, Denning demands Eve tell him what is going on. She tries to explain that magic is real, he of course doesn't believe her.

Act Two

Back in the Annex, Jenkins explains that the symbol the Librarians found is the mark of a devil not the Devil. Many demons who feed on souls call themselves the devil and they all use a contract. The Librarians will need to find who signed this contract, locate the contract and destroy it in order to defeat the demon.

Ezekiel hopes to find some useful information on Brandy's phone, which he stole, but he's struggling to hack into it. Cassandra recognizes that the phone is protected by a blocking spell. She uses one of Jenkins' magic potions to remove the spell and get them access to the phone.

Jenkins and Jacob have discovered that the symbol in the motel room is connected to the Keating family (Denning's opponent). They have mapped out a history of the Keatings going back to the founding of Hawthorne in 1655 when Obediah Keating brokered peace with the Pennacook Indians. The town has had a lot of tragedies (scarlet fever in 1840, twelve land owners killed in a carriage accident in 1752, a tavern fire in 1884, a train crash in 1928 that killed 121 people). Every time something bad happens, there's a Keating on hand to offer aid, and when something good happens, there's also a Keating involved. And all those Keatings wear the symbol that was burned into the motel ceiling.

Jacob notices one man who seems to appear in photos and drawings of the Keatings going back to at least 1884 (on the 1884 drawing he's labeled as R. Sesselman, standing behind Mayor and Mrs Keating and their children. After the train crash in 1928, a Durham Sesselman meets with the then Mayor Keating). Cassandra and Ezekiel have analyzed Brandy's phone and discovered that she was researching Mr Sesselman. He appears at every town disaster and disasters happen every 44 years. The Keating family have signed a deal with a devil, payment is due every 44 years and the next one is due now.

Anyone threatens the good fortune of the signer, the Contract will arrange circumstances for that person's destruction -- Jenkins

Jenkins believes Sesselman is a 'soul contractor' also known as an 'executor'. Their weapon is the contract, the Executor draws his power from the contract. If the signatory or the contract itself's well being is threatened, the contract will arrange for the destruction of the threat. The contract is magic and like all magic it consists of three parts - the power is the signatory's soul, the focus is the contract and the effect is the chaos the contract wreaks in order to fulfill the signatory's wishes. To defeat Sesselman they need to find the contract.
They know the contract is at least 200 years old and that the Keatings are not going to want to move it around too much so it must be in one of the older buildings in Hawthorne. Ezekiel uses Munchausen's Top (an enchanted spinning top) and an old map of the town to narrow down the contract's location to the Keating Hotel. He then uses the building's blueprints to locate hidden passages and rooms.

Act Three

Jenkins and Cassandra arrive at the Keating Hotel in Hawthorne, posing as guests at a reception. They arrive in a Rolls Royce driven by Jacob who isn't happy to have to play the chauffeur, on his way out of the hotel Jacob bumps into an elderly woman. Jacob returns a few minutes later posing as a guest, using an invitation Ezekiel has stolen for him. He bumps into the same elderly guest who recognizes him and calls security. Ezekiel is posing as a waiter and is trying to locate hidden rooms, but has so far only succeeded in drawing the attention of the hotel's security. Cassandra tried to use a locator spell to find the contract, but only managed to locate security. It appears the contract is working to bring them bad luck. Sesselman is also at the reception. He approaches Jenkins and tells him that he is a legend in Sesselman's profession - he would love to have a signature of the 'incorruptible knight' on a contract.

You're something of a legend in my profession. The incorruptible knight. Allegedly. What I wouldn't give in exchange for your autograph -- Sesselman

Jacob has found three portraits painted at different times but by the same person. Cassandra sees that they each represent a form of magic (Sumerian protective spell, Egyptian chromatographic magic and Brazilian witchcraft) which combine to form a sigil - protection for the contract, meaning that the contract is most likely hidden in a room behind that wall. As the guards approach them they finally find a hidden door leading to a secret room where they locate the contract. Cassandra drops the contract down a mail shoot to Eve who is waiting near the parking garage. She hands the contract to Denning and tells him to get it to Jenkins, whilst she fights off security. Denning has other plans though. He knocks Eve out and turns to find Sesselman in front of him. Sesselman tells Denning that all he needs to do is sign the contract and all his dreams can come true. The contract is currently Keating's, but if Denning signs it will become his instead. The temptation is too strong and Denning signs the contract, as Sesselman applies his seal a car appears next to them. Denning climbs in, Sesselman closes the door and he, Denning and the car vanish.

Your good fortune is assured, and anyone who opposes you will wish they hadn't -- Sesselman

Act Four

Eve meets with Jenkins and the Librarians and tells them Denning signed the contract. Cassandra adds that the contract's 44 years are up today - something has to happen today to fulfill Denning's wish to be a hero. Eve and Jenkins to go find Denning and Sesselman, the Librarians try to work out what disaster is about to happen.

The final mayoral debate is happening later that day and the town square will be crowded. Jacob notices maintenance paint lines on the road in the square and realizes that new gas pipes are being laid. A gas explosion under the square would seem to be a likely disaster. They enter the maintenance tunnels and find the gas cut off valve, it takes all three of them to turn it, as they do the valve snaps off and gas starts to escape. They try to escape the tunnel, but the door closes in front of them, trapping them inside with the escaping gas. As they start to feel the effects of the gas poisoning, Sesselman appears. He tells them that even though they prevented the gas explosion, something else will now happen (a train may derail or a dam burst) to make Denning a hero. He offers to make a deal with them to help them escape the gas.

Contract magic works by coincidence, taking what's already present and using it against you -- Cassandra

Jenkins and Eve find Denning in the town square watching the crowd, he tells Eve he could save most of them. She tells him that isn't enough and persuades him to give her the contract, before she punches him and knocks him out. She then sends Jenkins off to find the Librarians, while she takes out a pen and opens the contract.

In the tunnel, Sesselman is trying to persuade the dying Librarians to sign the contract. Jacob is the first to waiver, followed by Cassandra who wonders if they could find something in the Library afterwards, Ezekiel just shakes his head. Sesselman leaves to summon the contract.

Returning to the square, Sesselman takes the contract from Eve. He tells her that regardless of her replacing Denning's name with her own, she still has to make a wish or the original contract will still be valid, the town will still suffer a disaster and her friends will die. He taunts her that she has nothing that can stop him. A quick cut away to the maintenance tunnel shows semi-immortal Jenkins is unaffected by the leaking natural gas, but then the roof of the tunnel to collapses onto him.

Sesselman tells Eve that unless she makes a wish, a commuter jet will crash onto the square. There will be three survivors all rescued by the heroic Captain Sam Denning. She has 45 seconds to decide. He leaves her and returns to the Librarians in the tunnels. He's met by Jenkins, wiping dust off his suit jacket but otherwise unscathed. Realizing that even the contract can't kill Jenkins, Sesselman him Jenkins helps the Librarians.

In the square, Eve makes her wish - she wishes Sesselman were human. He starts to glow a fire red as he is turned into a normal, mortal human. Eve takes the contract from him and she and Denning leave a horrified human Sesselman.

Back in the Annex, the Librarians are lying on camp beds while Jenkins hands each of them a foul tasting drink that he assures them will remove poisons left by the natural gas they inhaled. Eve returns with the contract, which Jenkins will lock in 'bottomless pit'. As the Librarians protest but all settle down to sleep, Eve and Jenkins have a heart to heart. She tells him he makes a good medic, he replies that even in the old old days he always considered himself more of a caretaker. She is feeling remorseful that the Librarians need a medic at all. He tells her that a Guardians job is not to protect the Librarians' physical well being, it's to protect them from the temptations all around them in the Library, her job is to protect their souls - something she did extremely well today.

The Guardian's job is not to save the Librarians' bodies. It is to save their souls. And you did that admirably today, Colonel -- Jenkins

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Plot and Character Development

Character Developments

  • Cassandra:
    • is dabbling in magic, copying spells she has seen Jenkins use.
  • Eve:
    • used to date a fellow soldier named Sam Denning.
  • Ezekiel:
    • Has become a good guy:
      - Is surrounded by artifacts that could help him steal expensive objects, but he resists using any of them.
      - When Jacob and Cassandra were considering signing the Contract, Ezekiel still refused.
  • Jenkins:
    • His immortality means he can survive a collapsing rock roof without a mark on him. Also, natural gas poisoning has no effect on him.
    • Has always considered himself to be a caretaker, but he does know how to repair broken bodies.

Artifact / Myth / Bad Guy

  • Artifact - The Contract
  • Magical Myth / Legend
    • Selling your soul to the devil
    • Chupacabra
  • Big Bad - Mr Sesselman

Plot Developments

  • Munchausen's Top can be used to locate any valuable object
  • The Library has a room of perpetual fire
  • The Library has a herd of goats on level four
  • The Library has a Chupacabra that cooks great jerky (he does the cooking)
  • A Guardian's job is to protect the Librarians' souls


  • Jacob: Jenkins, it's working. It's happenin'!
    Cassandra: What's working? What's happening?
    Jacob: Chupacabra.
    Ezekiel: You mean that thing we brought back from Elk Grove Village?
    Jacob: Yeah, Jenkins was kind enough to run a pipe from the room of perpetual fire...
    Jenkins: He begged me to do it.
    Jacob: ...straight into a smoker behind his lab. Get ready for chupacabra jerky.
    Cassandra: Ew, you're cooking it?
    Jacob: No, he's making it! The chupacabra! He's awesome!
    Ezekiel: Is that safe?
    Jenkins: As long as we keep it away from the goats on level four.
  • Eve: Magic is real.
    Denning: Yeah?
    Eve: And we're... my team... our... our job is to keep it in check, to keep it out of the hands of those who would use it...
    Denning: For evil instead of good? You sound like a freaking theme park ride.
    Eve: You saw it, Sam! My team shows up wherever magic is happening. You saw it.
    Denning: Oh, come on. If that were true, people would know.
    Eve: People do know. We know.
  • Jenkins: You know, almost every demon works via a Contract. Something you desire in exchange for your soul.
    Jacob: Kind of like Robert Johnson down at the crossroads.
    Jenkins: Very good, sir. Yes, one of the better known examples. Also including lottery winners, folks who hate the Cubs, the moon landing farce.
    Cassandra: Wait, the moon landing wasn't real?
    Jenkins: Oh, no, not that one.
  • Denning: Oh, come on! A-a private security firm, really? You got a kid, some cute chick, and a guy who looks like he's a bar fighter. And a scorched body just falls out of thin air? You know, you got all high and mighty with me before, but you are lying through your teeth right now.
    Eve: You think Cassandra's cute?
  • Jenkins: Mr. Stone, the thing to remember about devils is that they will never appear in a red cape and horns. They will come dressed as everything you ever wished for.
    Ezekiel: So we should look for...
    Jenkins: Katy Perry wearing the Crown Jewels holding a wad of cash, with an unnatural attraction to young Aussie boys.
  • Ezekiel: Colonel Baird sees the best in everybody. That's a character flaw.
    Cassandra: She sees the best in you. Is that a flaw?
    Ezekiel: Everybody sees the best in me. I'm Ezekiel Jones.
  • Jenkins: Well, if you're asking me what happens after you die, I remind you, I'm one of the least qualified people to answer that.
  • Sesselman: You're something of a legend in my profession. The incorruptible knight. Allegedly. What I wouldn't give in exchange for your autograph.
    Jenkins: I would like to say it's a pleasure, Mr. Sesselman, but I think we both know that is not the case.
  • Sesselman: Well, sadly, even if you have stopped this explosion, the... the power of the Contract will simply cause a train to derail or a-a dam to burst.
    Cassandra: What?
    Sesselman: Sam needs to be a hero. The Contract will make that happen one way or another.
  • Jenkins: Absolutely sure this is a good idea?
    Eve: This is a good plan, if you are who I think you are.
  • Driver: Hey, get out of the road, old man!
    Jenkins: Old man? You have no idea.
  • Sesselman: The Contract cannot kill what cannot be killed.
    Jenkins: Now you're starting to get it.
  • Eve: I once knew a medic with your bedside manner. Never wanted to run a mission without her.
    Jenkins: Yeah, well, I've always considered myself more of a caretaker than anything else, even in the old days. Even in the old, old days.
    Eve: It suits you.
    Jenkins: One doesn't live this long without learning how to repair broken bodies.
  • Jenkins: Librarians die. But there is a much greater risk. To be surrounded by all of this magic, to know that you could change things, that you could fix things and not succumb to that temptation, well... not very many good people can bear that burden alone. The Librarian before Mr. Carsen didn't die. He gave in to the siren song of all of this power. He gave in. Then he was lost. They will not survive in this world without someone there holding them steady. I told you once, the Library did not choose you for your ability to kill. The Guardian's job is not to save the Librarians' bodies. It is to save their souls. And you did that admirably today, Colonel.

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  • Writer - Paul Guyot & Holly Moyer
  • Director - Jonathan Frakes
  • Original Air Date (US) - 29 November 2015

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