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2x05 ...And The Hollow Men

Flynn is kidnapped by a mystery man who has a store of the Library's missing artifacts. To make matters worse, the Library is dying.

"I still can't believe it. I mean, the Library in human form. I believe I'm the only Librarian in history to ever get a chance to talk to the Library in person. " -- Flynn


Act One

Eve, Jacob and Ezekiel have broken into a private art collection to try and locate one the Library's missing artifacts - the Eye of Zarathustra. Cassandra is in the Annex trying out the Library's new communication pendant, while Jenkins is trying to locate missing rooms.

As Ezekiel locates the Eye of Zarathustra, Eve discovers Flynn hiding inside a suit of armor having also broken into the collection to locate the Eye, which he believes will lead them to the Staff of Zarathustra (aka, the Staff of Knowledge). They realize that they are all following the same tip off, and that this is in fact a trap. They too late though, as the Magical Flutes Of Pan begin to play and send them all to sleep. At the same time, in the Annex, lights begin to flicker and the building shakes - Jenkins and Cassandra take cover under a table as the chandelier crashes from the ceiling.

It would be great if the Bronze Age Librarians weren't quite so poetic. "The eye of Zarathustra is the key to the door of lost knowledge, the staff summoned by sun and rue." -- Cassandra

Act Two

Eve, Jacob and Ezekiel awaken to discover that Flynn is missing, along with the Eye of Zarathustra and the new communication pendant. Eve phones Jenkins, who warns them they need to return to the Annex now as the back door has become unstable and he doesn't know how much longer he can keep it operational - while he is struggling with the back door, Cassandra is putting out small fires. The trio make it back to the Annex just as the power to the back door fails.

Flynn awakens in a metal room, full of artifacts and with photos of Eve, Jenkins and the Librarians on the walls. He has the communication pendant and manages to tell the others back in the Annex that he can hear water and that the room is filled with the Library's missing artifacts before a man (Ray Glasney) appears. Flynn places the communication pendant under his foot and begins to tap out Chinese Telegraph Code. Ray admits that he knows who Flynn is, though he has no idea who he himself is (besides his name). He wants Flynn to help him regain his memories and locate the Staff of Zarathustra. Before Flynn can communicate too much detail back to the others, Ray sees the communication pendant and smashes it, before using Pan's Flute to send Flynn back to sleep.

In the Annex, Jenkins and Ezekiel repair the back door, while Cassandra, Jacob and Eve use magical maps to trace Flynn's most likely location as being in Maryland. The back door manages to tap into the most powerful source of magic in that area, a shipping container yard. Eve and the Librarians use a scanner to follow the magic through the yard to a container. When they open it, they find it is full of Library artifacts, but Flynn is long gone. Ray has moved Flynn to an RV and is driving him through a forest.

As Eve and the Librarians examine the artifacts in the container, Moriarty and his men arrive. After a bit of banter, the Librarians make a run for it with as many artifacts as they can carry. Jacob, Cassandra and Ezekiel get through the back door and safely back to the Annex, but the power to the back door fails again leaving Eve stuck in the container park.

I've been tasked with finding magic for Prospero. But between us, I think this "magic" is just a fancy word for some unknown field effect randomizing the quantum properties of matter. -- Moriarty

Act Three

On their roadtrip, Flynn and Ray have stopped at a diner for milkshakes. Ray tells Flynn that he has no memory of anything from before 4 months ago, he needs the Staff of Zarathustra to regain his memories. He does know that there is wild magic in the world and he didn't steal the artifacts, they just appear. Flynn puts the clues together (the Library was pulled from the void 4 months ago, the missing artifacts, the broken Library) and realizes that Ray is the Library, or it's intelligence anyway.

In the Annex, the situation is getting worse and Jenkins tells the other that the Library is dying. The Library, he tells them, has two parts - its body and its spirit - the two can not survive separately. When the Library returned from the void part of it's spirit (it's intelligence or operating system) was missing and its now running out of nourishment and starting to consume itself in order to survive. Lights and power are failing across the LIbrary, when the last light goes out the Library will have consumed all it can and will be dead. He has a box of ghost lights - light bulbs that exist in every theatre, that absorb all emotions and life in the theatres, when they are full they go to the Library. Jenkins hopes that if they place the ghost lights around the Annex they'll keep the Library alive for long enough for Eve and Flynn to return with a more permanent solution.

Meanwhile in the contain yard, Moriarty has found Eve, he offers her a deal. He has Ariel who can track Flynn but he can't drive. Eve needs to find Flynn but has no way of tracking him, she can however drive. He claims to be working for Prospero under duress and that he would betray him if he had the chance. As they drive, Moriarty tells Eve that him and Holmes were almost partners once, but he turned Holmes down as he couldn't work with someone like him who was always running and would never settle. Moriarty wanted to build something, but all his writer would let him build was a criminal empire. He points out to Eve that in both their worlds there are those who run and those who build. He suspects Eve is a builder but he wonders what Flynn is.

Act Four

Ray and Flynn have stopped in a Pennsylvania forest which Ray is convinced is the location of the Temple of Zarathustra and the Staff of Knowledge, but after scrambling through the forest and finding nothing Ray becomes despondent and begins to cry. Flynn takes the Eye of Zarathustra off him and holds it up to the sun, it begins to glow but doesn't help in locating the Temple. Flynn remembers that the texts say, "When sun and rue meet, thus is revealed the Temple of Zarathustra." He realizes that rue is sadness, he wipes Ray's tears onto the Eye and then holds it up to the sun. As the sunlight shines through the Eye, a beam of light shines onto a rock which shatters revealing the entrance to the Temple of Zarathustra.

I love ancient temples. You see, the whole thing with temples is, you just kinda gotta get into the spirit of the fun of the whole thing. Just relax, enjoy yourself. -- Flynn

They enter the cave that leads to the temple and find it guarded by an arrow trap, which the avoid using the reset interval between arrows. Rays spirits are lifted and he rushes ahead of Flynn, only to become stuck on the other side of a corridor of fire. Fortunately the controls to the fire jets lie at each end of the corridor and they are able to deactivate them by working together. Now they can enter the chamber where the Staff of Knowledge of located.

Not far behind them are Eve and Moriarty. Flynn is briefly distracted by Eve having teamed up with Moriarty and doesn't notice that Ray have taken hold of the Staff of Knowledge until they hear Ray screaming in pain. As the energy from the staff surges through Ray, the others take cover. Ray's memories return, but he can't release the staff as the power will surge straight into the ley lines. Being immortal, Moriarty is the only one who can safely take the staff. Although Flynn and Eve know that this was Moriarty's plan all along they also know that they have no alternative. Moriarty takes the staff and leaves, presumably returning to Prospero.

Meanwhile in the Annex, the ghost lights are quickly going out and there are only a few minutes left. The only option left is Jenkins's Plan B. He tells Ezekiel, Cassandra and Jacob to leave; when the last ghost light is extinguished the Library will latch on to the most powerful life force it can find to feed off, as Jenkins is semi-immortal that would be him. Jacob and Cassandra refuse to leave Jenkins, Ezekiel claims he would consider it, but of course he doesn't.

As the final ghost light goes out, the three Librarians still refuse to leave Jenkins. The darkness is suddenly broken by Eve and Flynn returning with Ray. Flynn quickly explains to the confused Librarians and their caretaker that Ray is the spirit of the Library. He takes Ray into the Library, the two talk briefly, Ray warns Flynn that he has to stop Prospero. Flynn wants to talk for longer but Ray knows it's time to go and he is absorbed back into the Library.

I'd like you all to meet Ray, the Spirit of the Library. Ray, these are the Librarians -- Flynn

As the Librarians set to work cleaning up the Library, Flynn tells Eve he has to leave again. Eve points out that Ray only told him stop Prospero, leaving (running) is his choice.

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Plot and Character Development

Character Developments

  • Eve:
    • can hotwire a car
    • understands Morse Code (but not Chinese Telegraph Code)
  • Flynn:
    • returned briefly to help with the search for the Staff of Zarathustra. He leaves again at the end.
    • Flynn knows Chinese Telegraph Code
  • Jacob:
    • also knows Chinese Telegraph Code
  • Jenkins:
    • is semi-immortal
    • is willing to die to save the Library (the others aren't willing to let him)

Season Arc Developments

  • Now that the Library's spirit, its intelligence (aka Ray) has been restored, it has been repaired.
  • Artifacts are still missing
  • Moriarty has the Staff of Zarathustra (aka the Staff of Knowledge)
  • The locked room in the sub-subbasement is mentioned again

Artifact / Myth / Bad Guy

  • Artifact - The Eye of Zarathustra and the Staff of Zarathustra (aka the Staff of Knowledge) (also some of the missing Library artifacts)
  • Magical Myth / Legend - Staff of Knowledge
  • Big Bad - Moriarty

Plot Developments

  • It's now four months since the Library's return from the void, and therefore ten months since they all met
  • The Library's Zenobia Wing has moved itself from the attic to the second sub-basement.
  • At the start of the episode 74 items had disappeared from the LIbrary
  • The Library consists of two parts - its body and its spirit, neither can survive separately
  • There have been 10 Librarians who went missing
  • The Library requires nourishment to survive
  • The relationship between Jenkins and the Librarians has come a long way in the last ten months, with the Librarians now quite protective of their caretaker and he of them.


  • Ray: Now is not the time for naming, now I catalogue.
  • Flynn [to Ray]: See our waitress over there? I look at her and I can tell you with 100% certainty that she is a married mother of three who was raised in the Mississippi Delta, she's worked and lived here for five years, and she plays the cello. I look at you...and I get zero. Nothing. Zilch.
  • Ray: All I know is... There's wild magic loose in the world. It's in the woods, in the... in the sewers, in the cradles and the morgues. And it's... it's... It's out. It's out! It needs to be in.
  • Moriarty: I've been tasked with finding magic for Prospero. But between us, I think this "magic" is just a fancy word for some unknown field effect randomizing the quantum properties of matter.
    Cassandra: That's what I think. Maybe extra-dimensional intrusion multi...
    Eve: Cassandra, please do not fangirl over the archvillain.
  • Flynn: Are you saying that your memory only extends back for four months? And that you reach into your pockets and you pull out artifacts from the Library?
    Ray: I don't know where they come from.
    Flynn: You're connected to the Library, somehow... a Library that's constantly rearranging itself randomly, as if it's got no... reason. You're the Library.
    Ray: I'm the what?
    Flynn: You're the Library.
  • Jacob: What the hell are you doing, Jenkins, we've got to get back out there and find Baird.
    Jenkins: Wherever she is, it's certainly safer than here. We have a bigger problem. The Library is dying.
    Ezekiel: The Library can't be dying, buildings aren't alive.
    Jenkins: Really, Mr. Jones? After all the time you've spent in it, haven't you learned anything about the Library? It's origami. Folds inside folds inside folds, all adding up to two parts... the infinite folding space, the body of the Library...
    Cassandra: And the other part is what, the operating system
    Jenkins: Intelligence, yes, that organizes the space, defends it. The Spirit of the Library, for lack of a better term.
  • Ezekiel: The Library eats now?
    Jenkins: Yes, Mr. Jones, and what it is eating is itself. That's what all these shadows, that's what they are. And when it goes completely dark, the Library is dead.
  • Jenkins: Ghost lights sit in every theater in the Western world. They absorb all of the emotions, all of the life expressed there. When they're full of life, they come here. Activate these bulbs, the Library will feed off of their life energy, stay alive long enough for Mr. Carsen and Colonel Baird to find and stop Glasney.
    Cassandra: What are you not telling us, Mr Jenkins
    Jenkins: Oh, quite a lot, I suspect
  • Moriarty: "Bad guy"? Relative term. Holmes and I were almost partners, you know?
    Eve: Uh-huh. He turned you down?
    Moriarty: No. No, I didn't want to work with him. You've read the stories... never settling, flitting from case to case. Always running... running, running from himself, running from boredom. No, I wanted to build something.
    Eve: Oh, you built a criminal empire. Because that's all they would let me build.
    Moriarty: I ask you, what would you do if they wouldn't let you breathe? If they wouldn't let you open any door?
    Eve: You would make your own.
    Moriarty: Precisely. Both your world and mine, there are those of us who run and those who build. You and I, we're planners. Strategists. We're builders, in for the long haul. What type is your Mr. Carsen, pray tell?
  • Ray: It's coming back to me! Every law, every theorem... All the lost languages, and the songs of Sumeria, every poem and story and novel in every language ever written! But it's too much! It hurts!
  • Jenkins: All of you, it's time for you to go. When the last ghost light goes out, the Library will grab hold of the greatest source of life it can find, and that's me.
    Jacob: That's your Plan B, to let this place eat you?
    Cassandra: If you think we're gonna leave you here alone, in the dark, you're... I don't know what you are, but we're not doing that.
    Jenkins: Well, Cassandra, it's the math. I'm immortal... semi. You're not. My life can keep this going longer...
    Jacob: Dude, we're not doing it.
    Ezekiel: Actually, I might consider it. It's getting pretty dark in here.
  • Ray: I remember.
    Flynn: You remember the Library?
    Ray: I remember Judson. Wise and brave and kind Judson. Your true father. And I remember Charlene. Funny and tough and loving Charlene.
    Flynn: Do you remember me?
    Ray: Of course I do, Flynn. You're my best friend.
  • Flynn: I just feel like we didn't really get a chance to talk. I mean, really talk. You're the only one who has a frame of reference for my life, and I just want you to know what you've meant to me.
    Ray: I already know.
  • Flynn: I have so many questions
    Ray: I can't answer everything for you. Besides, the journey is more important than the destination. And you, my friend, are about to go on an amazing adventure.
  • Eve: Running again?
    Flynn: The Library wants me to go after Prospero, make sure that he doesn't get his hands on those artifacts
    Eve: He told you to stop Prospero. Running's your choice.

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  • Writer - Geoffrey Thorne
  • Director - Noah Wyle
  • Original Air Date (US) - 22 November 2015

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