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2x04 ...And The Cost Of Education

An ancient magical creature is taking people from a college campus, and Cassandra receives an unexpected offer.

" Magic is out there! More and more regular people are coming into contact with it. We can't just keep boxing it up and pretending it's swamp gas. We have to come up with a strategy for dealing with it. " -- Eve


Act One

During pre-game celebrations at Wexler University, the football mascot (Peter) arrives at a house party. As he approaches the front door, a fissure opens in the house's wall, a giant tentacle emerges and drags Peter into a rift.

In the Annex, Jenkins explains Wexler was founded by an occultist, Josiah Wexler in 1813 in Eastern Massachusetts, he used the university as a cover to collect arcane and occult objects. After Josiah Wexler exploded, the occultist practices at the college were covered up, but still contains hidden magic - monsters, disappearances, voids... He provides the others with a list of things not to do while at Wexler, including 'Do not light any candles', 'Do not drink from any chalices', 'Do not repeat anything 3 times' and 'do not make eye contact with the gargoyles'.

Is that a guy with a goat head or a goat with a... guy's body? -- Jacob

Act Two

Cassandra and Eve interview Mindy, the head cheerleader, she doesn't seem too concerned about Peter's disappearance - apparently students disappear all the time, once the entire volleyball team vanished after an away game. The cheerleaders start to chant the school motto, "Appareat Diabolus! Ignis" (which literally translates as - The devil appears! Fire)

While Jacob interviews Peter's roommate (who also doesn't appear concerned about him), Ezekiel stares out of the window and makes eye contact with a gargoyle (he'll later name him Stumpy). Peter's roommate mentions that the frat house Peter was going to on the night he vanished, Omega Theta, has a reputation for rituals in its basement. As Jacob and Ezekiel leave the dorm, Stumpy is sitting on the window ledge watching them.

At the Omega Theta house, Cassandra and Ezekiel discover a young woman named Lucy Lyon who claims to be hunting magic. She's been tracking strange power surges across the campus, including one at the frat house around the time Peter disappeared. Lucy, Ezekiel and Cassandra go down to the basement where it appears a ritual is taking place, but it turns out to be a group of students getting drunk. Stumpy the gargoyle is still following Ezekiel. Cassandra notices that the basement is lined with strange black stone, which Jacob later discovers is a rare black stone from the Pacific Ocean.

Meanwhile, Jacob is excited to learn that one his heroes, Professor Roger Bancroft an architecture expert, teaches at the school. Bancroft doesn't quite live up to Jacob's expectations of course (never meet your heroes), he's arrogant and disparaging about anyone who believes in magic. As the two men disagree about architecture and magic, Professor Bancroft becomes increasingly arrogant in his arguments. A fissure suddenly opens up behind him and a giant tentacle appears, grabs him and pulls him into a void.

If you lived a hundred lives, your pea brain would never be able to absorb what I know. And I know that your question about magic is the stupidest thing I've ever heard! -- Prof. Bancroft

Act Three

Back in the Annex the Librarians, Eve and Stumpy are bringing Jenkins up to date on developments. Jenkins believes the tentacle creature must have been summoned by someone on the campus. He thinks Bancroft and Peter will be in an alternate reality, probably eaten by the creature, but even if they were still alive they would be lost as it's virtually impossible to return from an alternate reality.

Jacob returns to Wexler and is reading through Bancroft's research notes on the history of the college as students start to arrive for a lecture. They assume he's a guest lecturer (lecturers disappear from the college all the time, apparently), he doesn't correct them and instead gets the students to help him work out which of the college buildings use the rare black stone in the foundations. As they locate them, Jacob marks them off on a map and finds that the buildings using the stone form a circle, a summoning circle.

One of the buildings included in the summoning circle is the science building where Lucy works. She is showing Cassandra the particle accelerator she's been building in her lab. It's a very small particle accelerator, as Cassandra points out. Lucy though has been working on a special design using new equations that appear to cause the particles to move much faster than she thought they would. Lucy doesn't know how and after reading the specifications, Cassandra says it isn't possible for it to work. She suspects the accelerator is using the summoning circle as its track, along with a variation on a compression spell. She also thinks Lucy may have accidentally summoned the tentacle creature when practicing magic in her lab, right on top of the summoning circle.

In the Annex, Jenkins, Ezekiel and Jacob research the creature. Jacob mentions that Bancroft was talking about being better than everyone else when the creature appeared and Jenkins realizes that the creature is a Hybristic. Hybristics are creatures who were summoned in ancient times to quell people who thought about overthrowing their masters, they are attracted by overt displays of pride or hubris.

Back at Wexler, Cassandra, Eve and Lucy are attempting to shut down the particle accelerator. Cassandra guesses the dimensional rift the creature is using is acting as a feedback loop and powering the machine. Lucy thinks turning the accelerator up will force it overload and shut down. Cassandra isn't convinced that will be safe - if it goes wrong it will create a permanent hole between two worlds. As Cassandra tries to persuade Lucy that she's wrong, the other woman is so full of pride in her own abilities that she ignores her. A rift opens and a tentacle from the Hybristic grabs Lucy and pulls her into the alternate dimension.

The Hybristic was summoned in ancient times to quell those who thought of overthrowing their masters. It is attracted by overt displays of pride, hubris, ego. It appears when such ego is on display... and devours it. -- Jenkins

Act Four

Cassandra returns to the Annex to collect equipment to reopen the rift and retrieve Lucy. Jenkins warns against this as a pep rally for the upcoming football game is being held in the gym - all that pride in one place will attract the Hybristic and risk the lives of all the students taking part. He wants to close the rift for good and has a found the appropriate ritual but Cassandra won't let him perform it. No one is happy about reopening the rift, but they agree to do it, providing they have a plan for keeping the Hybristic away from the pep rally.

Cassandra and Eve will use the particle accelerator to open the rift while Jacob drives Ezekiel around the campus. Ezekiel will be being his usual prideful self, therefore hopefully drawing the Hybristic away from the gym for long enough to prevent the pep rally being eaten, but fast enough to also prevent Ezekiel being eaten. Cassandra meanwhile will enter the rift and retrieve Lucy. As soon as she returns, or if she fails to return, Eve will need to push the particle accelerator into the the rift to close it. Back in the Annex Jenkins will perform the ritual to close the summoning circle.

Act Five

Ezekiel doesn't have any trouble summoning the Hybristic, which keeps opening rifts trying to catch him all over the campus, and they manage to outrun it. Sadly Stumpy, who's been following Ezekiel around the campus, senses Ezekiel is in danger and attacks the Hybristic. The creature grabs the stone gargoyle and throws it across the ground, breaking/killing it. Ezekiel is devastated.

Meanwhile in the lab, the accelerator opens another rift and Cassandra enters it. She finds herself in a meadow surrounded by trees. Lucy is hiding from a Hybristic which has already eaten Bancroft and Peter. The two women head for the open rift that heads back to Wexler, Lucy outruns the Hybristic and makes is safely back and through the rift. Cassandra though falls over. As the Hybristic approaches her, she suddenly finds herself underwater with the Lady of the Lake and two others. The Lady tells her that she is in a place between space and time. She offers Cassandra a place with them, a place to study science and magic together. They have been watching her and feel she is now ready. Cassandra thanks them, but tells them she already has a job. The Lady accepts that, but tells Cassandra her place will remain, waiting for her.

Cassandra is sent back through the rift and into the science lab. Eve pushes the accelerator into the rift and closes it.

Later in the college, Lucy tells Cassandra she's giving up school to learn everything she can about magic.

When Cassandra returns to the Annex, Jenkins is waiting for her. He tries to caution her about the Lake. She admits she was tempted, she likes how they are not afraid of magic. He agrees that the world is changing and they may need to reconsider how they deal with magic, but he believes the Lake is not the way to go. He is concerned about Cassandra because now the Lake are aware of her. She tells him that whatever happens she wants him to remember that she chose to stay, that for the first time in her life she feels like she's choosing her own path.

Whatever happens next... please remember that I chose to stay -- Cassandra

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Plot and Character Development

Character Developments

  • Cassandra
    • Speaks Latin
    • Wanted to go to college but couldn't because of her tumor
    • Has got far more control over her hallucinations, she can now summon them at will rather than have them sneak up her
    • Thinks the Library should be a place where people who are curious about magic could go and ask questions and learn, instead of being somewhere that just locks magic away from the world and tries to pretend it doesn't exist.
  • Eve
    • Went to military academy rather than a regular university
    • Doesn't speak Latin
  • Jacob
    • One of his heroes was Professor Roger Bancroft (he learned never the lesson 'never meet your heroes')
    • Is a fan of 18th century landscape gardener Capability Brown
  • Jenkins
    • Doesn't trust The Lake

Season Arc Developments

  • The Library is still broken, artifacts and rooms are still moving and going missing

Artifact / Myth / Bad Guy

  • Artifact - None
  • Magical Myth / Legend - The Lake and The Lady Of The Lake.
  • Big Bad - Hybristic (a creature that's attracted by overt displays of ego or hubris)

Plot Developments

  • The Library has an occult section (as you'd expect) and a French cookbook section
  • It's virtually impossible to return from an alternate reality
  • The Lake (from Arthurian legend presumably) are interested in Cassandra. This worries Jenkins.


  • Eve: So, Peter your mascot just left school?
    Mindy: Sure, happens all the time. Just like every other college, one in five Wexler students just disappear and transfer out in the middle of the night. The usual
    Eve: Actually super unusual
    Mindy: I still don't get why Peter left though. Oh, maybe he found where the volleyball team ended up after that away game. All we found was a bus full of empty clothes. Great prank huh.
  • Jacob: You're... You're denying the existence of Stonehenge?
    Prof Bancroft: No, I am denying the havey-cavey woo-woo people ascribe to what is essentially a giant calendar, you conspiracy theorist dilettante!
  • Jenkins: What did I tell you about looking the gargoyles in the eye? It's like feeding a stray dog, you'll never get rid of it now.
    Ezekiel [covering Stumpy's ears]: Don't talk that way in front of Stumpy, Jenkins.
  • Cassandra: All the Library does is lock up magic and try to tell people that it doesn't exist, when we could be a place where people like Lucy can come for answers and knowledge and... and training
  • Ezekiel: There can't be that many alternate dimensions to research.
    Jenkins: Well, multiply and million by a million and you wouldn't be close.
  • Lucy: We speed it up so fast that there's no charge differential. It'll be like turning an alternating current into a direct current.
    Cassandra: Okay, but with no charge differential, the magnets will stop being fed. But... But by drawing more power from the rift, we run the risk of punching a permanent hole between two worlds.
    Eve: Wow. That is a whole lot of bad crammed into one small sentence.
  • Jacob: You might even be able to take me in a fight.
    Ezekiel: Yeah! I never thought of that. But I absolutely could, right? Yeah, yeah, I mean, I've got a pretty strong right that's pretty mean.
    Jacob: Well, let's figure out how that happened.
  • Cassandra: Who are you?
    Lady Of The Lake: Just people... women chosen, like you. We've been waiting for you for a very long time. When you learned to walk between worlds, you proved ready to take your place in our circle.
    Cassandra: Your circle?
    Lady Of The Lake: Science and magic. Long ago, we of the Lake realized those two practices would eventually become one.
    Cassandra: The Lake. The Lake Forum online. You're looking for people who truly understand magic.
    Lady Of The Lake: And now we invite you to learn with us... study... grow.
    Cassandra: Thank you. But I already have a job.
    Lady Of The Lake: If that is your wish, Cassandra Cillian. But should the tide shift, your place with us will be waiting.
  • Jenkins: There were three ladies. And they took you to the Lake. This is complicated... I take it it wasn't lost on you that they stopped time... like Morgan Le Fay. And that you have now garnered their attention.
    Cassandra: I got to admit... I was tempted by their offer. They're not afraid, like we are.
    Jenkins: The Library has always been prudent. Prudence is not fear.
    Cassandra: But prudence isn't working, Mr. Jenkins. Magic is getting out there, the Library can't stop it. We can't hide it anymore. The Lake... even Lucy... they're not afraid of changing times.
    Jenkins: Miss Cillian... Cassandra. You are not wrong, the world is changing. And there is a debate, older than time, about the best way to deal with magic... but the Lake... I don't know... They've always been ambitious. Now, you need to be on your guard for whatever happens next.
    Cassandra: Whatever happens next. Whatever happens next... please remember that I chose to stay. You know... for the first time, I feel like I'm choosing my life... instead of running after someone else's choices. I like this better.

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  • Writer - Kate Rorick
  • Director - Courtney Rowe
  • Original Air Date (US) - 15 November 2015

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