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2x03 ...And What Lies Beneath The Stones

When Jacob's father's drilling company accidentally releases a Native American shapeshifter, the Librarians must tell a few truths in order to capture it

" They all feed on lies and the chaos wrought by lies. The more lies, the more chaos they can create. " -- Jenkins


Act One

Stone Family Rigging & Pipeline are working on site in Oklahoma whilst outside the site, protestors try to stop them digging on tribal lands. When company owner, Isaac, claims to have all the required permits to resume laying a pipeline, his foreman, Andy, begins work but falls through into a sinkhole, releasing a spirit that makes a duplicate of Andy out of dust.

In the Annex, Cassandra is surprised to find that Jacob is still writing papers under pseudonyms, this time Dr Oliver Thompson. He claims that this is what works best for him and they're names he's built up a reputation on for over 20 years.
The Clipping Book alerts them to the sinkhole in Oklahoma. As Eve and Jenkins are currently trying to understand what is happening to the Library (Jenkins believes rooms are now vanishing as well as moving around), she sends the three Librarians on their own and tells them to work together and to sort out their differences.

Arriving in Oklahoma, the Librarians claim they are there to investigate drawings discovered in the sinkhole that the locals believe are Choctaw. They find the rigging company owner in a bar - Ezekiel and Cassandra and surprised to learn that he is Isaac Stone, Jacob's father.

It's a Choctaw burial ground. It's sacred! There's ancient tribal art under the surface, and they are desecrating it. -- Lyle Munsi

Act Two

Isaac and Jacob are not pleased to see each other and they argue (much to Cassandra and Ezekiel amusement). It appears that Isaac knows nothing of Jacob's academic achievements and believes he is only good for digging holes and getting in fights. Instead of correcting Isaac, Jacob lets him think he drives the truck and he introduces Ezekiel as the expert, Dr Oliver Thompson, and Cassandra as an expert in ultrasonic imagining. Isaac tells Ezekiel that the sinkhole is the result of an old mine and that the drawings on the walls are graffiti done by locals. He reluctantly agrees to let the LIbrarians see for themselves.

They arrive at the sinkhole with Lyle Munsi to represent the Choctaw and find that the hole is about to be filled in. The workers claim Andy ordered it (it was of course duplicate-Andy), Andy (real-Andy) thought that Isaac had given the order. Regardless, Isaac halts the work and takes Ezekiel and Lyle into the caves, while Jacob and Cassandra watch from the surface on a monitor linked to a headcam on Ezekiel's hard hat and a earpiece, so Jacob can feed him information.
Once in the caves, Lyle points out the Choctaw drawings and the trio move further into the caves. On the surface Jacob is telling Cassandra how his father ran the family business into the ground, partly through drink and partly through stubbornness. Cassandra though is distracted by the images from Ezekiel's headcam, she thinks the dimensions of the caves are wrong somehow. Jacob believes they're older than Choctaw, they appear Athabaskan to him. A painting of a large snake confirms this theory for him. In the caves, Isaac is telling Ezekiel lies about how he was going to make Jacob a partner in the family business. Behind Isaac a swirl of dust changes into a duplicate of him. Lights in the caves suddenly blow out and the trio run for the exit. Lyle reaches the main cave first and is knocked unconscious by duplicate-Isaac.
On the surface, Isaac claims that Lyle probably ran into the rocks, but Cassandra and Ezekiel aren't convinced that Isaac didn't attack Lyle, and neither is the local sheriff.

We've encountered more accidents where the seemingly guilty party is nowhere near the actual accident. Also, Stone's father is here. -- Cassandra

While Jacob goes in search of his father, Cassandra calls the Annex to update Eve and Jenkins on developments. Behind Cassandra and Ezekiel a duplicate of Cassandra is created out the dust. Real-Cassandra and Ezekiel split up to search for Jacob, but a minute or so later Ezekiel encounters duplicate-Cassandra, who sends him to search in a different place, a moment later he meets with real-Cassandra. Realizing something strange is occurring, they decide to call on Jenkins.

After arguing with his father, Jacob returns to the construction site and meets duplicate-Cassandra. She has no sympathy for the mess he is in with his family, saying he brought it on himself. He's dealing with a world of lies that he created. She refuses to help him look for Ezekiel, telling him he is on his own as always. As Jacob walks away from duplicate-Cassandra, she sees the explosives store and breaks into it.

Act Three

In the Annex, Jenkins is explaining about shapeshifters to real-Cassandra, Ezekiel and Eve. Shapeshifters feed on lies and the chaos caused by lies, the more lies they encounter, the more chaos they create. The shapeshifter will gather strength as it feeds on the lies at the construction site and in the town, until it is strong enough to move on somewhere bigger. If it's left to it's own devices the consequences will be catastrophic - the French Revolution, Jenkins claims, was caused by a shapeshifter being invited to a party.

Back in the town, Cassandra and Ezekiel find Jacob alone in the bar. They tell him about the shapeshifter theory and Jacob realizes he has been so caught up in his own problems that he missed the signs - the shapeshifter is a Hoklonote, a Native American Trickster God. As they talk, there's an explosion outside, the rush out of the bar and discover that someone has blown up the sheriff's car, as she accuses Lyle of being the bomber his car explodes. The chaos caused by the Hoklotone is escalating.

Never believe that slop about the pen being mightier than the sword -- Jenkins

The Librarians arrive back at the construction site in time to see duplicate-Cassandra climbing into the sinkhole. They follow but the Hoklotone has vanished. Now she can see the caves for herself, real-Cassandra can tell that as she suspected earlier, the dimensions are wrong. She calculates that there is a hidden passage behind one of the walls, the one with the large snake drawn on it. When Jacob touches the center of the coiled snake, the wall crumbles and a door at the end of a short passage opens to reveal a small chamber with drawings of beasts held against their will on the walls. Jacob realizes that this is a cage, this is where the Hoklonote was being held.

Suddenly the Hoklonote appears in the doorway behind them. It confirms that this was its cage, it was held there for a thousand years until Isaac lied about the permits and dug where he wasn't supposed to, that lie set the Hoklonote free. It now has the strength it needs to leave the town. It vanishes, closing and locking the door as it goes, trapping the Librarians in its cage. Realizing that the only way to open the door is with the truth, Jacob admits that he thought it may have been his father who attacked Lyle, but he lied because he didn't want Isaac to know he thought he was a failure. The door begins to unlock. Ezekiel admits that he once worked for MI6. The locks opens a little more. Cassandra reveals that when doctors told her that her tumor was terminal, she decided on the day she would die. The locks releases and the door opens. Jacob leaves to find the Hoklonote while Cassandra and Ezekiel remain in the cage, telling truths to keep the door open.

Ezekiel Jones stole for Her Majesty's Secret Service. I'm not proud of it, but it's the truth. -- Ezekiel

Act Four

On the surface, Jacob finds the workers preparing to blast the sinkhole on Isaac's orders. Jacob attempts to make Isaac see sense, but loses his temper with his father. He tells him the truth; he is genius, speaks 8 languages and reads a dozen more, has honorary degrees at several universities and is the worlds leading art expert when it comes to spotting a fake. He could never have told Isaac any of this because Isaac would never accept any accomplishment that didn't involve the family business. Isaac is stunned. He tells Jacob that he loves him and then hugs his son. Jacob though knows that Isaac would never do that and realizes that this is the Hoklonote. He grabs hold of duplicate-Isaac and throws them both into the sinkhole.

Down in the cave, the Hoklonote turns into Cassandra and hits Jacob, before turning into Ezekiel and taunting Jacob that Jacob would never hit a friend. Jacob counters that he would as he knows they are all the Hoklonote. The shapeshifter transforms into Jacob and the two exchange blows before Jacob starts telling some truths and gains the upper hand, wrestling the Hoklonote to the ground and knocking him unconscious.

My daddy always taught me if you're gonna fight the devil, you got to bring him in close. 'Cause you can't take him to the ground unless you get ahold of him first. -- Jacob

Meanwhile in the cage, Cassandra is keeping the door open by telling some strange truths of her own (she has a fear of ravioli, hates babies and always wanted to be Vietnamese). Jacob arrives with the unconscious Hoklonote (still disguised as Jacob). To prove he's the real Jacob, he reveals that he left them in Peru because he was worried he couldn't do the job and didn't want them to see him fail. One of the snake drawings comes to life and wraps itself around the Hoklonote. Cassandra admits that she left them because she wanted to prove she could work alone, really though she would rather be in a team. A second snake comes to life and binds the Hoklonote.

The LIbrarians leave the cage, the door locks behind them. On the surface, Jacob tells his father that he no longer cares if Isaac knows the truth about him. He leaves with Cassandra and Ezekiel and they return to the Annex.

Act Five

Back in the Annex, it seems that Jenkins and Eve have had a bet on whether all three Librarians would return, Jenkins lost. Jenkins is impressed though that they contained the Hoklonote. Eve is impressed that the three of them worked together and appear to have sorted out their differences.

Later that evening, Jenkins finds Jacob working in the Annex. The two have a short heart to heart about fathers and families - Jenkins commenting that fathers and sons is never an easy dynamic. He tells Jacob that he's been places and done things that he shouldn't, but that while no one can help where they come from only where they end up. He quotes Jacob - "family aint easy".

As Jenkins leaves the Annex, Jacob changes the author name on the paper he's writing from Dr Oliver Thompson to Dr. Jacob Stone.

I've walked places I should never have gone. I have seen things and done things... My point being... We cannot help where we come from, but we can choose how it manifests itself. -- Jenkins

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Plot and Character Development

Character Developments

  • Ezekiel:
    • believes in poltergeists
    • Once worked as a thief for MI6
  • Cassandra:
    • decided that she won't let her tumor control her death. She will die on her own terms and has chosen the day she will die.
    • Once stole the sheet music from her grade school music class
    • Has a fear of ravioli
    • Hates babies
    • Always wanted to be Vietnamese
    • Is a fan of Firefly (or of Nathan Fillion)
    • Can calculate the size of sets in TV shows based on the actors height and how many steps it takes them to walk across the set
  • Flynn:
    • Still away hunting the Library's missing artifacts
  • Jacob:
    • Has seven fake identities
    • Still publishing papers under the fake identities
    • Father owns a rigging and drilling company
    • Taught himself to read Greek text
    • His father doesn't know about his academic achievements and believes he is only good for digging holes and chasing women
    • Speaks 8 languages and reads over a dozen more
    • Holds honorary degrees at universities on 4 continents
  • Jenkins:
    • Has a 'tell' when he's worried about something (according to Eve)

Season Arc Developments

  • The Library is still broken, now entire rooms appear to not just be moving but vanishing as well

Artifact / Myth / Bad Guy

  • Artifact - none
  • Magical Myth / Legend - Hoklonote and shapeshifters in general
  • Big Bad - Hoklonote

Plot Developments

  • The Library has a large animal room, the Loch Ness Monster is one of it's inhabitants
  • Another mention of the locked room with no key
  • Rooms in the Library often to rearrange themselves, but always with some sort of order not randomly like they are at the moment


  • Ezekiel: Movies are just books with better pictures and less of those words and stuff.
  • Eve: How bad is it?
    Jenkins: I am concerned.
    Eve: Oh, you're past concerned. You have a tell when you're very upset. There it is.
    Jenkins: Well, I admit I've never heard of anything happening like this in the history of the library. I mean, rooms rearrange but always with some order, not this random jumble. I would venture to say that some rooms may actually be missing
  • Isaac: I hope you didn't come back here sniffing around looking for a job, Jake, cos if you did you're out of luck, I'm all crewed up.
    Ezekiel [to Cassandra]: I thought the whole bad dad thing...
    Cassandra: Shush, I want to hear every word of this.
  • Jacob: We're the eggheads
    Isaac: Unless they're handing out degrees for chasing women and digging holes, you aint much of an expert on anything, son.
    Cassandra [to Ezekiel]: This is like the best reality show ever. 'Stoned Again'
    Ezekiel: 'Stone Age'
    Cassandra: 'Family Stone'
  • Jacob: Family aint easy
    Cassandra: I know. I just would have thought lying about who you are for all these years would have been more complicated.
    Jacob: Trust me, seven fake identities, it's easier than one honest conversation with him
  • Eve: Still nothing on that locked room in the basement.
    Jenkins: Yes, I thought for a moment that the large animal room had moved...
    Eve: Wait, what? Large animal room, just how large are we talking?
    Jenkins: Oh, I guess Nessie is probably the largest animal down there.
  • Jenkins: What we're dealing with is not your classic villain with an obvious endgame of world domination or soul possession or removing the letter "r" from the English language.
  • Ezekiel: How could you tell from a video?
    Cassandra: You know that thing, where you're watching TV and you subconsciously compute the size of the sets based on the height of the actor and the number of steps it takes them to walk the width of them? Like, how Nathan Fillion is 6'2", takes him 43 steps to walk across the Serenity, so you know that the spaceship is 204 feet across.
    Ezekiel: No. No one knows that thing.
  • Hoklonote: I was in this prison for a thousand years, sealed away from the mouths of men, starving without a lie to feed on, but then your father dug where he wasn't supposed to and set me free with that first lie.
  • Cassandra: Colonel Baird mentioned that you have another FBI file.
    Jacob: You were in the FBI?
    Ezekiel: Do I sound like a Yank? I was recruited into MI6 after my first big score. Happy now? Ezekiel Jones stole for Her Majesty's Secret Service.
  • Jacob [to Isaac]: I'm a genius, pop. I'm a genius. I speak nine different languages and I can read over a dozen more. I have honorary degrees at universities on four different continents. I'm the first one they call when they discover a new piece of art, and I'm the one they're scared to call because I'm the best in the world at discovering a fake. And I didn't tell you because I knew that you'd see anything less than chasing the family the business as a betrayal. Even though I don't want this life, I couldn't life with the fact that that's the way you'd feel. I'm sorry I lied to you all those years.
  • Hoklonote: I'm much stronger than you. I'm still feeding off your lies, Jacob Stone. Or is it Dr. Oliver Thompson? Or James McKelvie? Or the... the Celtic history expert Griffin Griffould? I bet you can't even pronounce...
    Jacob: I'm afraid! I'm afraid to use my real name! Because then I can't pretend it's my father's fault anymore. I could live with being a failure in my old life. But I was too afraid to be a failure in my new one.
  • Cassandra [telling truths to Ezekiel to keep the door open]:... and any woman who says she hasn't is lying. I have an irrational fear of ravioli. I always wanted to be Vietnamese. Oh and I hate babies. Like, I hate them...
    Ezekiel [as Jacob enters with the Hoklonote] Oh thank God!
  • Jenkins: Fathers and sons, complicated dynamic.
    Jacob: That's, uh... that's one way to put it, Jenkins
    Jenkins: Mr Stone... I've walked places I should never have gone. I have seen things and done things... my point being... We cannot help where we come from, but we can choose how it manifests itself.
    Jacob: You're saying, what we're made up of is different than what we're made of.
    Jenkins: I'm saying family aint easy. But then again, neither is anything else.

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  • Writer - Alexa Alemanni & Joe Boothe
  • Director - Marc Roskin
  • Original Air Date (US) - 8 November 2015

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