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2x02 And The Broken Staff

Prospero and Moriaty are in the Library, can the Librarians stop them from reaching the Tree Of Knowledge?

" Knowledge isn't old or gnarled or knotted. It's young, always growing. That's the thing about knowledge. No matter how much you think you have, there's always room to grow. " -- Flynn


Continues straight after ...And The Drowned Book

Act One

In the Library's Reading Room, Prospero emerges from The Tempest and summons Moriaty from his book. Prospero demonstrates that he is the one with the power, being the first of the Fictionals, by using magic to attack Moriaty.

Meanwhile in the Annex, Flynn is running a meeting to explain Fictionals and Prospero, the others are a little bored as they already know most of what he's telling them. Once the meeting ends Flynn and Eve travel to England to the ruins of the house of John Dee, where Flynn thinks the staff could be buried. Back in Portland, while Jacob and Ezekiel check the card catalog for any references to Prospero and staffs, and Cassandra checks the magic tomes, Jenkins enters to the Library to retreive their original The Tempest.

We didn't beat Prospero. He got away, and he got his book. -- Flynn

Prospero discovers that the magic in the Library is causing Ariel problems and she cannot lead him where he wants to go. He needs someone else to guide him through the Library, he thinks he's found that person when Jenkins enters the Reading Room. On seeing Prospero and Moriaty, Jenkins activates the Library's security system.

Act Two

Flynn and Eve are exploring the ruins of the estate of John Dee, friend of Shakepeare who was also a wizard. Shakespeare used to put on plays for his friends at Dee's residence and Flynn believes if Prospero's staff is buried anywhere it would be here.. To ensure that the pieces of the staff were never discovered, Shakepere would have had Dee protect them with a passcode - words that would have never been spoken on the stage, Macbeth. As Flynn says the word, writing appears on the stage floor "Swear by his sword" - words are usually spoken from beneath the stage.

Back in the Annex, Jacob and Ezekiel are getting nowhere searching the card catalogue, partly because Ezekiel doesn't know how to use a card catalogue. Jacob decides to go and find Jenkins, but discovers the doors from the Annex to the Library have been locked, as he tries the doors alarms start to sound. Ezekiel knows that this is an alpha level alert, a basic intruder lockdown - he may not be able to use a card catalogue, but has read the security manual. They guess that the only reason Jenkins would lockdown the Library is if an intruder was in there with him.

In the Library, Jenkins is amused that Prospero and Moriaty think they can use threats and magic against him. Moriaty deduces who Jenkins really is - a former knight of the Round Table. Still, Jenkins refuses to lead them to the staff, but Prospero isn't looking for his old staff, he intends making a new one from the Tree Of Knowledge, which is in the Heart Of The Library. Jenkins explains that even if he wanted to, he couldn't lead them to the Heart because it doesn't exist on the same extra-dimensional plain as the Library. He probably shouldn't have told them that, as Prospero now knows how to make Ariel find the Heart. He freezes Jenkins in a block of ice before leaving with Moriaty. On their way out Prospero releases Frankenstein's monster and the Queen of Hearts from their books, to slow down anyone who tries to follow them.

The heart of the Library doesn't even exist on the same extradimensional plane as the Library itself -- Jenkins

Act Three

Back in the Annex, Jacob wants to break the door down with an axe, Ezekiel tells him not to bother. This level of security alert has an override, they just need to visit the local public library to find the passcode. Once there, they discover the book they need, the Complete Works Of Shakespeare, has just been checked out by a young girl, she lets them have the book but charges them $75 for it (something Ezekiel approves of).

In England, Eve and Flynn have found a box hidden under the stage. It's locked, there are two dials on the top along with the words, 'the guns bind gab' - Eve guesses it's an anagram, which they crack, it's actually 'things bad begun' - Eve quotes the entire line - 'things bad begun, make strong themselves will ill', she was in Macbeth in high school. It's from act 3, scene 2 (making the code 3 2). The box opens but inside is nothing but a note from a previous Librarian, 'Not yet but soon and long ago. I pray your journey does not end in woe. The Librarian'. Eve and Flynn realise the staff must be in the Library.

Eve and Flynn return to the Library as the other Librarians find the passcode is 'Portent', and end the lockdown. They enter the Library and find Jenkins still frozen in the block of ice. While the Librarians debate ways to release him, Eve breaks the ice with a statue. Jenkins explains that Prospero is looking for the Tree Of Knowledge in the Heart of the Library. If Prospero manages to make a new staff out of that tree he will be all powerfull. He also explains that there could be a small problem when it comes to getting to the Heart. Although there is an elevator that can take them to it, he's not sure where it is as rooms and corridors in the Library have been moving around since its return. Flynn's not happy this is the first he's hearing about this. Jenkins points out that whilst they might not know how to reach the Heart, Prospero will be able to use Ariel to guide him there.

Jenkins has been making maps of the Library, studying them Eve notes that three rooms have never shifted. The Annex is always in the same place, as is the antiquities room (the oldest room in this incarnation of the Library) and the reading room. They can use these rooms to triangulate the position of the other rooms, using magical surveying equipment they normally use to track ley lines. They split up; Jenkins and Cassandra will anchor the Annex, Flynn and Ezekiel the anqtiuities room and Eve and Stone will take the reading room.

The job's not all about obscure knowledge, people. -- Eve

Using Judson's mirror as a monitor, Jenkins can keep track of Prospero's journey through the Library and is alarmed to see that Ariel has found the elevator to the Heart Of The Library for Prospero. Jenkins admits to Cassandra that he didn't tell anyone the Library was damaged because he thought it was that the Library didn't trust him like it had trusted Judson.

Act Four

Flynn and Ezekiel discover that whilst the Antiquities Room is in the right place, the Greek and Roman wings have become jumbled and now the spears of Aries and Mars are too close to each othe, the helmets of Hermes and Mercury are almost touching and the lightning bolt of Zeus is out of its case. They need to fix this before they can anchor the room. Flynn dresses Ezekiel up in Greek armour and assures him it'll keep him safe while he moves the lightning rod - Ezekiel isn't reasured by Flynn hiding behind a ststue, but he does successfully move the rod, which shrinks down to a pocket sized item that Flynn keeps hold of. They're not safe yet though. Frankenstein's monster has found his way from the Reading Room and attacks them. He hates those who fear him and call him a monster because of how he looks. Ezekiel reasures him that the world has moved on, now there is plastic surgery - he doesn't need to look like he does. As Flynn sets up the surveying equipment, Ezekiel shows Frankenstein's monster an online dating app.

In the reading room, Jacob and Eve are attacked by the Queen of Hearts. They decide, seeing as Alice didn't defeat the Queen in the book, they only way they can get rid of the Queen is through a looking glass. While Jacob distracts the Queen, Eve collects the reading lamps. She sets the lamps up around a glass cabinet, switches the lights off and transforms the cabinet into a mirror, causing the Queen to vanish.

All the survey equipment is now set up and active. The energy from the ley lines points the equipment to the Heart of the Library. Eve and Flynn enter the Heart, which looks a lot like a forest, making it difficult to spot the Tree of Knowledge. Prospero has Ariel though and the Sprite guides him and Moriaty through the forest. Eve and Flynn see him and follow. Flynn spots the Tree of Knowledge. He goes and leans on a tree, when Prospero and Moriaty pause to gloat, Eve steal the pocket watch containing Ariel, Moriaty gives chase. When Eve reaches a cliff edge she stops and threatens to drop Ariel off the edge, knowing that the cliff is the one thing that will kill Moriaty. He pleads with her that he has to obey Prospero, the older Fictional holds his book and can destroy him whenever he wants. He has nothing to lose, if he returns to Prospero without Ariel Prospero will kill him, so he may as well take a chance and fight Eve for the watch which could end up killing her or both of them. She gives him the watch and he vanishes.

This whole forest is designed to protect the Tree of Knowledge. -- Flynn

Flynn points out to Prospero that without Ariel he will never find the Tree of Knowledge. Flynn though has chosen one particular tree to stand in front of and block Prospero's way to. Prospero knocks Flynn out of his way and approaches the tree, he breaks off a branch and pronounces it his new staff. Magic eminates from the staff. Flynn still has Zeus's Lightning Bolt in his pocket. He takes it out and activates it, throwing it at the tree. The Tree ignites, along with the new staff. Prospero vows to find another artifact to make his new staff from, with that he vanishes. Flynn watches as the tree burns.

Eve finds Flynn sitting by the burned remains of the tree. She's stunned that he destroyed the Tree of Knowledge to stop Prospero. Turns out he didn't destroy the Tree of Knowledge. He has no idea what the tree he burned was, he hopes it wasn't an important one (they agree never to mention it to Jenkins). But the tree of Knowledge isn't a venerable ancient tree, but a small sappling a few feet away that's still healthy and strong. Knowledge, Flynn tells Eve, is young and always growing.

Act Five

Back in the Annex, Jenkins has locked down the Reading Room so no more Fictionals will be breaking in that way. The Queen of Hearts is back in her book and Frankenstein's monster is out in the world. The Library though is still misbehaving - rooms are still moving around, artifacts are still missing. And no matter what the note they found at Dee's house says, there's no record anywhere of a past Librarian having located Prospero's Staff.

Flynn wants them to concentrate on finding the missing artifacts. Eve thinks they need to concentrate on securing the Library. They agree that he'll leave, go on his own as he prefers and search for the artifacts. She should stay in the Library and prepare for the battle to come with Prospero. As Flynn leaves he asks Jenkins to take care of Eve.

The other Librarians join Eve and Jenkins. Ezekiel offers to overhaul the Library's security system. Cassandra's going to make a complete Library inventory. Jacob will take care of anything that comes up in the Clipping Book. The team is back together.

Well, I'd love to say all's well that ends well, but this is hardly ended. -- Flynn

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Plot and Character Development

Character Developments

  • Eve:
    • Was in a Shakespere play in high school, she played Lady Macbeth
  • Ezekiel:
    • Doesn't know how to use a card catalogue.
    • Has read the Library's secrutiy manual - he always reads buildings' security manuals
    • Trusts Jenkins not to betray them
  • Flynn:
    • Wanted to be an actor, he auditioned for Hamlet in high school but ended up as stage manager.
    • Even though there are now 4 Librarians, everyone (including Jenkins and Eve) still appear to consider Flynn to be the leader.
    • Can solve a Rubik's Cube in 6 seconds.
    • Still doesn't play well with others and would rather work on his own (or just with Eve).
    • Prefers to keep running rather than stay still and plan
  • Jenkins:
    • Has been tortured (and threatened, bullied, bothered, grilled and menaced)
    • No one knows the Library as well as Jenkins does
    • Doesn't believe the Library trusts him to take care of it

Season Arc Developments

  • Since its return, something has been wrong with the Library - artifacts have been going missing, corridors and rooms have been moving around.
  • There's a locked room in the Library that no one can find a key for.

Artifact / Myth / Bad Guy

  • Artifact - none
  • Magical Myth / Legend - Fictionals
  • Big Bad - Prospero and Moriaty

Plot Developments

  • The Tree of Knowledge is in the Heart Of the Library.
  • The Heart of the Library exists in it's own extra-dimemsional plain, separate from the rest of the Library
  • The Library has three anchored points - the antiquities room (the original part of the Library), the Annex (the Library's connection to reality) and the Reading Room (the iconic image of a library).
  • The Library's security system has several alert levels, from the lowest Alpha Level Arert which has a back door to override it (and which Jenkins used in this episode) to the highest Omega Level Alert (which according to Ezekiel can incinerate intruders)
  • The Antiquities Hall is the oldest part of the library, it's the room that the rest of the library is built around
  • Judson's mirror can be used as a kind of CCTV monitor
  • Roman and Greek artifacts must never be allowed close to each other
  • Meeting yourself in the Mirrorlands would be very very bad (like matter and antimatter meeting)


  • Jenkins: I'm sorry. It's just that I usually do the briefings. You usually do the rapid fire conclusions, dramatic reveals, and all the running about.
  • Prospero [to Moriaty]: I am the first of the Fictionals. I summoned you. I control you. Remember that.
  • Flynn: I auditioned for Hamlet in high school and I killed it.
    Eve: Did you get the part?
    Flynn: I did... not, I was stage manager but I would have been amazing.
  • Stone: Just cross reference staff with broken.
    Ezekiel: How? It's not like it's a search engine.
    Stone: What do you mean how... you don't know to use a card catalogue?
    Ezekiel: It's the 21st century. I don't know how to shoe a horse either.
  • Cassandra: That's the only way into the Library, there's no intruders in here.
    Ezekiel: Unless they're already inside and they're trying to keep us out.
    Cassandra: The only person inside is Mr Jenkins, why would he want to lock us out?
    Jacob: Because somebody's in there with him. Prospero, he brought the fight to us.
  • Jenkins: I will not aid you.
    Moriaty: As a fellow gentleman of interlect I'd suggest you co-operate, it'll go easier on you.
    Jenkins [amused]: Oh, please. You know I usually resist playing this card, at least in supernatural circles. Do you know who I am?
    Moriaty: You've a trace of an accent that you hide well, but not completely. Something between Germanic and Celtic, suggesting an ancient Briton. From your stature and the shaking of your fingers on your sword hand, the way you stand here unafraid, I venture to say you're a man of action. A noted one. The logical deduction would be, you're a Knight of the Round Table, or were. A former knight, yes?
    Jenkins: Umm, well my point though is - I've been threatened, tortured, bullied, bothered, grilled, menaced, long since before you two were even a glimmer in your writers ink pots. I will never lead you to your staff.
  • Ezekiel: If I can't get those doors open, no one can.
    Jacob: We got to do something, alright. Prospero has got Jenkins, nobody know the the Library like him.
    Ezekiel: Jenkins would never help him.
    Cassandra: Well he got Jenkins to lock us out, maybe he's able to control him somehow.
    Ezekiel: I highly doubt that. This is an Alpha alert, the lowest level of security. If Prospero did have Jenkins under control, he'd have set off an Omega alert, which means you wouldn't be ablout to chop down that door, you'd be a big pile of ash in a nice set of work boots.
  • Jenkins: Ever since the Library returned it's been off.
    Flynn: Off, how?
    Jenkins: Rooms missings, corridors unaccounted for. I've tried mapping it but it's unstable, changing without any warning. And then there are the missing artifacts.
    Flynn: The Library's missing artifacts?
    Jenkins: Sixteen at last count.
  • Cassandra: If you didn't tell us something was off with the Library, I'm sure you had a good reason.
    Jenkins: A reason, yes. A good one... I thought it was me. Judson always kept the Library in such ship shape, I didn't want anybody to know that I couldn't. I thought, oh you know, I'll keep it quiet, then I'll have a bit of time to figure it out. Get the Library to trust me like it did Judson. Now, ego... Miss Cillian, ego and fear were my reasons.
  • Cassandra: When this happens in the movies, don't they try to override the elevator or something?
    Jenkins: They do yes, but in the movies the elevators were made after the Reformation.
  • Eve: I want you to stop and think. God, this is always the way with you.
    Flynn: Yeah. This is always the way with me, for eleven years, longer than any other LIbrarian, it's been my way. You don't mess with what's working.
    Eve: But is isn't working, not for me
  • Prospero: You destroyed the Tree of Knowledge just to stop me? What kind of Librarian art thou?!
    Flynn: The kind who knows that sometimes you have to turn your back on power.
  • Eve: Tree of Knowledge... gone.
    Flynn: What? Don't be crazy. That's not the Tree of Knowledge. That's the Tree of Knowledge. [Points to a small sappling] See, knowledge isn't old or gnarled or knotted. It's young, always growing. That's the thing about knowledge. No matter how much you think you have, there's always room to grow.
    Eve: You made Prospero think the tree was destroyed so...
    Flynn: So that he'd give up. Defeated a Fictional with fiction.
    Eve: Good plan, Librarian.
    Flynn: Just don't remember what that tree was. I think it was important.
    Eve: Yeah, it looks important.
    Flynn: Let's not tell Jenkins.
    Eve: We won't. Secret's safe with me.
  • Flynn: Our prioties are clear, we're going after the artifacts.
    Eve: Our prioty is the Library. It's broken, the defences are down, we need to tend to the home front.
    Flynn: Did you see that list, there's like sixteen things on it, and those are just the ones that we know about. They're out there, they're dangerous; Prospero looked me in the eye and said 'I'm going after more powerful objects'. We go after the artificats.
    Eve: Without a safe Library to put them in, what's the point in finding them?
    Flynn: Without the artifacts, what's the point of the Library?
    [They both look to Jenkins]
    Jenkins: Well, I'm... I'm... excuse me, I'll go and take care of my desperately not wanting to be here.
  • Flynn: Make sure she takes care of herself.
    Jenkins: What makes you think I have any control over what she does, sir? But I'll do my best. Good luck.

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  • Writer - Alexa Alemanni, Joe Boothe & Holly Moyer
  • Director - Marc Roskin
  • Original Air Date (US) - 1 November 2015

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