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2x01 ...And The Drowned Book

for three months The Librarians have been out on their own, solving their own cases, now they are all called back together to stop a new more powerful threat.

"I did those deeds because my author wrote it thus. He gave me life, and then he stripped me of my power to end his foul tale. Shakespeare broke my staff. He drowned my book. He left me cursed to wander through the centuries alone and weak... My author's dead, and magic's back. Know this, I write my own ending!"-- Prospero


Act One

It has been three months since the events in And The Loom Of Fate, and nine months since magic returned to the world. The Librarians have been solving their own individual cases, with Jacob, Cassandra and Ezekiel seeming reluctant to work together.

The Clippings Books send all the Librarians to the New York Museum of History on their own cases. Flynn and Eve are investigating an exhibition of a recently discovered Italian shipwreck and its cargo, the Isola Perdula which sank in the Mediterranean in the 1600s, being organized by a Professor James Worth. Cassandra has been sent to investigate a new weather sonar located on the museum's roof. Ezekiel is looking for a pair of earrings belonging to the ship's original owners. Jacob is there to find a chess set from Milan that has recently been donated to the museum.

You know, just once it would be nice to come to a major city when we're not trying to defeat existential magic evil -- Eve

A sudden storm forces everyone to stay inside the museum and the evacuation of the weather station. Once alone in the weather station, Cassandra listens to the sonar and decides the storm sounds sad. She finds a voice hidden inside the storm which says, 'Master, I have done thy bidding. Master I have brought the storm'. Jacob meanwhile has located the chess set, but leaves one piece behind. Ezekiel doesn't have any luck with the Italian heiress wearing the earrings, but Cassandra persuades her to remove them so she can listen to the storm. Unfortunately when the Librarians leave the room, they forget the earrings. The chess piece and earrings are collected by Terry the janitor.

Flynn offers to Professor James Worth identify some of the more obscure objects which are being stored in the museum's archive room. One of the items is a box, locked with a magic sigil, that was shipped from London in 1611 and was to be sent to a monastery in Rome. Professor Worth joins Flynn in the archive room, he seems panicked to see that Flynn has a book which Terry the janitor had dropped earlier, a copy of Sherlock Holmes, but the pages are blank. Flynn guesses, from Worth's reaction to the book, that he is actually a Fictional - a character from the book brought to life. At first he assumes that Worth is Sherlock Holmes (and gets a little fanboying over him). Eve though has learned that it was Worth who ensured the artifacts the Clippings Books had sent them to locate ended up at the museum together. She arrives at the archive room in time to prevent Worth from attacking Flynn with a sword and Worth admits that he is actually James Moriarty. Eve and Flynn leave Moriarty tied to a chair and go to find the other Librarians.

Jenkins explains there are two kinds of Fictionals - ones like Moriarty who are summoned my magic from their books, and older more powerful ones who can leave their books under their own power. If someone summoned Moriarty, it's likely there's another Fictional at the party, one who is far more dangerous and is most likely trying to gather items from his own story to gain more power.

Flynn works out that the artifacts - the Italian ship, the pearl earrings from Milan, the chess set also from Milan and a storm summoned by a spirit can only mean one older fictional is controlling events - Prospero, Shakespeare's magician from the Tempest.

Fictionals. They stay to themselves. Pulled from books into a world they do not understand. They tend not to adjust well. -- Jenkins

On the museum's roof, Terry the janitor is using the chess piece Jacob located and the earrings Ezekiel was trying to obtain to open the box Flynn had found earlier. Terry, it turns out is actually Prospero and the box contains his drowned book. Flynn finds him on the roof, tells him he has to obey the rules of his story - he drowned his book and broke his staff. Prospero counters that Shakespeare did that, not him. His story was written when magic was dying, but when magic came back some of his power returned. Just enough power to enable him to summon Moriarty who helped him find the items he needed to regain more of his power and helped him find his sprite Ariel. He claims that now magic is back he can ignore his story and write his own ending. He knocks Flynn unconscious and calls to Ariel who descends from the storm she created for him and into his pocket watch. As Moriarty arrives on the roof, Ariel opens a portal and they escape through it.

Act Two

Back in the Annex, Cassandra is explaining that the storm is now so powerful that even when it finally dissipates it will create tornadoes to release it's energy. They need to find another way to end it before it destroys New York. Flynn and Jenkins discuss various artifacts that may be able to end the hurricane but none will work. Cassandra thinks if they can get enough heat into the storm it would break up. It would take an enormous amount of heat though, fortunately they have a second sun stored in the sunroom of course (the sun is a nemesis star trapped by Einstein and Feynman in 1952). While Cassandra calculates the thermal energy required, Ezekiel uses a backdoor phone app he's made to create a second back door a few rooms down from the sunroom.

The plan is - Stone and Jenkins, wearing heatproof suits, will open the doors to the rooms (Stone opens the sunroom door, the solar flare will bounce off Judson's mirror, Jenkins opens the second back door which is linked to a door in the Statue of Liberty, to allow the flare to travel up through the Statue of Liberty and up into the storm). Cassandra and Ezekiel will monitor the storm from the weather station in the museum in New York, while Eve and Flynn will set up a tesla hoop on the Statue of Liberty to deflect the energy straight up into the storm. As the plan takes effect the storm dissipates safely and the weather returns to normal and the door to the sunroom is closed. While the other Librarians decide they work better together, Flynn thinks he should have followed Prospero on his own. Eve tries to convince him that the others need him and for now they agree to find Prospero together.

We're all in one piece. And the innocents are saved. Take the win. -- Eve

Continued in And The Broken Staff...

A Few Images

  • Moriarty and Prospero Jenkins Eve Baird and Flynn Carsen

Plot and Character Development

Character Developments

  • Ezekiel has created a phone app to control the back door and an app for his clippings book.
  • Flynn did his graduate work at the Museum of History in New York.
  • Jacob and Cassandra both agree that it was a mistake for the Librarians to go their separate ways, Ezekiel however appears to be happy with working alone (even if he does need Jacob's assistance)

Season Arc Developments

  • Fictionals are introduced - characters pulled from literature and brought to live in our world. Most require someone to summon them, but older more powerful and iconic ones can appear in our world under their own power. Moriarty is the former, Prospero the latter.
  • Fictionals are almost immortal, but they can be killed in the manner they died in their original stories.
  • There appears to be something wrong with the Library: Artifacts are disappearing or activating themselves; Book cases are moving around on their own.

Artifact / Myth / Bad Guys

  • Artifact - none actually collected but missed were: Gli Occhi Scintillanti earrings, a chess set from Milan and Prospero's spell book
  • Magical Myth / Legend / Story - Fictionals
  • Big Bad - Prospero and Moriarty

Plot Developments

  • It's now 9 months since they all met and magic returned to the world.
  • The Librarians have all been working alone since the Loom of Fate, 3 month earlier.
  • The Librarians work better together than alone, they need each other's skills, even if they can't admit it.
  • The Library has a second sun stored in the sunroom - actually it's a nemesis star trapped by Einstein and Feynman in 1952, using technology from the Roswell project (which had nothing to do with aliens)
  • The Library also has a Land Of Giants, a Lost Jungle Kingdom, a hive of giant bees...
  • Thor's Hammer is stored in the Library, as is Zeus's Lightning Bolt


  • Flynn: Eve, trust me, they'll never know we were here.
    <a short while later... as Flynn and Eve are chased by angry villagers>
    Flynn: They know we were here!
    Eve: They probably noticed when you made the volcano erupt.
  • Stone: Jenkins, listen when I get back we'll grab a beer... or mead or...
  • Jenkins: Put aside your logic and mathematics for a moment.
    Cassandra: What, no. I like my math and logic. They help me sleep at night, they're like a teddy bear. I mean, like a teddy bear made of isosceles triangles and electrons.
  • Jenkins: Moriarty had help. There are two types of fictionals. Someone summoned him from this book, they called him into this world.
    Flynn: And the other kind?
    Jenkins: Much older, much more powerful. Iconic characters who stories are so well told, so famous, so well written that they emerge into this reality under their own power. They walk among us. Mostly hidden and not very many of them.
    Flynn: So there's another fictional at the party. I just have to figure out who.
    Jenkins: Sir, beware. Fictional are bound but also empowered by their stories. You can trap them within the rules of their own tale, but they can be extremely powerful if their narrative matches the real world. Your mystery villain may be trying to gather parts of his story to gain strength.
  • Flynn: Prospero, you don't have to do this. You renounced your magic, you drowned your book, you broke your staff.
    Prospero: I did those things because my author wrote it thus. He gave me life and then he stripped me of my power, to end his foul tale. Shakespeare broke my staff, he drowned my book, he left me cursed to wander through the centuries alone.
    Flynn: But you still have to play by the rules of your story
    Prospero: A story writ when magic was dying. Almost gone. When magic came back, magic returned into the ley lines that surrounded the world. I had wandered for centuries as a mere human, but that night my power came back.
  • Flynn: It'd take a second sun... I totally forgot
    Jenkins: You remember...
    Flynn and Jenkins: We have one of those.
    Stone: We have a sun?
    Jenkins: Yes. In the sunroom. What else would one store in a sunroom?
    Eve: Magazines, cosy chairs, mimosas?
  • Ezekiel: I though Roswell was aliens?
    Flynn: It's never aliens!
  • Stone: We were alright, we were fine, for the 3 months we were on our own...
    Cassandra: But we weren't fine. We weren't okay. I don't even know why we went our separate ways.
    Ezekiel: It just happens to people...
    Cassandra: No, it doesn't, not to us.
  • Cassandra: Guys, I think we screwed up.
    Flynn: Yep, letting Prospero get away.
    Cassandra: No. We didn't work together, it was dumb, petty.
  • Flynn: An immortal magician from Shakespeare's plays has teamed up with a super villain genius that he pulled from literature to take advantage of the fact that magic has returned to the world to restore his power and to accomplish some kind of unknowable and yet terrifying plot for world domination.

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  • Writer - John Rogers & Paul Guyot
  • Director - Marc Roskin
  • Original Air Date (US) - 1 November 2015

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