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1x10 ... And The Loom Of Fate

Flynn has found the Library in an alternate dimension, but Dulaque has other ideas and now everyone's fate hangs in the balance. And we discover the secret of Jenkins and Dulaque.

"A river and a loom? That means... the River Of Time and the Loom Of Fate!" -- Flynn Carsen


Act One

Eve dreams of her death, in the dream she lifts her hand to find it covered in blood. Next she's being roused by Jacob, the pair are fighting two mummies in the Tomb of Moot, while Cassandra attempts to break a code and Ezekiel tries to open a door. Suddenly Flynn appears behind the mummies, removes the medallions they are wearing and they turn to dust. Flynn thinks he's found a way to bring back the Library, involving the sarcophagus in this tomb, which they take back with them to the Annex.

The theory is that the pyramids contain a doorway, much like the Annex's back door, except the pyramid's door can access other dimensions. This sarcophagus can access the dimension where the Library is currently located. Jenkins deciphers the hieroglyphics on the sarcophagus and finds they are a map that leads to the void, the place between dimensions. To make the plan work, they first need the power of a pyramid to power the sarcophagus, failing that then a 'reality altering guide, linked to a dimensional shifting device and some kind of software that interfaces with magic'. Luckily they happen to have the Librus Fabula story telling book, Morgan le Fay's magical phone app, Nikola Tesla's stabilizer and Theseus ball of thread.

They connect the phone app and Tesla's stabilizer to the back door, and begin to tell a story to the Librus Fabula so that it will open a portal to the void. Flynn thanks Jenkins for his notes about the sarcophagus, Jenkins though didn't send Flynn any notes. Too late they realize something is amiss, the sarcophagus starts to release a gas, as they all collapse, Dulaque and Lamia enter the Annex.

Dulaque now has almost everything he needs to open the portal, all that's left is blood, the blood of someone who loves him - he kills Lamia and enters the portal, heading to the Loom of Fate - Eve and Flynn follow him. They arrive at a wooden bridge over the River Of Time. Dulaque is standing by the Loom Of Fate. He cuts the threads of the loom at the precise moment Camelot fell. A bright light shines through the fabric and suddenly everything changes.

And so, with blood, passage was opened to the Loom Of Fate. -- Dulaque

Act Two

Eve and Flynn find themselves in a forest. She remembers who she is and who he should be, but he thinks he's a university professor leading an archeological expedition and he has no idea who she is.
The forest they are in is in a war zone, foreign nationals are not permitted to be there, Flynn and Eve are arrested and taken to an army camp where they're accused of being western spies. As Eve is being taken away for questioning, they're rescued by the Librarian in this reality - Jacob Stone.

Jacob tells Eve that she was his Guardian and lover, but she died 10 years earlier while preventing Dulaque from stealing the Library. Now there is wild magic in the world, technology is failing and monsters are rising. Flynn tells them his research group is there investigating some supposedly mystical stones, Jacob is looking for ley lines, as mystical stones stand on ley lines, Jacob asks Flynn to show him the stones.
Flynn has noticed that the trees (which are the wrong species for where they are) form a pattern around the stones and have an ancient metal spike in each one. Jacob thinks these are teleportation stones, Flynn mocks him, but Jacob activates the stones by hitting the metal spikes to create a harmonic resonance. The stones send Flynn and Eve to...

It's wild magic. Technology's failing, the monsters are rising, wars are breaking out -- Jacob

... A laboratory, where Ezekiel is the Librarian. He knows Eve, she was his Guardian and mother figure, until she died when Dulaque tried to take the Library. Ezekiel thinks Eve and Flynn are moving sideways between timelines, each one with small differences. In this reality, Ezekiel didn't manage to kill Katie Bender before she made one last wish and opened a hole in reality that let in ghosts who started to posses people, now almost the entire world has been possessed. The ghosts break into Ezekiel's lab, but Flynn has a way of stopping them, to do with power output and telepathy - the Ordic Force. It works, he zaps the ghosts and they revert back to normal people. Flynn and Eve start to phase in and out. They vanish from Ezekiel's lab and find themselves in...

I think you're moving sideways between different timelines... each one with a minor difference. -- Ezekiel

... A disused factory. Dragons are flying overhead. Lamia captures them and takes them to her leader - Cassandra, the Librarian in the reality. This Cassandra is very different to the real one though. Here she used magic to remove her tumor and it altered her brain chemistry, turning her into a powerful witch. Cassandra and Lamia know Eve, she was Cassandra's Guardian, until Dulaque killed her - Lamia then killed him and became Guardian.

Cassandra leads them to another room, where there is a sketch of the cut Loom of Fate. Flynn explains that history ended at the point where the Loom was cut, and then started again. Cassandra adds that Dulaque wanted history to restart at Camelot, during the height of his power and the power of magic. But he didn't reweave the threads and now the fabric is fraying, Eve and Flynn are skipping from one frayed thread to another. History will continue to unravel until all of time is gone. Cassandra's reality is almost ended, but Morgan le Fay taught her how to open doors to other realities, she intends evacuating her world into a safer one.
Flynn suggests that instead they reweave the Loom, which Cassandra says is possible but they would need a magical thread. Eve knows where there is one, in the Annex (Theseus's thread), but when they arrive the thread is not there as this is not Eve's Annex and there's no Jenkins in this reality. Eve needs to get back to her reality. Cassandra thinks she can achieve that, but she'll need something common across the timelines Eve has traveled to act as a focus - the other Librarians. She uses magic to pull Jacob and Ezekiel into her reality and then to move them all into Eve's.

The doors to the loom are open. It is beyond space and time. -- Cassandra

Act Three

Eve and Flynn take Theseus ball of thread, leave through the back door and arrive at the River Of Time, next to the Loom Of Fate. The Loom has already been cut and Flynn starts to reweave it, as Dulaque, now a young Lancelot du Lac, arrives and attacks them. Eve tries to defend Flynn, but Dulaque stabs her in the chest. Flynn picks up the sword and tries to fight, but this Flynn is no match for Lancelot, who taunts him that there's only one swordsman his equal and it's not Flynn. As Lancelot is about to strike a blow at Flynn, another swordsman arrives - Jenkins, who is revealed as Galahad, Lancelot's son.

As Flynn reweaves the Loom, Jenkins fights off Lancelot, telling him that they can't go back to the time of Camelot, it fell and that was its fate, now that time - the time of magic and kings and wizards - has passed, it's time for people to rule themselves. With the Loom reweaved, Lancelot changes back to Dulaque and vanishes. Eve though is still dying. Flynn (now the real Flynn) and Jenkins take her back to the Annex. Flynn uses the storybook and some of Eve's blood to access the void and bring back the Library. He searches the Library for a cure for Eve and finds Bathsheba's Oil of Healing, she drinks it and is cured.

Act Four

The Library is now anchored to the Annex. Flynn tells the other Librarians it's time for them to go off on their own. Jenkins has made personal clippings books for each of them to give them different mysteries to follow up, sometimes they'll work alone, sometimes together, and if they need to they can return to Portland and get help from Flynn, Eve and Jenkins.

Flynn and Jenkins claim not to remember what happened while the timelines were unspun. Eve though remembers everything across each timeline, which Jenkins believes is because she did it once before when she fractured around the world when helping Santa. He suggests that it was almost as if the clipping book was sending them to find the items they needed to bring back the Library (the storybook, the phone app, the Tesla device and the ball of twine). Eve points out that the clipping book didn't send them to Santa, Jenkins did.

The Clipping Book activates. Flynn asks Eve on a date, which will involve investigating wherever the Clipping Book is about to send them.

Almost as if these past months, your missions had been directed by fate itself. -- Jenkins

A Few Images


  • Flynn: Morgan le Fay?
    Eve [to Jenkins]: Oh, we never did have that conversation.
  • Flynn: Your notes were spot-on.
    Jenkins: Notes?
    Flynn: About the pyramids... that you sent me.
    Jenkins: I didn't send any notes.
  • Dulaque:But then a hero arrived to set the world right... Thanks to the hard work those librarians did for him. I didn't want to use this option. It doesn't just change this world, it ends it. <snip> And so passage was opened to the Loom Of Fate.
  • Flynn: A river and a loom? That means... the River Of Time and the Loom Of Fate!
  • Alt-Flynn: Ley lines? No such thing as magic, I assure you. That sounds oh, what would the expression be... very dangerous.
  • Alt-Flynn: Hi. We're on an adventure. Or I've lost my mind. Or both.
  • Alt-Flynn: What is a Librarian?
    Eve: They're the ones who protect the rest of us from the magic and the weird and the things that go bump in the night.
  • Alt-Ezekiel: I think you're moving sideways between different timelines... each one with a minor difference.
    Alt-Flynn: Wait... are you saying that we're... I'm in a parallel universe?
  • Alt-Cassandra [to AltFlynn about Eve]: She will die for you, no matter how much you don't want her to.
  • Lancelot [about to strike AltFlynn]: There's only one swordsman my equal, and you are not him.
    Jenkins [clashing swords with Lancelot]: Lancelot
    Lancelot: Galahad! [the two fight] Why are you doing this. I'm bringing back the shining city.
    Jenkins / Galahad: Camelot fell, that was its fate.
    Lancelot: But we had magic then. The world was a better place.
    Jenkins / Galahad: Really? Wild magic. Cruel kings. Mad wizards. Yes, it was a pip!
    Lancelot: The people need to be ruled by wisdom. The stupid little humans need to be ruled by kings.
    Jenkins / Galahad: No. They have earned the right to rule themselves. The time of kings has passed.
  • Flynn: Come back and get us if you need some help. But don't need too much help, that would be disappointing.
  • Jacob: You know, I've been meaning to check out Machu Picchu.
    Ezekiel: I didn't know you liked wrestling.
    Jacob: That's not what... you don't know what Machu Picchu is? How do you call yourself a Librarian?
    Ezekiel: I'm just as much one as you... I got a book.
    Jacob: That's a pity book.
  • Eve: Jenkins, thank you.
    Jenkins: I'm sorry?
    Eve: For what you did. How you saved us at the Loom.
    Jenkins: Ah well, I'm... while I was undoubtedly heroic, I'm afraid that like the others I don't remember what happened while history and fate were, you know... wah wah wah... unspun.
    Eve: Flynn says he can't remember anything either. So how do I remember? How did my mind stay intact across all those threads?
    Jenkins: If I may venture a guess, it was because you did it once before, the Christmas affair. You fractured in Santa's place and spread across space and time, so you were prepared to hold up under similar circumstances.
    Eve: That's a hell of a coincidence.
    Jenkins: Well, the storybook, Tesla device, the thread, all required to bring the Library home. Almost as if these past months your missions have been directed by fate itself.
    Eve: But the Clipping Book didn't send us to Santa, you did.
    Jenkins: Coincidence.

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Plot and Character Development

Character Developments

  • Eve:
    Was Guardian in each parallel universe and died in each when Dulaque tried to steal the Library.
    Appears to be the only person who remembers what happened at the Loom Of Fate.
  • Flynn:
    Although he had no memory of being Librarian when he was in the alternate timeline, he did slowly come round to the idea of magic and solved the mysteries in each timeline.
    Claims to have no memory of events at the Loom Of Fate.
    Charlene left a letter for Flynn in the Library.
  • Jacob:
    Always wanted to see Machu Picchu in Peru.
  • Jenkins:
    Is Galahad, former Knight of the Round Table and therefore illegitimate son of Lancelot (aka Dulaque).
    Expert swordsman.
    Claims to have no memory of the events at the Loom Of Fate.
    Can read Egyptian hieroglyphics.
    It's not explained where he was while time was unspun.
  • Dulaque:
    Is Lancelot du Lac, former Knight of the Round Table and father of Galahad (aka Jenkins).
    Wanted to return to Camelot, a time when he was at the height of his power.
    Possibly killed in this episode.
  • Lamia:
    Was in love with Dulaque.
    In Cassandra's timeline, after Dulaque killed Eve, Lamia killed him and took on the role of Guardian.
    Killed by Dulaque in this episode.

Artifact / Myth / Bad Guy

  • Artifact - Sarcophagus from the Tomb of Moot.
  • Magical Myth / Legend - Camelot, Sir Lancelot, Sir Galahad
  • Big Bad - Dulaque / Lancelot du Lac

Season Arc Developments

  • Flynn located the Library in the void between dimensions. He used some of the artifacts the Librarians have located in the last few months (the Libris Fabula, Morgan le Fay's phone app, Theseus Ball of Thread and Nikola Tesla's stabilizer), to bring the Library back and tether it to the Annex in Portland.
  • Jenkins is actually Galahad, former Knight Of The Round Table and son of Lancelot.
  • Dulaque is Lancelot Du Lac. He wanted to bring back magic so that he can access the Loom Of Fate and return to the time of Camelot.

Plot Developments

  • The Library is back and is now tethered to the Annex in Portland.
  • The Librarians now each have their own personal Clipping Books.


  • I really enjoyed this episode, it ranks at the top of my season 1 list along with And The Apple Of Discord and And The Rule Of Three - I do like the episodes that give us a sneak peak into Jenkins' past. I also enjoy the 'what if...' aspect of alternate reality episodes of TV shows.
    There are a few questions for me though...
  • It seems a little strange that Eve would describe Dulaque as a 'pretty frail old guy' considering that a few months earlier she had seen him fall out of a plane and survive, and Jenkins had told her it would take more than that to kill Dulaque.
  • I wonder if the Morgan le Fay that AltCassandra referred to was the same Morgan le Fay from the real timeline and if AltCassandra's world is where she ran to.
  • I also wonder where Jenkins was when time was unspun. Was he in Camelot with Lancelot, did he remain in his Annex in the real timeline?
  • If it would take more than falling out of a plane to kill Dulaque, how did Lamia kill him in Cassandra's timeline.






  • Writer - John Rogers
  • Director - Jonathan Frakes
  • Original Air Date (US) - 18 January 2015

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