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1x09 ... And The City Of Light

Time is running out for Eve and the people of a town who are all trapped between dimensions.

"Assuming Miss Cillian and I have successfully implemented the theoretical scribblings of a mad genius using abandoned equipment that's been submerged in water for a hundred years." -- Jenkins


Act One

In a forest near Collins Falls, New York, UFO hunter Victor Finch is filming his latest search for alien life, when he sees lights and a group of ghostly figures. He runs back to the town and tries to warn people that aliens have arrived, but the townsfolk attack him.

In the Annex, the Librarians are preparing to investigate Finch's disappearance. Ezekiel is convinced that he's been adbucted by aliens, despite Jenkins insisting that UFOs do not exist, Jacob agrees with Jenkins, Cassandra and Eve aren't so sure.

Upon arriving in Collins Falls, Jacob thinks the town may be older than claimed. It was supposidly founded in 1953, but the architecture and gas lamps suggest it dates back to the late 1800s. He and Cassandra meet with the town's archivist, Mabel Collins, who tells them her family founded Collins Falls. Meanwhile, Ezekiel and Eve go into the forest to see the place Finch's car was abandoned and are surprised to find an old gas lamp there as well. Finch suddenly appears out of the trees, his eyes glow orange and he makes a lunge for Ezekiel. Eve pushes Finch into the gas lamp, as she touches the lamp it glows and sparks and she vanishes.

Magic is not an exact science. If it were, it would be science. -- Jenkins

The Librarians interview Finch, who doesn't remember anything about where he's been or what happened. He thinks he's only been gone for a day, instead of the 3 weeks he has been missing.

In the Annex, Jenkins and the Librarians check Finch's UFO equipment and videos. Using Finch's UFO hunting goggles to view the latest video, Jenkins can see the ghostly figures that Finch thought were aliens. They were near to the gas lamp where Eve vansihed.
Jacob returns to Collins Falls to question Mabel about the gas lamps (the two flirt, a lot - talking of imaginary trips to Europe and about how neither of them ever left home, even though they wanted to). Mabel claims to have no knowledge of a gas lamp in the forest, Jacob takes her to see it.

Jacob and Mabel arrive in the forest and find Jenkins, Ezekiel and Cassandra are also there investigating the gas lamp. When Jenkins touches the lamp, it glows and sparks and Eve briefly re-appears, though Jenkins doesn't vanish.

Act Two

Jenkins believes that Eve is caught in an energy discharge. He has made some adjustments to Finch's UFO goggles to cover a wider range of energy frequencies. Ezekiel and Cassandra take the goggles and track the energy through the forest. Cassandra can tell that the energy pattern isn't random, it's a circuit. When wearing the goggles, Ezekiel can see Eve, he follows her while Cassandra tracks the energy back to its source.

Jacob returns to the archive to research the gas lamps with Mabel's help. They discover that the old town plans show that town hall was moved from its proposed location to make way for a gas lamp - Jacob guesses that the gas lamps were there before the town, but it is strange to relocate an entire building to save one gas lamp.

Cassandra finds herself at a disused damn called Wardenclyffe Falls. In the control room, she finds photographs of this older town's residents, one of whom was Nikola Tesla. As she looks round the control room she's interrupted by Finch, whose eyes are glowing again. When he tries to attack her, she hits him with a wrench and runs to the archives to meet with Jacob.

Eve leads Ezekiel back into town. Now he's wearing the enhanced goggles he can see the town is filled with the ghostly figures, some dressed in early 20th century clothing. But when he adjusts the goggles he can see that the ghostly figures have possessed some of the current townsfolk. The possessed realize what he's doing and give chase through the town. He manages to stop them using the feedback from a gas lamp and joins the other Librarians at the town archives where Cassandra has discovered that Mabel lived in the old town of Wardenclyffe Falls in 1915. The 'body snatched' townsfolk arrive, but Mabel stops them harming the Librarians.

Gas lamps were already here because there was another town here -- Cassandra

Act Three

The Librarians and Jenkins meet with the townsfolk. Mabel explains that in 1915 they assisted Nikola Tesla in an experiment in wireless power transmission, using the gas lamps as transmitters, but something went wrong and the people were shifted out of sync with reality - they could see the world but couldn't interact with it. There are 87 of them trapped in this alternate dimension. Tesla modified the gas lamps and created an energy field to keep the 87 stable, but he couldn't reintegrate them.

The only one not knocked out of sync with reality was Mabel. She was in the control room with Tesla and was only partially effected, Tesla used her as a grounding wire, so she was able to remain in her own body and interact with the real world. Over time the 87 discovered that they could possess people for brief periods and interact with the world, but they can't get back to reality. The 87 and Mabel have been working on finding an escape and are very close to repairing the original equipment and bringing them all back into sync.

Mabel and Finch (actually called Norman) take Jenkins and the Librarians to the damn to show them their plan. Jenkins says that a huge amount of energy will be required to reintegrate them. Mabel tell them they've been using the turbines at the damn to charge a capacitor for the last hundred years. The capacitor is starting to disintegrate though, they estimate they only have a couple of days before it fails and all the stored energy is discharged. With the LIbrarians help they should be able to finish the repairs in time, but the Librarians are divided over whether to help.

Ezekiel doesn't think they should - these people have been stealing people's bodies for the last 100 years instead of just asking for help. Jacob wants to help, they are people in trouble after all. Cassandra's not sure they can help, she thinks there's maybe a 50/50 chance that Tesla's plan will work, if it doesn't the excess energy will destroy the gas lamps and the 87 people will be lost with them. As they argue, Jenkins points out that it doesn't matter who's right and who's wrong - Tesla's plan is the only chance they have of saving Eve.

This isn't a choice. Right, wrong, true, false, none of that matters. Like it or not, it's the only way to rescue Colonel Baird. -- Jenkins

Act Four

With everything prepared, the Librarians, Jenkins, Mabel and Norman begin the reintegration of Eve and the town. Power floods from the capacitor to the gas lamps. The pressure in the machinery increases quickly, worrying Cassandra who's in the control room with Norman. She realizes that the capacitor is amplifying the power exponentially, if it continues and overloads it won't just destroy the gas lamps it will destroy everything for hundreds of miles. She wants to shut down the power, but Norman won't let her. He overpowers her, destroys the control panel and locks her in the control room. Cassandra creates a high pitched harmonic (mosquito tone that can only be heard by young ears) to contact Ezekiel using Morse Code to send an L for Librarians. Realizing something is wrong, the Librarians, Jenkins and Mabel rush back to the control room where Cassandra explains the problem.

They all agree they can't take the risk that the capacitor will explode, even if it means losing Eve. While Cassandra and Jenkins try to keep the energy flow stable for long enough, Jacob, Ezekiel and Mabel go to disconnect the relay on the control room's roof. When they reach the roof, the energy is already overloading. Norman tries to prevent them shutting the relay down, Ezekiel fights him off (with the help of Eve, who possesses Ezekiel's body) while Jacob and Mabel continue on to the switch. Just before they disconnect the power, Eve reintegrates with reality. Ezekiel tries to tell Jacob and Mabel not to shut the power down as the plan is working, but it's too late. As they power is shut down, the 87 are lost back into the gas lamps, the equipment is destroyed and Mabel dies.

Act Five

Back in the Annex, Cassandra explains that Eve had only been trapped for a few hours, which is why they managed to get her out. She doesn't think the capacitor would have stayed intact long enough to help the 87. The capacitor was destroyed, there's now no way to release the 87 from the circuit, the gas lamps still work but they all remain trapped. Jenkins has a plan though. He hands Eve the Library's Appointment Book - they can build a new capacitor, with a few safety features built in, let it charge for a 100 years and leave a message to whoever is LIbrarian in a 100 years time telling him/her what to do to save the 87.

Jacob has Mabel's collection of postcards of Europe. He uses the back door to visit Paris, as he and Mabel had fantasized about doing.

It wasn't your fault. Sometimes you just lose. You did good, all of you, but sometimes, you just lose -- Eve

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  • Jenkins: There are no such things as UFOs.
    Eve: Minotaur's, haunted houses, Santa Claus, yes, but UFOs, don't be silly.
    Ezekiel: A UFO nut goes missing in a town where strange lights have been reported... U.F.O.
    Jenkins: Do not be deceived by any physical manifestation you may encounter, they're absolutely not UFOs.
    Jacob: The only people I know that believe in UFOs are the same ones that think that Elvis was the shooter on the grassy knoll.
  • Cassandra: Current estimates put the number of habitable planets in our galaxy at 11 billion, so it is highly unlikely that we are the only intelligent life in this universe.
    Eve [interrupting Jenkins]: I tell you what, we'll just fill in the crack you were about to make about us and intelligent life - just skip right to the job.
    Jenkins: Are you sure? It was quite cutting.
    Eve: I promise to be properly offended. I mean I probably would have understood it at first, but I'll be offended later.
    Jenkins: Where's the fun in that.
  • Jenkins: No one beamed her anywhere.
    Ezekiel: Says the guy with the teleporting door.
    Jenkins: UFOs do not exist.
    Ezekiel: Says the guy with the teleporting door.
    Jenkins [looking at phone screen]: Ah look, see, there. Colonel Baird is still on the planet.
    Cassandra: She's alive? She's safe?
    Jenkins: She's... still on the planet.
  • Jenkins: Magic is not an exact science. If it were, it would be science.
  • Jenkins: This isn't a choice. Right wrong, true false, none of it matters. Like it or not, it's the only way to rescue Colonel Baird.
  • Jacob: So what's the deal? You're in your own body, why'd you stick around for 100 years?
    Mabel: Gas lamps stabilize me too, if I cross the border of the circuit I'd be as lost as anyone.
    Jacob: So that's why you didn't travel.
    Mabel: Yeah. What's your excuse?
  • Mabel: You stayed to run the family company, that's a good reason.
    Jacob: It's an excuse. I mean every year I spent not leaving, the easier it was to stay. None of my folks, none of friends, they never got more than 50 miles from home. That's the way they liked it. You spend time with people who don't do something, and you start feeling like you can't do it.
  • Jenkins: Assuming Miss Cillian and I have successfully implemented the theoretical scribblings of a mad genius using abandoned equipment that's been submerged in water for a hundred years.
  • Eve: It wasn't your fault. Sometimes you just lose. You did good, all of you, but sometimes you just lose.
  • Eve: What is this?
    Jenkins: The appointment book. The Library, by its nature, works on time scales beyond the normal human life span. If a Librarian, for example, built a new capacitor in a dam with a few stabilizing design features and let it charge for a century or so...
    Eve: They'd want to make a note of it so future Librarians know there's an appointment to keep.

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Plot and Character Development

Character Developments

  • Cassandra:
    Knows about engineering as well as math and science.
  • Ezekiel:
    Is a UFO geek
    Inspite of the impression he likes to give, he does have some morals and believed the 87's actions, in using strangers' bodies, were wrong.
  • Jacob:
    Great grandfather founded an oil rigging company in the 1800s that did well.
    Father drinks too much and wasn't capable of running the family rigging business so Jacob remained in Oklahoma to help him.
    Always wanted to travel, but used the family business as an excuse not to actually do it.
    Speaks French.
    Doesn't believe in UFOs
  • Jenkins:
    Knows a great deal about science and engineering.

Artifact / Myth / Bad Guy

  • Artifact - Nikola Tesla's dimensional stabilizer
  • Magical Myth / Legend - none
  • Big Bad - none

Plot Developments

  • The Library has an appointment book, where Librarians and Guardians can leave messages for future Librarians.






  • Writer - John Rogers & Jeremy Bernstein
  • Director - Tawnia McKiernan
  • Original Air Date (US) - 18 January 2015

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