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1x08 ... And The Heart Of Darkness

Can The Librarians solve the mystery of a haunted house that appears in the woodland and kidnaps people before it vanishes again?

"So there's no monster in the house, the house is the monster and we only have to midnight to find its dark heart and destroy it, before it goes off in search of more victims."-- Eve Baird


Act One

Screaming from inside a house in a Slovakian forest. A teenage girl, covered and blood, runs from the house, through the forest and into the path of a car containing the Librarians. Her name is Katie Bender and she claims someone inside the house is holding her friends captive.

The Librarians are in Slovakia tracking broken ley lines and Cassandra thinks she has found some, converging where the house is. Jenkins tells them that broken ley lines mean wild magic so it is possible there is a haunting in the house. The plan is to go into the house and attempt to anchor the ley lines using magical scrolls placed at the north, south, east and west sides of the house. They set three of the anchors, before the haunting forces them from the house by throwing a knife across the kitchen towards Ezekiel. Jacob and Ezekiel manage to return to the house and set the fourth anchor. As the anchors activate, a blue flash spreads around the house as the ley lines stabilize.

Act Two

Back inside the house, the Librarians can clearly hear someone walking around upstairs. Eve, Jacob and Ezekiel go to search, while Cassandra and Katie wait downstairs. Upstairs the dimensions of the house are wrong, it's bigger than the downstairs. They begin clearing the rooms, Ezekiel enters a room containing a cradle, children's chairs and a lot of shoes. On the wall, is a torn photograph of an elderly couple standing in front of the house. The same photo is in the rooms Eve and Jacob enter, with the same tear in the same place. In Eve's room she sees Katie's friends trying to flee from the shadow of a hammer wielding man. When she looks again they've gone.

Good news is that you've successfully secured the broken ley lines so there will be no magical cataclysm. Huzzah! -- Jenkins

Eve has a theory that anchoring the ley lines in the haunted house may have reactivated the ghosts. Jenkins agrees with her, but on the bright side they at least anchored the ley lines and averted any magical catastrophe. Jenkins thinks they're in an old, and famous, haunted house rather than a new haunting. There are a few possibilities as to which house it is, he discounts a couple (including the House of Refuge, which stories say is benign and even helpful). He thinks they could be in the Shatterbox, which claims its victims, feeds on them and then moves to a different location, it was first reported in 1883. There is no way to save Katie's friends, but they can stop the house moving on to another location if they can destroy its dark heart. They only have until midnight before the house will move again.

Katie tells them that she and her friends were planning on staying in the house overnight, but then 'he' arrived - a shadow holding a hatchet or a hammer. Stone finds the hammer upstairs, but as he reaches to pick it up it vanishes. He goes looking for Ezekiel, but he's not in the room he was supposed to be searching, all that's in there now is a dollhouse that is a model of the house they're in. Ezekiel is nowhere to be found, inside or outside of the house.

An old gramophone suddenly appears and starts playing, "What Are Little Girls Made Off". When Eve tries to turn it off, a force flings her across the room. Something writes Katie on the wall. Eve orders Cassandra to take Katie to the car and back to the Annex, when Cassandra objects Eve points out that one of them needs to make it back the Annex and let Jenkins know what's happened. As Cassandra starts the car, the shadow man with the hammer attacks it. They run from the car and back to the house, barricading themselves inside.

Act Three

Jacob hears something from the dollhouse in the room where Ezekiel vanished. He goes for a closer look, there's a flash of light and finds himself inside the dollhouse with Ezekiel, who's playing computer games - it seems anything you wish for inside the dollhouse appears. Stone examines the pictures on the wall - a page from a rare book that's been lost since 960AD, a drawing from the Crusades and period photographs - the house is in each one.

This house is in every picture. I mean, these are... this is art from the Crusades. I mean, the house it changes to fit the period. -- Jacob

Inside the real house, Eve, Cassandra and Katie are being attacked by the shadow figure. Cassandra and Katie escape outside, Katie pleads with Cassandra to come with her to a fort in Nevada where the soldiers can help them. Cassandra points out they're in Slovakia. Katie calls her Jessie, wonders where the desert went and tells her they need buggies and horses. When Cassandra asks who Jessie is, Katie's eyes change to white for a second. She tells Cassandra that Jessie was in Scotland, she has trouble keeping it all straight in her head. Cassandra suddenly realizes that Katie is the dark heart of the house. Cassandra runs from Katie and re-enters the house, where she sees Eve being dragged up the stairs and she follows. As she walks around she finds the ghosts of some of those the house has killed.

Katie joins Cassandra in the house and tells her about her family. They were robbers and murderers who were on the run when they took refuge in a house, a house that granted wishes. As Cassandra hides from Katie, she studies the photos on the wall - the house was a happy place she realizes, until the bad people (Katie's family) came. Katie finds Cassandra and they fight, Katie slashes Cassandra with a knife. Cassandra begs for this to stop, promises that they can stop this. When Katie mocks her that she doesn't want it to stop, Cassandra replies that she wasn't talking to Katie.

Cassandra makes a wish to save her friends. Katie makes a wish to kill them. When Katie calls herself, Death, Cassandra retorts that she sees death everyday when she looks in the mirror. She attacks Katie with a hatchet that the house appears to have given her. As she slashes angrily at Katie, Katie turns to dust and Cassandra collapses. When Cassandra comes to, she finds a note addressed to her on the dollhouse, it simply says 'Thank you'.

You're not the Angel of Death. I know what death looks like, and she doesn't look like you. She looks like me! -- Cassandra

Act Four

Downstairs, Ezekiel, Eve and Jacob have reappeared. Ezekiel wants to monetize the house, Jacob disagrees and Eve just wants a cold pack for her black eye. The shadow man appears in the doorway, followed by Cassandra. She tells them that the house doesn't grant wishes, it helps people in need. This was the House of Refuge, which became the Shatterbox after Katie's family took it over. The shadow man turns into an elderly butler - the Spirit Of the House Of Refuge, who hands Eve a cold pack for her eye. Outside, the car has been repaired. The Spirit of the House sees them off before he and the house disappear.

Jenkins tells them that Katie's family were known as the Bloody Benders - John, Catherine, Jack and Katie - a family of serial killers who murdered at least 12 people across Kansas and Nebraska in the 1800s, before they disappeared.

As the Librarians drive away, the dollhouse appears in the back of the car.

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  • Cassandra: Mr. Jenkins said we needed to find the broken ley lines, and I say they are... that way.
    Eve: Ah, where the... blood-covered girl came from. Anybody here like that coincidence?
    Jenkins: I hate that coincidence. Broken ley lines are never good, and with the return of magic, they're even more dangerous. If you don't anchor them, they could build up enough charge and explode all over Slovakia.
  • Ezekiel: This is a sign, mate. Keep off the bloody grass.
  • Ezekiel: This is exactly the point in the movie where the guy in the audience says 'get the hell out'.
  • Eve: Jenkins, quick question. Could anchoring the ley lines in a haunted house jump start the ghosts?
    Jenkins: You know, Colonel, you have an incredible talent for turning a bad situation into a worst case scenario.
  • Eve: So there's no monster in the house, the house is the monster and we only have to midnight to find its dark heart and destroy it before it goes off in search of more victims.
  • Cassandra: No, I'm not leaving, we're a team.
    Eve: We are not a team. You are the Librarians, I am the Guardian and right now I'm telling you to get yourself and Katie out of this damn house.
  • Cassandra: You think you are death? I was 15... when they told me... that my death sits right here! So I see it... every time I look in the mirror! Every day! Every... Single... Day!
    Katie: Stop this, you can't. I'm the angel. I'm the Angel of Death!
    Cassandra: You're not the Angel of Death. I know what death looks like, and she doesn't look like you. She looks like me!
  • Cassandra: The house doesn't grant wishes, it helps people in need. It was built as a refuge. No one ever expected a serial killer to find it. It won't make the same mistake again.
  • Jenkins: The Bloody Benders. John, Katherine, Jack, and Katie... an entire family of serial killers. They killed at least 12 victims across Kansas and Nebraska in the 1800s before they just... disappeared. Now we know why. They found the House Of Refuge, and Katie Bender made a wish.

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Plot and Character Development

Character Developments

  • Cassandra:
    She was 15 when she was told she had a terminal brain tumor.
    Is capable of far more than math and science.
  • Eve:
    Appears to either not completely trust, or is just very protective of, Cassandra.
  • Ezekiel:
    Remains calm when things go wrong.

Artifact / Myth / Bad Guy

  • Artifact - Dollhouse from the House Of Refuge.
  • Magical Myth / Legend - Ghosts. Haunted houses.
  • Big Bad - Katie Bender

Plot Developments

  • Broken ley lines lead to wild magic.






  • Writer - Geoffrey Thorne
  • Director - John Harrison
  • Original Air Date (US) - 11 January 2015

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