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1x07 ... And The Rule Of Three

The competitive spirit at a Chicago STEM fair threatens to bring forth magic that could destroy the city.

"The rule of three amplifies the spell, for good or bad. Any direct harm you do unto others with malicious intent will be visited back upon you threefold."-- Jenkins


Act One

It may be the Librarians' day off, but they are all in The Annex. Cassandra is mapping ley lines; Jacob is reading historical texts; while Ezekiel is using the back door as an escape route after stealing a painting and Eve and Jenkins are researching.

The Clippings Book urgently alerts them to a threat at the Chicagoland STEM Fair (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics). Upon their arrival, they convince the fair's organizer, Lucinda McCabe, that they are the county librarians who are judging the fair. Cassandra is very excited to be there, when she was a teenager, she had a wall full of STEM trophies (although her parents threw them away when her brain tumor was diagnosed).

What kind of magical, world-ending apocalypse could possibly happen at a cheesy high-school science fair? -- Eve

Everything at the fair appears normal, until a baking soda volcano explodes with far more force than was expected. The LIbrarians also learn that nearly all the top candidates were forced to drop out due to a variety of strange, possibly magical, reasons. When Jenkins arrives, Ezekiel demonstrates that a Newton's Cradle appears to be causing experiments to go wrong, but Jenkins believes the toy is acting as a early warning device. He suspects someone is using magic to rewrite local reality and that the laws of physics are beginning to bend. He doesn't think that one person could produce enough power for this type of spell and tells them to look for a coven.

Act Two

The most likely candidates for the coven appear to be three Goths who are obviously planning something. Eve and Jacob investigate and discover that in fact one of the Goths, Dashell, is trying to ask one of the geeks, Amy Meyer (the favorite to win the fair) to accompany him to the prom. She refuses, telling him that school and college admissions have to be her main focus at the moment.

Thinking about everything that has happened, Cassandra realizes that it isn't the case of someone using magic to win the fair, but to eliminate the competition. Jenkins tells them that would be a terrible idea, he explains the Rule of Three to them - if someone uses magic to elicit harm on others, the same will be visited back on them threefold. A spell that powerful would require a focus. Using a scanner that Jenkins gave him, Ezekiel discovers the focus is an application on Amy's phone called the Advanced Learning Buddy (A.L.B.).

A.L.B. It's a magic spell. Someone turned a magic spell into an app. -- Cassandra

In the Annex, Jenkins and Ezekiel examine the app and find that it isn't actually a learning tool but a wish fulfillment spell - you wish to defeat your opponent, even subconsciously, and the spell will amplify that wish. According to Jenkins, the magic is far too advance, he calls it brutal, for Amy to have created it. Ezekiel says the code the app uses is also too advanced to have been created by Amy, and according to her phone records she has never used it.

Cassandra learns that Amy's mother downloaded the app off a website for pro-active parents, but Amy couldn't bring herself to use it. Ezekiel hacks the website and finds that while there have been thousands of downloads, there are currently 27 active users at the STEM Fair (the Rule Of Three, three times over). Cassandra realizes that those users are about to cause a huge feedback loop at the fair.

Act Three

Meanwhile, Lucinda McCabe walks through a door in the school and finds herself in the Annex with Jenkins. He calls Eve back to the Annex and introduces McCabe as actually being Morgan le Fay - the most powerful witch on the planet, sister of King Arthur who raised an army and was responsible for the downfall of Camelot. It's obvious that le Fay and Jenkins have a history and that he hates her - he calls her an evil creature, she calls him Galeas. When le Fay uses magic to choke Jenkins, Eve tries to shoot her but the bullets stop in mid-air. She advises Eve and Jenkins to remain in the Annex, as the feedback loop is about to begin. She releases Jenkins, leaves the Annex and vanishes.

Back in the STEM Fair, Cassandra discovers Amy Meyer's workstation, assigned to her by le Fay, is a pentagram. Cassandra realised that most of the contestants will be wishing to defeat Amy, so le Fay needs to keep Amy at the fair as long as possible in order to obtain the most power from the feedback loop. The Librarians can move the legs of the table to edges of the room and form a larger pentagram to create a magical Faraday Cage to protect the fair from the magical feedback.

Put magic in the hands of mortals, and they will inevitably destroy each other. -- Morgan le Fay

Eve locates le Fay and uses the magical app to wish that she could hurt her. Eve punches le Fay and demands she stop the spell, but it's too late. The spell is already too powerful and the feedback is building, le Fay could not stop it now even if she wanted to. Eve has two choices, take the time to kill le Fay or save the students, she chooses the students.

The feedback loop activates, but the Faraday Cage protects the students from the discharge. Eve finds herself pulled out of time, between the seconds and alone with le Fay who explains that she has no intention of bringing back magic, all she wants to do is hide from whatever is coming to this 'doomed little world'. She has a message for Jenkins though, "Noli timere malum, sed time heroa". With that Eve finds herself back at the fair.

The winner of the fair is announced as Leonard Cole, the student with the baking soda volcano. Ezekiel has stolen the trophy for Cassandra, to replace the ones her parents threw away. He says she saved the day and came first in the field of mathemagics.

When Eve arrives back at the Annex, Jenkins is waiting for her. He tells her letting le Fay go was a mistake, she replies that she had to save the students, he retorts that in doing so she doomed le Fay's next thousand victims. She queries how he knows le Fay, pointing out that he hates her far too much for her to be a stranger. Eve gives Jenkins le Fay's message, he translates it for her - 'Do not fear the villain, fear the hero'.

If she's so terrible, why are the two of you so cozy?... My experience, you don't hate strangers quite that much. -- Eve

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  • Eve: Is that a brain in a jar?
    Jenkins: It's a brain jar, what else would one put in it?
  • Ezekiel: You were one of these kids.
    Cassandra: I don't mean to brag, but I was a monster! I had this whole like, wall full of trophies.
  • Cassandra: Nobody's trying to win. They're trying to get everyone else to lose.
    Jenkins: That would be an extraordinarily bad idea. The rule of three amplifies the spell, for good or bad. Any direct harm you do unto others with malicious intent will be visited back upon you threefold.
  • Jacob: The jocks and the alphas and the geeks and the goths, those are all roles we play, those are costumes we wear.
    Dashell: I bet no one ever beat you up for saying poetry.
    Jacob: No they didn't, not for that, not for reciting poetry. You know why? Cos I wore my costume, I wore it like a second skin and I wore it for too long.
  • Cassandra: A.L.B. It's a magic spell. Someone turned a magic spell into an app.
    Jenkins: So, are you familiar with the quote, "any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic?"
    Eve: Mm-hmm.
    Jenkins: It turns out, any sufficiently disguised magic is indistinguishable from technology. That is a wish-fulfillment spell.
  • Jenkins: Structurally it's witchcraft, without all the eye of newt nonsense.
  • Ezekiel: No way Amy built this. I mean, if you look into the code, even looking past all the glowy bits, it's way more advanced than anything I've ever hacked and I've hacked the NSA... allegedly.
  • Jenkins: The magic too is powerful, even brutal. It's expertise in the craft that I have not seen in a very long time.
  • Eve: Miss McCabe, I'm sure you must be very confused right now.
    McCabe/Le Fay: No, actually.
    Eve: You fell, you bumped your... no actually?
    McCabe/Le Fay: No, everything just got much, much clearer.
    Jenkins: Colonel Baird, I would like you to meet Morgan le Fay.
  • Jenkins: Sister of King Arthur, responsible for the downfall of Camelot.
    Morgan: Oh come now, we both know that's not true... Galeas.
  • Eve: So what now, you bring magic back to the world, rule it.
    Morgan: Bring magic back? Oh my. No. Thanks to you, I finally have enough power to hide.
    Eve: You did all this so you could hide.
    Morgan: I could even open a door to the Fae or the Mirror Lands. Anywhere but this doomed little world when it happens.
    Eve: When what happens?
    Morgan: You'll understand. You've already been woven into the Loom Of Fate. Noli timere malum, sed time heroa. Tell that to... what did he call himself? Jenkins? He'll understand.
  • Ezekiel: Good job with the pentagram.
    Cassandra: It was easy... Maybe too easy.
    Ezekiel: Well, that was science project of the day, and you saved everybody's lives, so I think that deserves... [hands her a trophy]
    Cassandra: Wow. First place in...
    Ezekiel: In the category of mathemagics.
    Cassandra: Mathemagics. I like it.
  • Jenkins: You had her. For the first time in centuries she was caught off guard.
    Eve: I am a Guardian. I am not a hired gun, I am not here just to kill. And if she's so terrible, why are the two of you so cosy?
    Jenkins: We've both lived a long time, paths crossed.
    Eve: In my experience, you don't hate strangers quite that much. She said the end of the world is coming.
    Jenkins: Well Morgan has many vices, but she never ever lies.
    Eve: She also had a little love note for you - 'Noli timere malum, sed time heroa'. What does that mean?
    Jenkins: 'Do not fear the villain, fear the hero'. The end, an end is coming, Colonel. And trust me, if you do not learn how to fight the war instead of just winning the battles, none of us will survive.

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Plot and Character Development

Character Developments

  • Cassandra:
    Won a wall full of STEM trophies, but when her brain tumor was discovered, her parents threw them all out so she wasn't reminded of what she'd lost.
  • Eve:
    According to Morgan le Fay, Eve has already been woven into the Loom Of Fate.
    Refuses to be a 'hired gun' for the Library.
  • Ezekiel:
    Has hacked the NSA.
    Had trophies as a child, he stole them of course.
  • Jacob:
    Worked as a surveyor for ten years.
    Can quote Lord Byron.
  • Jenkins:
    Has a long and hostile history with Morgan le Fay.
    Morgan le Fay called him Galeas.
    Knows a lot about magic.
    Can read computer code.
    Speaks Latin.

Season Arc Developments

  • Magic and its downside are one of the themes of this episode.
  • Jenkins has a long history with Morgan le Fay.
  • Morgan le Fay calls Jenkins, Galeas.

Artifact / Myth / Bad Guy

  • Artifact - Morgan le Fay's wish fullfillment spell app
  • Magical Myth / Legend - Morgan le Fay. Camelot
  • Big Bad - Morgan le Fay

Plot Developments

  • Morgan le Fay had a message for Jenkins; Noli timere malum, sed time heroa (Do not fear the villain, fear the hero).
  • Morgan le Fay called Jenkins, Galeas.
  • Morgan le Fay warned Eve that the world is doomed and she intends leaving this reality and hiding somewhere safe.

Series Arc - Arthurian Legend

  • Morgan le Fay
  • Galaes (the Roman name for Galahad)


  • This episode was originally planned to be shown as the 9th in the season.
  • According to John Rogers, people can't usually walk through the back door and find themselves in the Annex. Morgan le Fay could only do this because she has such powerful magic.





  • Writer - Paul Guyot & Kate Rorick
  • Director - Marc Roskin
  • Original Air Date (US) - 11 January 2015

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