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1x06 The Librarians And The Fables Of Doom Episode Guide

Fairytales are coming to life and taking over a small town in Washington, and the Librarians aren't immune.

"Fairytales are coming to life and attacking people. Someone has weaponised fairytales." -- Eve Baird


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Act One

A truck driver ignores the stop sign at roadworks on a bridge. He almost hits another car, but gets safely to the other side, only to have his truck picked up by a giant hand and dropped into the river below.

The Librarians arrive and convince the local sheriff, Sheriff Heyer, that they are librarians conducting a traffic flow study. On examining the truck they find a giant finger print on the driver's door window. Jenkins, who's back in the Annex, tells them it could be a troll, they should try and find it and take a sample, it'll be asleep as trolls are subdued in daylight. Eve and Ezekiel go off in search of the troll and sure enough find it asleep, under the bridge.

The surveillance photos from the bridge show a small car, medium car and a big truck on the bridge (Three Billy Goats Gruff). Jacob and Cassandra meet the town mayor - he's out jogging, naked, though he thinks he's wearing the new clothes his wife bought him for his birthday (The Emperor's New Clothes). There have been some other odd occurrences in the town - a farmer hearing voices from a barn full of animals; a girl went to a music festival and didn't come back; an old lady got stuck in her pizza oven. On the town's main street, a giant wolf wearing a nightcap is walking down the street and threatening to attack people (Little Red Riding Hood) - Jacob kills it by throwing an axe at it.

This is no ordinary wolf. I mean, it's at least twice the average size, and it was unusually hostile. And...
It's wearing a frilly night cap. Cassandra and Eve

Putting all the weirdness together, The Librarians realize that fairytales are coming to life. Jenkins suggests they need to bring the dead wolf back to the Annex for an autopsy so they can decide which artifact is involved. The wolf is being stored in a local bar's deep freeze. While Cassandra and Eve distract the owner (and women are falling over themselves to buy Cassandra drinks), Jacob and Ezekiel steal the wolf.

Act Two

At the Annex, Jacob opens up the wolf and finds a young woman alive inside - she had sneaked off work early to attend a music festival and was eaten by the wolf. Meanwhile, in the local hospital a sick child is having Little Red Riding Hood read to her, the exact same scene as just happened in the Annex (the Huntsman cut open the wolf and Little Red Riding Hood emerged whole and safe).

Jenkins meets the Librarians at the hospital. He's narrowed the cause of the trouble to the Libris Fabula, a book that when read can cause stories to come to life. At first only the stories currently in the book, but as it grows stronger any story can be made reality - Jenkins claims the Libris Fabula caused the Black Death. The book is powered by the life force of the people it's read to, as the book grows in power the people grow weaker.

Ezekiel steals money from a vending machine. One of the coins runs away from up and he gives chase, it leads him to the room of the little girl who was having Red Riding Hood read to her earlier. Her name is Jamie, as he teaches her to pick locks, she tells him she got sick suddenly during story hour at the library and no one knows why.

Eve and Jacob go to the town's library and discover that it has just come into possession of a collection of books, donated by a Thomson Dieter in his will. Jacob explains to Eve that Thomson Dieter was a rare book collector who had a large collection of mystic texts. They offer to help catalogue the collection, but the town's librarian (Mr McGuire - the man who was reading to Jamie at the hospital) refuses and locks the books in a cabinet.

Back at the hospital, Jenkins and Cassandra are checking the records trying to find patient zero, but whilst they find plenty of recent cases of the locals being affected by the stories the can't find a candidate for the original source. Cassandra doesn't think fairytales coming to life can be a bad thing though, until Jenkins explains that these are the original gruesome fairytales filled with death and dismemberment.

Fairy tales are getting stronger. There are more roles to fill that we haven't seen. Princes, princesses, and huntsmen, rogues. Their stories, their fates... are often the most terrible of all. -- Jenkins

Act Three

The Librarians and Eve meet up at the bar, Ezekiel wants them to go and see Jamie at the hospital, the others want him to steal the book collection. Before they can decide, the sheriff arrives and tried to arrest Ezekiel, it seems Jamie is his daughter and he has just found her practicing lock picking in her hospital room. The sheriff's eyes suddenly glow red and he starts quoting the wolf from Three Little Pigs - 'I'll huff and I'll puff...'

The Librarians flee the bar and hide from the sheriff and his pack (the local high school football team), but the Librarians aren't immune from the fairytales - Jacob is becoming the huntsman (he has an axe and a bird of prey on his arm). Eve is a princess (long hair, keeps singing and giggling). Cassandra is Prince Charming. Ezekiel is Jack, the lucky thief.

Ezekiel returns to the hospital and finds Mr McGuire reading to Jamie and draining more of her life force to replenish his own. McGuire tells Ezekiel that he has given his life to the town, but now he's old and tired and so he's using the book so the town can give some life back to him. Ezekiel tries to take the book, but McGuire is too strong for him as he uses magic from the book to throw him across the room.

In the town, the story McGuire is reading is coming to life. The Librarians and the town people are being chased by the wolves (led by the sheriff), they try to hide in the town library but are soon discovered and killed by the wolves.

I gave my life to this town. Now this town is giving life to me. It's my happily ever after! -- McGuire

Ezekiel manages to take the book from McGuire and tells Jamie to change the story. In her story the huntsman is a robot (Jacob gets back up and starts fighting); the princess is a Ninja (Eve is back up and fighting) and the prince is Merlin (Cassandra uses a glowing ball of magic to chase the wolves away). As the story ends McGuire wakes up and is sucked inside the book.

Act Four

Now that McGuire has gone and the book is safely with the Librarians, everyone returns to normal and Jamie, now fully recovered, and is reunited with her father by Ezekiel. The Librarians convince the sheriff that the strange events were caused by swamp gas that led people to hallucinate, but they've neutralized it and everything will now be fine.

All of Thomson Dieter's book collection is taken to the Annex to be catalogued. The Libris Fabula is now blank, apart from a sketch of Mr McGuire. Jenkins locks the book securely away.

As the others leave Cassandra alone in the Annex's main room, she opens her hand and reveals she's still holding a small amount of the magic she had when she was Merlin.

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  • Eve: Want to call yourself a librarian, you're gonna have to do the job.
    Ezekiel: Job? Ooh, no, don't like the sound of that word. You see, I became a Librarian because it looked like fun. Stealing artifacts, dodging monsters. I like a challenge.
    Eve:There's more to life than traveling the world and pushing your luck.
    Ezekiel: Not for me, there isn't. When it stops being fun, I get bored. And when I'm bored, I'm gone.
  • Eve: ...fairytales are coming to life and attacking people. Someone has weaponised fairytales.
  • Jenkins [about vending machines]: I adore these. It's like a miniature apartment building. And when you hit the right numbers, the occupant of your choice leaps to his death and becomes your snack.
  • Jacob: Reality. It's a shared narrative we agree to believe.
  • Cassandra: We're lucky they're just getting trapped in fairytales, you know singing and dancing, woodland creatures making ball gowns
    Jenkins: Ah my dear, these are not your cartoon stories, these are the original fairytales filled with death and dismemberment.
  • Cassandra: Jenkins, if we're all heroes, we're the good guys, we get happy endings - right?
    Jenkins: No. Remember I told you, even for the heroes there's death, dismemberment, 100 year comas, not to mention all the civilian bystanders. In fact the only one who escapes every story unscathed is the Jack.
    Cassandra: The Jack?
    Jenkins: Yes, Jack. The nimble rogue, the lucky thief who lives by his whits.
    Eve: Where's Ezekiel?
  • Mr McGuire: People say you're lucky if you die of old age. But do you have any idea what it's like to get old, to be forgotten? I gave my life to this town.
    Now this town is giving life to me. It's my happily ever after.
  • Jamie: Dad, who are those people?
    Sheriff: They're Librarians, Honey.
    Jamie: Librarians?
    Sheriff: Wow, now that I say that out loud, that does not make any sense at all.
  • Ezekiel: Everybody tells me I can't do what I want, can't rely on luck. But when a magic spell turns everybody into heroes of legend, who did it turn me into? Me. You know who's really lucky? Not me. You, for knowing me.

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Plot and Character Development

Character Developments

  • Cassandra:
    Still has a small amount of magic left with her from her short time as Merlin.
    In the fairytale, she was Prince Charming and then Merlin.
  • Eve:
    In the fairytale, she was a princess and then a Ninja princess.
  • Ezekiel:
    Claims only to be a Librarian for the fun, if he gets bored he'll be leaving.
    Although he claims to only look out for himself, he went out of his way here to help the sick little girl and the other LIbrarians.
    In the fairytale, he was the Jack, the lucky thief.
  • Jacob:
    Is an expert on ancient books.
    Still likes but doesn't trust Cassandra.
    In the fairytale, he was the Huntsman and then a robot.

Artifact / Myth / Bad Guy

  • Artifact - Libris Fabula, magical fairytale book
  • Magical Myth / Legend - Fairytales
  • Big Bad - Mr McGuire, town librarian

Plot Developments

  • Trolls are not indigenous to the Pacific Northwest and are subdued in daylight.
  • Magic always has a cost
  • Immortals prefer Southern Europe in the early spring

Series Arc - Arthurian Legend






  • Writer - Kate Rorick
  • Director - Jonathan Frakes
  • Original Air Date: US - 4 January 2015; UK - 5 January 2015

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