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1x05 The Librarians And The Apple Of Discord Episode Guide

The Librarians must find a stolen pearl to prevent Eastern and Western Dragons going to war while also negotiating with a supernatural conclave to prevent Dulaque taking over control of the Library

"What's a conclave " -- Ezekiel
"It is a U.N. for all of the supernatural factions where they can peaceably resolve their differences and over which the arbiter of the Library presides" -- Jenkins


Brief Summary

When a pearl belonging to the Eastern Dragons is stolen they call an intercession of supernatural beings to be held in the Annex. Ezekiel and Jenkins remain in the Annex to supervise the intercession, while the others leave to find the pearl.

The pearl is actually the Apple of Discord, a magical item that turns whoever holds it into the worst versions of themselves. The intercession has become a conclave and is a ruse engineered by Dulaque to try and convince the other supernatural beings to vote to remove the Librarians as controllers of the Library.

Ezekiel and Jenkins manage to remove the Apple to safe place. Flynn points out all the reasons that world need a Library and the Librarians. The conclave ends peacefully. Outside, Jenkins and Dulaque have a talk, it seems they have known each other for over a thousand years. Inside, Eve signs transfer papers from the UN to the Library.

Librarians aren't perfect. None of us are. Somebody needs to hold the line. Somebody needs to keep it on an even keel -- Flynn

Full Recap

Act One

The Clippings Book alerts the Librarians to earthquakes in Yellowstone, Mongolia, Taiwan, China and Japan. Flynn returns to the Library, and tells the others that the earthquakes are being caused by dragons. Eastern and Western Dragons have been in a blood feud for over 3000 years. Fortunately they sleep for 90% of their lives, unfortunately they are starting to awaken and the Eastern Dragons are sending a representative to the Annex.

When Mr Drake, the Eastern Dragons representative arrives, he claims that the Western Dragons have a stolen a mystical pearl from them. He has called an intercession to solve the situation. As the first person he spoke to was Ezekiel, he will be the arbiter. Ezekiel gets to choose a counsel and chooses Jenkins.

If the pearl is not returned by tomorrow's sunset I cannot withhold the fury of Fei Lung. -- Mr Drake

Eve, Flynn, Jacob and Cassandra travel through the back door to Rome, home of the Western Dragons. Initially arriving on the roof of the Vatican, they quickly leave and find the entrance to the dragons stronghold in caves beneath the city.

In the Annex, magical representatives arrive for a conclave, including Dobra of the City Of Bronze and Lady Sililandria of the Fae Legions. Jenkins explains to Ezekiel that the last conclave was held in San Francisco in 1906 (it led to the earthquake there). The conclave appears to be going well, Ezekiel is calling out the motions and they're being passed without argument. And then Dulaque arrives, eating Ezekiel's pizza.

Jenkins appears both shocked and disgusted to see Dulaque, he stands up and leaves the Annex without a word to anyone. Ezekiel follows him to his car, calls him a coward for not choosing them. Jenkins refutes this by telling Ezekiel that he has chosen, many times over the the years but despite the amount of blood spilled, nothing ever changed. He no longer sees the point and these days he just wants to be left alone. Ezekiel's words must have some effect on Jenkins though, because he returns to the conclave in time to help Ezekiel and annoy Dulaque

It's time to call for a vote to remove the Librarians as arbiters of the conclave. -- Dulaque

Act Two

In Rome, the rest of the team find the pearl (after dodging a wall of flying arrows and waking a dragon), it turns out not to be a pearl at all but the Apple Of Discord. Whoever holds the Apple becomes the worst version of themselves (they all agree Ezekiel must never be allowed to hold it).

  • Jacob - takes his art expertise to the edge with added aggression as he picks fights with gallery staff over where they've chosen to display different works of art. During a scuffle he drops the Apple and it's picked up by...
  • Cassandra - uses her maths skills to calculate the optimum places to hit Lamia to cause the most pain. She finds that unfulfilling and heads of to a power plant with the plan of causing a cascade failure and disrupting Europe's electricity supply. Distracted by Jacob into thinking about Euler's Number, she briefly stumbles and drops the Apple. It's picked by both...
  • Flynn and Eve - they plan world domination together while bickering over who should be in charge. Eve lets go of the Apple and Flynn disappears through the back door to the Annex...
  • Flynn - arriving in the Annex, he discovers a vote has been called by Dulaque to end the Library, he agrees with Dulaque. He rants quite a lot before deciding that there's no point in the Library or the Librarian. He thinks he could be a God or at least President of the World. He is distracted by Jenkins and the Apple is pick pocketed by...
  • Ezekiel - the Apple has no effect on him, he's already the worst version of himself.

With the Apple safely taken away (in a protective jar) by Jenkins, Flynn quickly backtracks and points out the reasons why the world needs The Library. The conclave concludes with a vote in favor of keeping the Library.

And that, my dear friends, is how you arbit. Arbit? Arbitrize? Right, conclave over. Everybody out! -- Ezekiel

Outside the Annex, Jenkins tells Dulaque that he knows it was him who woke the Dragons and orchestrated the conclave. Dulaque agrees and asks Jenkins to join him, the latter refuses and reminds Dulaque that they went their separate ways over a thousand years ago. Still, Dulaque embraces Jenkins before he leaves and wishes him well.

Back inside, Eve signs transfer papers from NATO to the LIbrary, before sending Flynn on his way again to find the Library.

We choose. A 1,000 years ago. You know that very moment when you and I stopped being... whatever we were -- Jenkins to Dulaque

A Few Images


  • Cassandra: Who knew earthquakes were magic?
    Jenkins: No, earthquakes are not magic. They're the result of magic.
  • Jenkins [to newly returned Flynn]: Did you come to take them away? I keep their bags packed.
  • Jenkins: May I get you anything to drink?
    Mr Drake: The tears of our enemies wrenched from their bodies as their bones are crushed.
    Jenkins: I have jasmine tea.
    Mr Drake: Oh, jasmine, yes, please.
  • Ezekiel: Then what's a conclave?
    Jenkins: It is a U.N. for all of the supernatural factions where they can peaceably resolve their differences and over which the arbiter of the library presides.
  • Jenkins: He's written up a short list of issues the dragons have since the last intercession, which is... when was that? Oh, yeah, San Francisco, 1906.
    Ezekiel: The earthquake that destroyed San Francisco? Was that before or after?
    Jenkins: Because of.
  • Dulaque [entering the Annex]: A request to be recognized.
    Lady Sylalandria of the Fae Legions: The Fae Legions vouch safe for Son Of Ban and accept his bonefides
  • [outside the Annex as Jenkins packs his car]
    Ezekiel: I could never work out the real you until now. The real you is a coward.
    Jenkins: I am not a coward, not for leaving this situation. You do not know...
    Ezekiel: Not a coward for leaving, but for not choosing between the two.
    Jenkins: Interesting lecture from a man who can't decide whether he's going to be a thief or a Librarian.
    Ezekiel: Yeah? Well this Librarian is going back in there to save this place. And this thief is going back in to take Dulaque down a peg. Neither one's running away.
    Jenkins: I did choose. Once... I chose a side in a very complicated... I chose. No good came of it. And over the years I chose again and again, each time... little hope, lots of blood and nothing really changed... I finally learned my lesson. And I came here, just to do my work, alone. Because... why choose? Nothing...oh God... Nothing ever changes.
    Ezekiel: You did.
  • Flynn: You're not worth my time! None of you are worth my time. When I think of all the sacrifice, all the years, the magic I know, I could be a God!
  • Eve: You pick pocketed the Apple?
    Jones: Yes. Jenkins distracted him. Pretty neat.
    Cassandra: Are you evil?
    Jones: No, don't feel any different.
    Jacob: Are you immune? No, he's already...
    Eve: ... the worst version of himself.
    Jones: You say that like it's a bad thing.
    Eve: What were you thinking?
    Jenkins: I was actually just thinking that I now appreciate the advantage of having both a Librarian and a thief.
  • [Outside the Annex - Jenkins watches Dulaque walk to his car]
    Jenkins: I know this was you. All of it. Mr Drake stealing the pearl. The conclave. Trying to take the Library.
    Dulaque: Was I that transparent?
    Jenkins: You woke the Dragons. Are you insane, they would have destroyed the world.
    Dulaque: 60%, 65 at the most. It's not too late you know, you can still join me.
    Jenkins:The conclave is over. Goodbye, Mr Dulaque.
    Dulaque: Of course, our sides have always been chosen for us haven't they?
    Jenkins: No. We choose. A thousand years ago, you know that very moment when you and I stopped being... whatever we were.
    Dulaque: If I hadn't tried, I'd actually be the monster you think I am. [Walks over to Jenkins and embraces him] Travel well.

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Plot and Character Development

Character Developments

  • Cassandra:
    Is learning to control her hallucinations.
    The worst version of her would use her math and science skills to destroy cities.
  • Eve:
    Speaks Italian.
    Signed transfer papers, meaning she now officially works for the Library.
    The worst version of her would be a little power crazy.
  • Ezekiel:
    Good pickpocket
    Likes pizza
    Terrible arbiter
    The worst version of him would be exactly the same as he is now, he already is the worst version of himself.
  • Flynn:
    Discovers the group of strangers he left behind a few weeks earlier are now a coherent team.
    Leaves again to search for the LIbrary.
    Has a crush on Eve.
    The worst version of him believes he could be a president or a god.
  • Jacob:
    Takes his art very very seriously.
    Can read old Slavic (though he's a little rusty).
    The worst version of him would fight (literally) to make sure art was displayed in the way he thinks it should be.
  • Jenkins:
    Is over a thousand years old.
    Has known Dulaque for at least a thousand years and it appears they were close at one time.
    Came to the Library after he became tired of many years of fighting.
    Slowly, if reluctantly, coming round to the idea of being part of a team.
    Sadly we don't get to see him hold the Apple of Discord and discover what the worst version of him would be.
  • Dulaque:
    Is referred to as 'Son of Ban'.
    Is over a thousand years old and has known Jenkins for at least that long.

Season Arc Developments

  • Dulaque again tries to gain control of the Library/
  • The Library is still lost, Flynn leaves again to try and locate it.
  • Jenkins is over a thousand years old and has fought in many battles before coming to the Library.

Artifact / Myth / Bad Guy

  • Artifact - the Apple Of Discord
  • Magical Myth / Legend - Dragons are real.
  • Big Bad - Dulaque and Mr Drake

Plot Developments

  • Dragons live beneath the Earth and sleep 90% of their lives.
  • The previous magical intercession was held in San Francisco in 1906, so presumably the Library (or at least the Annex) was located there at the time.

Series Arc - Arthurian Legend

  • None that were obvious when the episode aired (though 'Son of Ban' is important)







  • Writer - Paul Guyot & Geoffrey Thorne
  • Director - Marc Roskin
  • Original Air Dates: US - 28 December 2014; UK - 29 December 2014

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