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1x04 The Librarians And Santa's Midnight Run Episode Guide

The Serpent Brotherhood plan to kill Santa and steal his power. The Librarians have until midnight to rescue Santa and share his power around the globe, therefore saving Christmas and humanity.

"Christmas is cancelled for the whole world and soon after the whole world will be cancelled because Santa Claus has disappeared." -- Jenkins


Brief Summary

When Santa goes missing on Christmas Eve, the Librarians track him down to the Serpent Brotherhood's headquarters in London. They rescue Sanrta but now have to get him to the Aurora Borealis at the North Pole by midnight so he can spread his goodwill to mankind.

With Santa's sleigh missing, they instead hire a plane. When Dulaque tries to sabotage the flight, Eve manages to throw him from the plane. They land safely in Alaska, the nearest place they can find the Aurora Borealis insertecting the ley lines, but Santa is too weak to spread the goodwill so Eve takes his place. Now the goodwill has been spread, Santa returns home and Eve and the Librarians return to spend Christmas, and Eve's birthday, in the Annex.

Full Recap

Act One

Christmas in a London soup kitchen, an armed robber is persuaded to put his gun down by a man talking about being good and Christmas spirit. Off camera someone fires a dart containing a piece of mistletoe at the good samaritan and knocks him unconscious.

In the Annex, Cassandra and Ezekiel are putting up Christmas decorations, while Jacob wraps Christmas presents. They swap stories of their favorite ways to spend Christmas. Jacob likes to spend time with his family, watching his nieces and nephews open presents, singing with his grandparents, getting drunk with cousins and having a good bar fight. Ezekiel enjoys Christmas because of all the lovely valuables, conveniently wrapped and ready to steal, though he would like to know what it's like to be the good guy just once. Cassandra wasn't allowed to believe in Santa, she was told he wasn't real when she was three - she wishes she'd been able to believe for a little while. Eve doesn't like Christmas and doesn't celebrate it, she isn't happy to find decorations being hung in the Annex.

Jenkins is friends with Santa and Gretchen Claus, he's currently on the phone to Gretchen trying to calm her down and assuring her Santa isn't there with him, because it seems Santa is missing. Jenkins explains to the Librarians that Santa spends all year absorbing humanity's good will, then on Christmas Eve he rises up into the atmosphere and releases that good will back onto the Earth. Without Santa, humanity is doomed (it's why people get grumpy just before Christmas).

The being often called Santa is an immortal avatar of good will. -- Jenkins

Act Two

As Mrs Claus last spoke to Santa in London, Jacob and Cassandra head there to talk to the people in the soup kitchen, where they discover the kidnappers had snake tattoos - the Serpent Brotherhood.

Back in the Annex, Ezekiel has found Dulaque on CCTV in London. Jenkins is startled at the mention of Dulaque's name and to see him on the CCTV, he tells the others that Dulaque will kill Santa. Using maps and Cassandra's memories of her journey with Lamia earlier in the year, Jacob and Ezekiel locate the Serpent Brotherhood's headquarters as being at Chamberlain House in London.

Dulaque, meanwhile, informs Lamia that they will kill Santa at midnight and release all his power onto them.

The Librarians break into the Serpent Brotherhood's headquarters. Eve and Jacob distract Dulaque and Lamia by threatening to destroy some of his priceless works of art, while Cassandra and Ezekiel free Santa. To escape, Ezekiel wears Santa's hat (not the classic red and white one, a nifty little purple number) and acts as a decoy while Eve takes Santa to find his sleigh. As the sleigh has been stolen, they in turn steal an old Renault van.

Ezekiel's behavior is strangely out of character. He's giving money to the homeless and leading children in Christmas Carols. Santa meanwhile is playing pranks. Jenkins explains that Santa has had many incarnations throughout history and that losing this incarnation's talisman (the hat the Ezekiel currently has) combined with the poison Dulaque administered, means Santa will having trouble separating those incarnations. If he's playing pranks then he's Nikolas the Wondermaker.

Santa does not look like any of the pictures, but all the pictures look like Santa -- Santa

Santa uses his powers to make the van fly and he and Eve land in Canada, out of gas and with no way of getting to the North Pole. Cassandra though has worked out that they don't need to be at the North Pole, instead they can intercept the Aurora Borealis where it intersects the ley lines over Alaska.

Act Three

Hat wearing Ezekiel's Christmas Spirit continues. In the Annex he's baking cookies and making hot chocolate. He and Cassandra travel to Canada to hire a plane but they find the pilot is upset as he had wanted to spend Christmas Eve with his fiancé. Ezekiel not only tells him to go and be with the one he loves, he also gives him some money.

Jacob meanwhile, meets up with Eve and Santa with a truck he's rented for them. Santa has changed incarnations again and is now Odin, the Viking God of Battle and Death. He and Jacob get into a bar fight, before leaving and heading to the airfield. When they arrive, Eve isn't impressed to find they don't have a pilot. Fortunately, Santa can make the plane fly and they head off in search of the Aurora Borealis.

As they approach the Aurora Borealis, the plane is boarded by Dulaque and Lamia, using Santa's Sleigh. They poison Santa with mistletoe and try to kidnap him, but Eve tricks Dulaque into wearing Santa's hat and sending Lamia away in the sleigh to make them happy. Realizing he's been tricked, Dulaque removes the hat. During a tussle, he slips and falls onto the gangway of the plane's open cargo door. Eve tries to stop him falling out, but he lets go of her hands and falls. Eve manages to land the plane (with the help of Jacob and Google) at an abandoned pipe line survey station.

Santa is now too weak from the mistletoe and not wearing his hat to be able to rise up and spread the goodwill in time. He believes that one person could do it in his place, Eve - the child born on Christmas Eve, on the stroke of midnight. Eve agrees, her spirit splinters around the globe, spreading goodwill to everyone and saving Christmas and humanity.

I give you, Eve Baird, all of humanity's goodwill. Now, go and give them back the gift of hope. -- Santa

Act Four

Back at the Annex, Jenkins assures Eve that Santa is back home and making a full recovery. Eve comments how it is strange Dulaque would kill himself like that. Jenkins replies that it would take more than falling out of a plane to kill Dulaque, but also implying it would take more than that to kill himself as well.

The Librarians have prepared an impromptu birthday celebration for Eve. They realize they all got their Christmas wishes (Jacob had a bar fight, Cassandra got to believe in Santa and Ezekiel got to see what it's like to be the good guy).

Dulaque, die from falling out of a plane? Huh. No we're much...he's much tougher than that -- Jenkins

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  • Cassandra: My parents felt that it would stunt the development of my intellectual rigor to expose me to supernatural fallacies during my formative years. They told me that Santa wasn't real at a very young age. I wish I'd had even just a little while to believe.
  • Eve: Why are you all into this anyway?
    Cassandra: By this, do you mean the most joyous holiday of the entire year.
    Jacob: It's good family fun. Nieces and nephews ripping through presents, grandparents singing, I get to see my cousins once a year, go out and play a little pool. Every once in while get in a bar brawl on Christmas Eve.
    Cassandra: A Christmas Eve bar brawl?
    Jacob: Yeah. I'll miss it.
  • Jenkins: Christmas is cancelled.
    Eve: Thank you!
    Jenkins: No. I mean Christmas is cancelled for the whole world and soon after the whole world will be cancelled because Santa Claus has disappeared.
  • Jenkins: When Mrs Claus called...
    Cassandra: Mrs Claus is real?!
    Jenkins: Oh shiny balls, yes.
  • Cassandra: It's him, from the Serpent Brotherhood. You all met Lamia, but I'm the only one who met him, he's the boss - Dulaque.
    Jenkins [startled and angry]: Dulaque! Of course. That's what he's calling himself. Of course.
    Eve: Quick question, Jenkins. What the hell are you talking about?
    Jenkins: If Dulaque and the Serpent Brotherhood have Santa, at least we know what happens next. Dulaque kills him. He kills Santa Claus.
  • Dulaque: Santa has spent a year gathering a magical power from the entire human race, so we will kill him precisely at midnight.
    Santa: Kill Santa? Well that's one way to end up on the naughty list.
  • Jacob: Architecture is just art we live in. Why doesn't anybody get that?
  • Eve: Why is there a doll in my boot?
    Jenkins: Because he's Nikolas. Nikolas the Wondermaker. Santa Claus has different incarnations throughout history. Different cultures manifested him different ways. Nikolas the Wondermaker was a prankster, he hid gifts in children's shoes, which makes no sense. He hasn't been Nikolas in centuries.
  • Santa: Christmas is the holiday that brings everybody together.
    Eve: Yeah. That's the story. That's it. Look at us. We're all together. I've been on a dozen tours and every Christmas Eve, everybody gets drunk and tells each other the same story. We're all together, on this night, in this place.
    Santa: It's a good story.
    Eve: It's just a story.
  • Santa: ... maybe that's why Colonel Baird feels like she has no place where she belongs. But as long as you're with other people, you belong. The entire human race belongs together.
    Eve: All those Christmases, I was in places that completely disproved that theory. I was there because people were fighting, hurting each other, doing things I, that they, that nobody could ever make right on Christmas.
    Santa: Colonel Baird is correct. A human action, once taken, can never be changed, but a human heart, that can always be changed.
  • Eve: He's changed incarnations again.
    Jacob: He's Odin, the Viking God of battle and death.
    Eve: What? What the hell kind of Santa is that?
    Jacob: The vikings celebrated both winter solstice and yule. And Odin actually was the original incarnation of Santa. They made sacrifices to him as a God and he protected them.
  • Eve: I just can't believe Dulaque would kill himself
    Jenkins: Dulaque, die from falling out of a plane? Huh. No we're much...he's much tougher than that.

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Plot and Character Development

Character Developments

  • Cassandra:
    Is a huge fan of Christmas.
    Was told Santa wasn't real when she was three years old. She wishes she'd been able to believe for a while longer.
  • Eve:
    Doesn't celebrate Christmas, spending most of them on military bases has made her cynical about the feast.
    Was born on 24th December, at the stroke of midnight.
    At least one of her parents was in the military as she grew up on bases.
  • Ezekiel:
    Despite his claims to care only about himself, he was willing to risk his life to spread Santa's goodwill.
    Claimes he likes to steal expensive Christmas presents.
    He would like to know, just once, what it's like to be the good guy though.
    Can bake cookies.
  • Jacob:
    Likes to spend Christmas catching up with family.
    Enjoys a good bar brawl.
    Worked on pipelines in Alaska.
  • Jenkins:
    It would take more than falling out of a plane to kill him.
    Is friends with the Clauses (Santa and Gretchen).
    Knows Dulaque and appears not to like him.
  • Dulaque:
    It would take more than falling from a plane to kill him.

Season Arc Developments

  • Serpent Brotherhood and Dulaque try to steal Santa's magic.
  • It would take more than falling out of a plane to kill Jenkins or Dulaque.

Artifact / Myth / Bad Guy

  • Artifact - None
  • Magical Myth / Legend - Santa Claus (and Mrs Claus) are real
  • Big Bad - Dulaque and the Serpent Brotherhood.

Plot Developments

  • Eve's spirit is fractured and sent around the world.

Series Arc - Arthurian Legend

  • No obvious ones







  • Writer - Paul Guyot & John Rogers
  • Director - Jonathan Frakes
  • Original Air Date: US - 21 December 2014; UK - 29 December 2014

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