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1x03 The Librarians And The Horns Of A Dilemma Episode Guide

Disappearing interns in Boston lead the Librarians to a labyrinth and the Minotaur, can the new team work together to save themselves?

"I appreciate you wanting to keep them out of harm's way, but Librarians exist to keep magic out of the wrong hands. Their job is to be in harm's way. " -- Jenkins


Brief Summary

Stories of missing interns at Golden Axe Foods sends Eve and the Librarians to Boston, via the Annex's new Einstein Rosen Bridge (aka the back door). Once there they find themselves trapped in a labyrinth with the minatour. It seems that the success of Golden Axe Foods is reliant on ritual sacrifices, in order to stop further sacrifices the Librarians need to destroy the labyrinth by removing the Theseus's ball of twine. Eve and Jacob distract the minatour while Ezekiel and Cassandra retrieve the twine. The labyrinth collapses just as they and the ball of twine make safely back to the Annex.

Full Recap

Act One

Eve attempts to train the new Librarians in survival skills but they all fail miserably - Jacob tries to fight his way out and loses; Ezekiel tries to run away and is captured; Cassandra tries to hide and almost knocks herself out instead.

Back in the Annex the Clippings Book tells them about eight missing interns, all with links to Golden Axe Foods, an agribusiness based in Boston. Eve isn't keen to let the new Librarians out in the field yet, until they and Jenkins point out that they have to be allowed out sometime. Jenkins has set up an Einstein Rosen Bridge that will link the Annex's broom closet door with any door anywhere in the world - they name it the back door.

Librarians exist to keep magic out of the wrong hands. Their job is to be in harm's way. -- Jenkins

Act Two

In Boston, Eve and the Librarians meet with the CEO of Golden Axe Foods, Karen WIllis, who claims to have no knowledge of missing interns. She suggests they speak to Human Resources. Eve sends the Librarians there, while she plans to break into the server room and see what the computer records show.

As the three Librarians head to human resources, the walls and doors behind them change and vanish. As they get further into the building's basement they discover walls decorated with Greek frescos. When they reach what should be human resources, they find instead a room filled with human skulls. As they try to escape from the basement, the Librarians find themselves lost in a labyrinth being pursued by the Minotaur.

Meanwhile, the room Eve thought contained the server turns out to be a room filled with ancient Minoan artifacts, including the ball of thread that Theseus used so he wouldn't get lost in the labyrinth. While Eve is in the artifact room, Cassandra has a hallucination and sees the plan of the labyrinth enabling the Librarians to get back to the basement and meet up with Eve who shoots the Minotaur (angering more than injuring it). Jenkins opens the back door into the Annex and they escape.

There is no way, under a skyscraper, we're in a labyrinth -- Ezekiel

Act Three

Jenkins explains that for magic to work it needs power, a focus for the power and finally an effect on the real world. In this case the effect is the labyrinth, the focus is the Minoan art and the power is Theseus Ball of Thread. They need to remove the ball of thread in order to destroy the labyrinth.

The Librarians return to Boston, to the street they originally arrived on, but on noticing Greek frescos on the buildings they realize they have actually returned straight back into the labyrinth. Jenkins explains the labyrinth isn't just a physical place now, but something in them that's warping space around them - now the only way to leave is to remove the ball of thread.

As they hide from the Minotaur, the Librarians realize that the only way to find the ball of thread and escape is to first go deeper into the labyrinth. Cassandra and Ezekiel are tasked with finding the thread, while Eve and Jacob distract the Minotaur. Eve and Jacob are stalked and chased by the Minotaur, they manage to evade it and make it back to the Annex, with the Minotaur close behind.

Cassandra is able to map the maze and lead herself and Ezekiel to the center of the labyrinth and the art room, where they're confronted by Willis. While Cassandra distracts her, Ezekiel steals the ball of thread. As he unravels it, the maze begins to collapse. He throws the ball into the maze and it arrives through to the Annex back door, the others use it to pull Cassandra and Ezekiel to the safety of the Annex.

You're Librarians. Librarians win because of what they know. -- Eve

Back at Golden Axe Foods, a very angry Minotaur is finally free after thousands of years of captivity and he goes in search of his captors, Karen Willis and her aide, Mr Franklin.

Later in the Annex, Cassandra and Jacob have a brief heart to heart about his lack of trust in her and Eve admits to the Librarians that she needs to stop being overprotective of them.

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  • Eve: It's hard enough to reign them in without you dangling that clippings book in front of them.
    Jenkins: Why reign them in, got to put them into the field sooner or later.
    Eve: I've gone into the field with good soldiers, with a good plan and good intel and still come home with nothing but dog tags. I'm talking soldiers with training who've seen combat. These three, I promised Flynn I'd keep them alive and they're not even close to ready.
    Jenkins: I appreciate you want to keep them out of harm's way, but Librarians exist to keep magic out of the wrong hands. Their job is to be in harm's way.
  • Jenkins [quietly, as the team leaves on their first mission]: Good luck.
    Eve: What?
    Jenkins: Nothing. Go away. I'm working.
  • Eve: The Librarians are in the labyrinth. I sent them there alone.
    Jenkins: Why?
    Eve: To keep them safe.
    Jenkins: That was a very bad idea. Although I will say I'm impressed. We've had Guardians lose Librarians in the past, of course, but never three in one day. It will be quite some time before anyone beats that.
  • Jenkins: Magic has three parts. Power to change reality. Focus to direct that change and effect - that change in the real world.
  • Jenkins: Colonel, the Library chose you for a reason. And, trust me, it wasn't because of your ability to kill.
  • Eve: It's not a suggestion, it's an order.
    Cassandra: And I'm not a soldier.
    Eve: You're right. I am, but you're not. You're Librarians. Librarians win because of what they know.
  • Cassandra: Why would you hide that? You know about culture and art and beautiful things.
    Jacob: I told you before, family aint never easy... I'm used to keeping my life separated. My family, my friends, I like them, no problem. But I don't trust a single one of them to tell them. I like you, Cassie. There's no way around it, I just do. But I trusted you and I learned my lesson. It's not... look, it always ends bad.

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Plot and Character Development

Character Developments

  • Eve:
    Realizes that she needs to stop being overprotective of the Librarians and let them use their skills to defeat their opponents instead.
  • Ezekiel:
    Isn't quite as selfish as he claims to be. He was willing to risk his life to help them leave the labyrinth and he returned to save Cassandra.
  • Jacob:
    Has trust issues. He doesn't trust Cassandra since she betrayed them to the Serpent Brotherhood.
  • Jenkins:
    Knows a lot about magic.
    Has a workshop where he experiments on the artifacts.
    Despite his apparent reluctance to have the Librarians work out of the Annex, he seems more than happy to teach them about magic.

Season Arc Developments

  • None that were obvious when the episode aired.

Artifact / Myth / Bad Guy

  • Artifact - Theseus Ball of Twine from Greek Mythology
  • Magical Myth / Legend - Labyrinth and minotaur of Greek legend
  • Big Bad - Golden Axe Foods and their CEO, Karen Willis

Plot Developments

  • Jenkins rigs up a door which uses an Einstein Rosen bridge to create a wormhole allowing them to travel from the Annex to anywhere in the world with a door, they call it the back door.
  • Magic has three parts - power, focus and effect. A power source, a focus for that power and an effect on the real world.

Series Arc - Arthurian Legend

  • None





  • Writer - Jeremy Bernstein
  • Director - Marc Roskin
  • Original Air Date: US- 14 December 2014; UK - 22 December 2014

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