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1x02 The Librarians And The Sword In The Stone Episode Guide

Flynn is dying, the Library is lost, the Serpent Brotherhood are on the verge of bringing back magic. It's up to Librarians to work together to save the world.

"We're all going to die soon if you don't get in there. Now look, Guardian, if he fell into a river you'd reach in and pull him out, yes, before he could drown. Judson was everything to Flynn, as was Charlene, who quite frankly I always liked better. To lose them both... right now he is drowning. Right now. Go save him. " -- Jenkins


Brief Summary

The Library (and along with it Judson and Charlene) is lost, Flynn is dying, the Serpent Brotherhood have Cassandra, King Arthur's Crown and Excalibur. Eve and the Librarians escape to Oregon where they are met by Jenkins, caretaker of the Library's Annex in Portland.

To try and prevent the Serpent Brotherhood releasing magic into the ley lines, the team travel to London to find the stone Arthur originally pulled Excalibur from. Once there they free Cassandra. Although they are too late to stop magic being released, they do stop the brotherhood gaining control of it. By the time they find Excalibur, the sword is dying but uses the last of its strength to save Flynn.

Back in the Annex, Flynn agrees to the new Librarians staying and being trained by Eve and Jenkins. He then leaves in search of the Library.

Full Recap

Continues straight after episode one...

Act One

The Library has been cut free from its anchor to our reality and is collapsing in on itself. Flynn is dying from the magical wound caused by Excalibur, the bleeding has been slowed using Bathsheba's Oil of Healing, which would cure a normal wound but not a magical one. The Serpent Brotherhood have King Arthur's Crown, Excalibur and Cassandra. There is no sign of Charlene or Judson. Alarms are sounding, warning everyone to leave the Library immediately.

Flynn, Eve, Jacob and Ezekiel escape the Library through a magical doorway and find themselves in a woodland in Oregon. While wandering through the woods they come across a road and a man waiting by a car, he introduces himself as Jenkins and offers them a lift into town. Jenkins isn't some random stranger though, he's the caretaker of the Library's Annex in Portland and was waiting for them. He takes them to the Annex, from where they have access to any book that the Library holds (even while the Library is lost) but not to the artifacts or the Library itself.

The Library exists in its own pocket dimension anchored to our reality here. And the first Librarian just cut the anchor chain -- Lamia

Cassandra meanwhile, is taken to the Serpent Brotherhood's headquarters in London where she meets their leader, Dulaque. He promises her that magic can cure her brain tumor, he also promises that magic can help all the people science can't save.

In Portland, Jenkins encourages Eve to help Flynn, who is currently mourning the loss of Judson, Charlene and the Library. She finds Flynn searching through books, looking for a way back to the Library, she persuades him he doesn't need to the Library to stop the Serpent Brotherhood, he only needs his brain. Flynn remembers Lamia called Excalibur a key rather than a sword. As a key opens a lock, he decides that the lock must be the stone the sword was originally pulled from. If they can locate that they will also locate the sword and crown and be able prevent the Serpent Brotherhood's plan. They decide that, as Arthur was a Roman, the stone must be under London, apparently the biggest Roman settlement in Britain.

Act Two

The team, minus Jenkins, head off to steal a magically charged gem from the Tower Of London. The gem can be used to locate Excalibur's stone, which they discover is located under Buckingham Palace. Meanwhile, Dulaque, Lamia and Cassandra are already in the secret tunnels beneath the palace. The Librarians use Eve's NATO credentials to gain access to a function at the palace (after Ezekiel's forged invitations almost get them arrested).

We just robbed the Tower of London, and now you want us to break in to Buckingham Palace? -- Eve

Beneath Buckingham Palace, Excalibur's stone is protected by a mathematical puzzle which Cassandra solves for Lamia. Now Cassandra is of no further use, Lamia orders her locked in a palace dungeon while she places Excalibur back in its stone.

The other Librarians discover Cassandra locked in the cell and release her, although Jacob isn't keen on the idea as she has betrayed them once. Cassandra has a plan to use cooling ducts to flood the cave with steam then, while Lamia and her men are distracted, the Librarians create an electromagnet by rewiring a generator. Flynn uses the electromagnet to take King Arthur's crown from Lamia and regain control of Excalibur, removing the sword from its stone and defeating Lamia.

As Lamia flees, Flynn realizes that Excalibur is dying, having been drained of its magic. He tells Cassandra that there's just enough magic in the sword to remove her tumor if she holds it to her head, but instead she uses it to save him from the magical poison that's killing him. As Excalibur dies, Flynn places the sword back on its stone, which absorbs it.

Act Three

The new LIbrarians gather outside the Annex as Jenkins hands out envelopes containing airline tickets back to their homes.
Jenkins explains to Flynn that the Annex contains the Library's card catalog, which can be used to access the Library's records, books and manuscripts but nothing else. The Library itself and the artifacts are lost and he doesn't know if they can be recovered.

Inside the Annex, Judson appears in his mirror. He tells Flynn that the Library is still intact and Charlene is with it. Judson though is dying, his time is up. Flynn promises him he will find the Library. The Serpent Brotherhood's plan may have failed, but they still released a huge amount of magic into the world.

Flynn has an idea, he stops the new Librarians from leaving. It seems he needs their help after all. They open their envelopes, they contain invitations to join the Library. As Flynn goes off to find the Library, he leaves Eve as the Guardian of the new Librarians, along with a reluctant Jenkins to train them.

The serpent brotherhood failed, but they released an enormous amount of magic into the world -- Judson

A Few Images

  • The Library The Annex
  • Jenkins and Eve Baird Flynn and Eve Baird


  • Ezekiel: How big is this library?
    Flynn: As big as we need it to be.
  • Lamia: Can anything this big really just lie underneath the streets of New York City? The Library exists in its own pocket dimension anchored to our reality here. And the first Librarian just cut the anchor chain.
  • Eve: How far to the hospital?
    Jenkins: Hospital? Oh, no, no, no, no. Why would we take him to a hospital? We're almost there.
    Eve: Wait, wait, wait. We need a hospital. He's been stabbed. He's bleeding out.
    Jenkins: Hospital won't do him any good. Wounds caused by Excalibur don't heal. Magic.
    Flynn: So... Wait a second. How do you know about Excalibur? And how do you know about magic? Aah!
    Jenkins: I know all about you, Flynn Carsen.
  • Flynn: There's a magical stone out there somewhere. Got about 12 hours before I'm dead, and the end of the world will probably come before that. Full day ahead.
  • Eve: I need Flynn to pull it together, I'm too new to this world.
    Jenkins: Well then you need to go and pull him together. You're his Guardian, that means more than merely keeping him alive, it means keeping him in one piece both mentally and physically.
    Eve: I didn't do a great job of that.
    Jenkins: So he got stabbed. Librarians get stabbed, and shot and bitten and cursed all the time.
    Eve: He's going to die, soon.
    Jenkins: We're all going to die soon if you don't get in there. Now look, Guardian, if he fell into a river you'd reach in and pull him out, yes, before he could drown. Judson was everything to Flynn, as was Charlene, who quite frankly I always liked better. To lose them both. Right now he is drowning. Right now. Go save him.
  • Eve [to Flynn]: In the few days we've known each other, I haven't seen you use any tools or magical equipment or... or artifacts... Just your brain. That's why Judson chose you, right? Your brain is a weapon and a tool and a library all wrapped up into one.
  • Lamia: Magic is returning to the world. It's flowing out through the ley lines, creeping back into every corner of this planet.
    Flynn: Magic you control, whose power I can't let you have.
  • Jenkins: Now, the card catalog is still anchored to this reality. It can still access the records of The Library... books, manuscripts. But The Library itself and all of its artifacts are cut loose from this world. The Library is adrift in... time and space. The Library, Sir, is lost.
  • Flynn: We have a lot of work to do. I think that this will be a perfect base of operations. We'll have access to the archives, if not the artifacts. And Jenkins here will teach you how to research and supervise your training as Librarians.
  • Jenkins: We do not train Librarians.
    Flynn: Yes, and isn't that stupid? We take a highly intelligent, but totally unsuspecting, individual, drop them in a world of magic, and then expect them not to die before they learn where the toilet is.
    Jenkins: That is how it's always been done.
    Flynn: Now that I'm Librarian, we're not doing it that way anymore. Meet... The Librarianettes. No. Meet the Librarians in training, the L.I.T.s, my little LiTs.

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Plot and Character Development

Character Developments

  • Cassandra:
    Realises that the Serpent Brotherhood are not the good guys.
    Sacrifices her own health to save Flynn.
  • Eve:
    Will be Guardian to the new Librarians.
  • Ezekiel:
    Once stole a 1911 bottle of Château d'Yquem worth about $100,000.
  • Flynn:
    Leaves to search for the Library.
  • Jenkins:
    Caretaker of the Library's Annex in Portland.
    He appears to know both Judson and Charlene and to know about Flynn (although Flynn didn't know about him).
    Will supervise the training of the new Librarians, whose base will be the Annex.
    Does not appear to want these 5 new people in his Annex and he claims he does not want the job of training the new Librarians and their Guardian.
  • Charlene:
    Is still in the Library, wherever that may be.
  • Judson:
    Is dying, he tells Flynn that his time is up.

Season Arc Developments

  • To prevent the Serpent Brotherhood gaining control, Judson and Charlene have cut the anchor that tethers the Library to this reality, it's now lost and not accessible.
  • The Serpent Brotherhood released a huge amount of magic into the world.
  • Flynn leaves to try and locate the Library.
  • Jenkins is introduced.

Artifact / Myth / Bad Guy

  • Artifact - the Crown of King Arthur
  • Magical Myth / Legend - Camelot
  • Big Bad - Dulaque and the Serpent Brotherhood

Plot Developments

  • The Annex:
    Located in Portland, Oregon, beneath St Johns Bridge.
    Is an interface to the main Library. The Library's card catalog is replicated in there and is now the only part of the Library still anchored to our reality - the Library's books can still be accessed, but not the artifacts or the Library itself.
    It contains a Clippings Book that updates itself regularly with new mystical and magical events that need investigating.
  • The Library:
    Exists in its own dimension.
    Is cut loose from our reality and is lost in the void.
  • Bathsheba's Oil of Healing can heal ordinary mortal wounds, but not magical ones.
  • Excalibur died as its magic returned to the ley lines.

Series Arc - Arthurian Legend

  • Excalibur and its stone
  • King Arthur's Crown






  • Writer - John Rogers
  • Director - Dean Devlin
  • Original Air Date: US - 7 December 2014; UK - 15 December 2014

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