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1x01 The LIbrarians And The Crown Of King Arthur Episode Guide

Someone is killing potential Librarians. Flynn Carsen and his new Guardian must save the surviving three before saving the Library itself from the Serpent Brotherhood.

"Once upon a time, the world was filled with magic. It traveled along a power network called Ley Lines. See the Ley Lines, see the magic. Over the centuries, the magic was drained off and stored into artifacts. The magic continued to fade as cities were constructed over the Ley Lines and technology began to advance... now, there's very little magic left. My job is to make sure that what remains doesn't fall into the wrong hands"-- Flynn Carsen, Librarian


Brief Summary

Colonel Eve Baird becomes the new Guardian to The Librarian, Flynn Carsen. Between them they stop the Serpent Brotherhood from killing the remaining three potential Librarians - Ezekiel Jones, Cassandra Cillian and Jacob Stone.

Their next task is to prevent the Serpent Brotherhod finding King Arthur's crown and through it gaining control of magic. They retreive the crown in Germany and take it back to the safety of the Library, only to have the Brotherhood break in, steal the crown and Exacalibur and fatally stab Flynn. In order to save the Library and its content from the Brotherhood, Judson (the first Librarian) and Charlene cut it free from this reality and set it loose in the void.

The Library has been breached. The Serpent Brotherhood is everywhere. No one comes into my Library without my permission -- Charlene

Full Recap


In Berlin, Germany, Colonel Eve Baird of NATO Counter Terrorism and Flynn Carsen, Librarian, meet while she is hunting international terrorists who are selling a nuclear weapon and he is hunting the Opal of Samarrah, a demon summoning artifact. He helps her disarm the nuclear weapon whilst also disarming the opal's booby trapped magical safe. Before Eve has chance to ask Flynn any questions he disappears. The only thing she's knows about him is that he told her is The Librarian.

Act One

Outside the New York Metropolitan Library a man is talking to Flynn on his cellphone, inisting that he must meet with the Librarian. As he enters the building, another man walks into him and stabs and kills him. When Flynn reaches the foyer, he finds a piece of paper the dead man dropped, it is a drawing of a group of knights.

When Eve arrives home to her appartment in New York, having been instructed by her supervisor to take some vaccation time, she finds an invitation to an interview at the New York Metropolitan Library pushed under the door. Remembering mystery man said he was the Librarian she decides to attend.

Act Two

Eve is taken down into the depths of the Metropolitan Library by a woman named Charlene, who tells her she has been chosen as the new Guardian. She is shown into the Library - an impossibly large repository of artifacts and books. She is reintroduced to Flynn, who is sword fighting against King Arthur's sword, Excalibur (he calls it 'Cal'). When Cal notices Eve it goes to defend Flynn, she is warned not to move as wounds inflicted by Excalibur are magical and do not heal.
Flynn does not want a Guardian, he claims he does not need a Guardian. Eve is not easily dismissed though and follows Flynn into the depths of the Library to the card catalogue room, where he introduces her to Judson, his mentor who died 5 years earlier and is now a ghost who can appear in a mirror. Judson is concerned about Flynn being alone, he explains to Eve that a Guardian is the Librarian's partner and bodyguard.

There's only one ever Guardian in the whole world, Eve Baird, and The Library thinks that it should be you - Judson

Flynn is trying to solve the murder of Jonas Sheir, the man who came to the Library looking for him and was killed in the foyer. Sheir interviewed for the Librarian's position on the same day asFlynn, 10 years earlier. He and Eve find that several other interviewees that day have recently died, however three who were sent invitations but did not attend are still alive - Jacob Stone an oil rigger from Oklahoma, Cassandra Cillian who is in New York and Ezekiel Jones who is currently in Geneva.

Flynn and Eve locate Cassandra working as a hospital janitor. They discover that she is a synesthete, she suffers from auditory and sensory hallucinations and has a photographic memory. We later learn that the hallucinations are enhanced by a terminal brain tumor.
Flynn travels to Geneva and finds Ezekiel trying to steal a jeweled dagger from an exhibition. Flynn thwarts a would be assassin, before the two flee the museum after Ezekiel accidentally sets off the alarms.
Meanwhile, in Oklahoma, Eve helps rescue Jacob from a bar where he was being attacked by the Serpent Brotherhood, led by a woman with a snake tattoo called Lamia.

Act Three

Flynn, Eve and the new recruits assemble in the Library, Flynn gives them a quick introduction to the collection of artifacts (Jacob spies the Ark Of The Covenant and the Spear of Destiny) and a brief lesson on magic. Magic, he tells them, flows in ley lines around the Earth, but over the centuries the magic was drained from the ley lines and into artifacts, which the Library hunts and stores. Magic continued to grow weaker as cities were built over the ley lines and technology advanced. The people who tried to kill Jacob and Ezekiel, the Serpent Brotherhood, want to return magic to the world, the Library is trying to stop them.

Jacob recognizes the painting of the knights that Jonas Sheir had a copy of as the Crown Of King Arthur, but doesn't know who painted it or where it currently is. Fortunately Ezekiel remembers that it is being displayed at the Munich Museum Of History And Art, he'd recently cased the museum for a heist. The Serpent Brotherhood need King Arthur's crown (the real one, created by Merlin for Arthur, not the paining) so they can control the magic they bring back.

Once upon a time, the world was filled with magic... My job is to make sure that what remains doesn't fall into the wrong hands. - Flynn

Act Four

The team travel to Munich. While the Librarians look for the painting, Eve sees Lamia and her men in the museum, she follows them and fights off the men. The Librarians find the painting, Jacob explains that the paint used on it is from the 1500, so the painting can't possibly be from 1146 and must be a fake. Ezekiel notes that the painting is anchored to the wall, it can only be moved by demolishing the wall. Cassandra sees that the frame has a binary code on it representling coordinates. They follow the coordinates outside to a sundial with a Latin inscription which translates as, "The crown of the Celts lies 70 leagues to the great woods". The Crown must be buried somewhere in the Black Forest.

The Librarians and Eve drive to the Black Forest and arrive in time see the Serpent Brotherhood's helicopter fly overhead. While Eve and Ezekiel go to deal with Serpent Brotherhood, the others examine a henge. Using Cassandra's maths skills Flynn and Jacob plot the course of the sun, and decipher the inscriptions on the stones. They find a small metal box hidden within the henge. Flynn uses a small oxygen tank from their first aid kit and the meat from Cassandra's packed lunch to create a blow torch, which Jacob uses to cut open the box. Meanwhile Flynn goes to help Eve fight off Lamia and her men, while Ezekiel rigs the helicopter to explode. Back at the henge, the box is opened and King Arthur's Crown is revealed.

Congratulations. You just did something that no Librarian's been able to do in 1,000 years. You found the crown of King Arthur -- Flynn

Act Five

With King Arthur's Crown safely locked away in the Library, the Librarians think their job is done, until the Library's alarms sound. Someone has disabled the security system from the inside and let Lamia and her men inside the Library. That someone turns out to be Cassandra - Lamia has promised her that magic can cure her tumor. Lamia uses Arthur's Crown to take control of Excalibur, she seizes the sword from Flynn and commands it to stab him.

Knowing the Library has been breached by the Serpent Brotherhood, Charlene and Judson cut the anchor chain to our reality. The episode ends with Flynn lying dying on the Library floor as Lamia leaves with Cassandra, Arthur's Crown and Excalibur.

A Few Images

  • Charlene and Eve Baird Flynn Carson, Cassandra Cillian and Eve Baird Ezekiel Jones Jacob Stone
  • The Librarians


  • Charlene: You're the new Guardian. Oh, Flynn's going to make a fuss. He hasn't had a guardian in 10 years. But even he can't argue with the white envelope.
    Eve: What's a guardian?
    Charlene: What's a guardian? Adorable.
  • Charlene: Each Librarian has a Guardian... someone who's trained in combat, tactics, survival. Sort of the brawn to the Librarian's brain. No, no, no. Much more than that. Sort of the, uh, common sense to their head in the clouds.
  • Flynn: You're going to steal this jeweled dagger.
    Ezekiel: Oh. No, no, no. It's mine. I just left it locked in this display case on my way to work this morning.
  • Jacob: Y'all think they're out there killing oil riggers with Ninjas? Y'all got another...
    Eve: Jacob Stone... I.Q. 190. Accepted to the Sorbonne and Cambridge for an arts degree... turned them both down. Over the past 20 years, under a pseudonym, you've secretly been writing literature on European and Native American art history, all while working on an oil rig 5 miles from the town where you grew up... Y'all.
  • Eve: 10 years ago, each of you received an envelope inviting you to apply for a position here in this library, but you never showed.
    Cassandra: 10 years ago, I was in a hospital.
    Flynn: Right, with your tumor. Synesthetes rarely have all five senses involved. You've got full-on hallucinations and seizures, indicative of a frontal-lobe anomaly, oligodendroglioma. How big is it?
    Cassandra: It's about the size of a grape. Which I really wish they hadn't told me, 'cause I used to really like grapes.
  • Ezekiel: I threw mine out. It was obviously a mistake. I steal stuff, I've been stealing stuff since I was a kid. I'm not gonna get invited to work at a library.
    Cassandra: It is a magic library.
    Ezekiel: Yeah, great. It doesn't fill my pocket. I came here to find out who's trying to kill me.
  • Cassandra: Numbers are colors. Science is musical notes. When I do math, I smell things. Mostly breakfast.
  • Flynn: Once upon a time, the world was filled with magic. It traveled along a power network called Ley Lines. See the Ley Lines, see the magic. Over the centuries, the magic was drained off and stored into artifacts. <snip> The magic continued to fade as cities were constructed over the Ley Lines and technology began to advance. And, as you can see now, there's very little magic left. My job is to make sure that what remains doesn't fall into the wrong hands.
  • Cassandra: Um, why is bringing magic back bad? 'Cause magic seems pretty cool.
    Flynn: Magic is cool, 'til warring nations drown each other in tidal waves of blood or use dragons to burn cities to the ground. Magic used well can be good, but a world of wild magic is full of chaos and suffering.
  • Eve: They have a helicopter.
    Flynn: Yeah.
    Eve: Why don't we have a helicopter?
    Flynn: Because we have a Charlene, who approved a budget for one rental car.
  • Charlene: The Library has been breached. The serpent brotherhood is everywhere. No one comes into my library without my permission.

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Plot and Character Development

Character Developments

  • We meet most of the main characters:
    • Flynn Carsen:
      Been the Librarian for 10 years.
      Friends with Excalibur (he calls it Cal).
      Doesn't like working in a team and certainly doesn't want a Guardian.
      Killed Dracula.
      Has a photographic memory.
      Is not a people person.
    • Eve Baird:
      Colonel in the NATO Counter Terrorism team.
      Recruited by the Library as the new Guardian.
      Expert in hand to hand combat.
      Doesn't believe in magic.
    • Jacob Stone:
      Oil rigger and laborer from Oklahoma
      IQ of 190 - he was accepted at Cambridge and the Sorbonne but turned them both down to work in the family rigging business.
      Has several secret identities he uses to publish renowned scholarly works on art, history and architecture.
      Reads Latin.
      Likes a bar fight.
    • Cassandra Cillian:
      Mathematician who has a terminal brain tumor that causes auditory and sensory hallucinations when she's using her mathematic and science skills - numbers are colors, science is musical notes, math makes her smell things, mostly breakfast - she's a synesthete.
      Currently working as a hospital janitor.
      Has a photographic memory.
      Allowed the Serpent Brotherhood to have access to the Library in return for them curing her brain tumor.
    • Ezekiel Jones:
      Expert thief and computer hacker who has been stealing things since he was a child.
      Prefers to work alone and rely on his luck than on others.
      Once stole the crown jewels of Amenhotep from a Cairo museum.
    • Judson:
      Flynn's mentor who died 5 years earlier and is now a ghost who can appear in a mirror.
      Has the power to control the Library.
      (From the Librarian Movies - Judson was the first Librarian, he created the Library over 2000 years ago).
    • Charlene:
      Works in the Library (both the New York Metropolitan Library and The Library).
      Has a connection to the Library that allows her to help Judson control it.
      (From the Librarians Movies - Charlene was possibly once a Guardian, not to Flynn though she did interview Flynn and recruited him as Librarian in 2004).
    • Dulaque:
      Head of the Serpent Brotherhood.
    • Lamia:
      Works for the Serpent Brotherhood.

Season Arc Developments

  • Serpent Brotherhood are killing possible Librarians.
  • Magic is real.
  • Camelot and the Arthurian Legends were real.

Artifact / Myth / Bad Guy

  • Artifact - The Crown Of King Arthur and The Opal Of Samarrah
  • Magical Myth/Legend - Magic, King Arthur and Excalibur, vampires, Bigfoot - these tings are all real.
  • Big Bad - Dulaque, Lamia and The Serpent Brotherhood

Plot Developments

  • Magic flows in ley lines around the Earth. Over the centuries the ley lines became weaker as the magic drained from them and into artifacts and as cities were built over the ley lines and technology advanced. The Library hunts down and stores magical artifacts to prevent them being loose in the world.
  • Magical wounds do not heal.
  • Wounds caused by Excalibur are magical and therefore will not heal.
  • The Spear of Destiny and Ark of the Covenant are both in the Library.
  • Guardians are the brawn to the Librarian's brains, give the Librarian common sense - according to Charlene. According to Judson, the Guardian is the Librarian's partner and bodyguard

Series Arc - Arthurian Legend

  • Excalibur
  • King Arthur's Crown






  • Writer - John Rogers
  • Director - Dean Devlin
  • Original Air Date: US - 7 December 2014; UK - 8 December 2014

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