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The Annex and The Library

Located in it's own pocket dimension and anchored through the annex, The Library contains magical artifacts, keeping them safely out of the hands of those who want to misuse them for their own ends.

The Annex

Located in Portland, Oregan, the Annex is run by its caretaker, Jenkins, and contains the Library's card catalogue. All the Library's books, manuscripts and folios can be accessed from the Annex, but not the artifacts. When the Library was lost in the void, the Annex became the Librarians' headquarters. Upon its return, the Library anchored itself to the Annex.

Along with the card catalogue and the elevator to the Library, the Annex also houses Jenkins' workshop, where he experiments on the magical artifacts, the Clippings Book which informs the Librarians of the latest magical threats, and the backdoor - an Einstein-Rosen bridge or wormhole that can connect to any other door anywhere in the world - is Librarians' main mode of transport. Above the backdoor are the words "Nam et ipsa scientia potestas est" - Knowledge Is Power.

  • The Annex
  • The Annex
  • The back door

The Library

An enormous and ancient repository of magical and mystical artifacts, every book ever printed, ancient manuscripts and folios. The Library is thought to be over 2000 years old and was possibly created by Judson. It exists in its own dimension, previously anchored to ours at the New York Metropolitan Library (movies and season 1) and now through the Annex in Portland (season 2 onwards), from where it is accessed via an elevator.
The Library consists of two parts: an infinite folding space that allows the building to be as large as it needs to be, and an intelligence that organises the space, nourishes the Library and defends it. The intelligence manifested itself in the fifth episode of season 2 as Ray Glasney.

The Library contains a countless number of rooms, many of which even long serving Librarian Flynn Carsen hasn't visited (1x01). Some of the rooms include:

  • The Reading Room (2x02)
  • The Sun Room (2x01)
  • A Corridor of Doors (1x02)
  • The Card Catalogue (1x01)
  • Frozen Land Of Giants (2x01)
  • Lost Jungle Kingdom (2x01)
  • Hive of Giant Bees (2x01)
  • Antiquities Room (2x02)
  • The Heart Of The Library (containing the Tree of Knowledge) (2x02)
  • A locked room in the basement (referenced throughout season 2 and finally opened in 2x10)
  • Large Animal Room (the largest of which is Nessie) (2x03)
  • Xenobia Wing (2x05)
  • Room Of Perpetual Fire (2x06)
  • A room containing goats on level 4 (2x06)
  • Time Machine Room (2x10)

The rooms often rearrange themsleves, usually in some sort of order, though since the Library's return from the void some rooms have undergone strange changes - one is now inside out, some are upside down and some have changed colour.

  • The Library
  • Library corridor of doors
  • Antiquities Room